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Hawk Fitness AW3009 Standing Bag (2 Kg) Features

Made of PVC Cover, Length of the bag is 29" and Circumference is 31"

  • Type: Standing Bag
  • Ideal For: Junior
  • Color: Black
  • Medium Size
  • Unfilled
  • Outer Material: PVC
  • Other Accessories

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Hawk Fitness AW3009 Standing Bag (2 Kg) Specifications

Height 74 cm
Weight 10 kg
Base Filling waste cotton
Designed For Practising Punching and Kicking
Ideal For Junior
Outer Material PVC
Type Standing Bag
In the Box
Number of Contents in Sales Package Pack of 1

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Hawk Fitness AW3009 Standing Bag (2 Kg) Reviews from YouTube

Which is the best punching bag to buy? Fighter tested
Free-Standing Heavy Bag Review | 2021 Best Punching Bag Comparison
Best Free Standing Punching Bag - (Top 5)
clearly baised review
1:03 this man, holy shit, he just tap the bag
Why the dislike ratio is so high?
To win over those of us WITH critical thinking skills. It would he most effective to fill all the bags with sand then go directly into kicking with no editing cuts. Additionally, I heard the fight camp bag IS a re-branded Century bag? this advertisement kinda just turned me off to fightcamp.
Aaron's bark seems worse than his bite
The Century fightbag DOES in fact suck if you're looking for a workout. You can get a great cardio workout by punching it and hitting it when it swings back, creating a little timing rhythm, but it'll eventually start sagging as the foam becomes squished down or the bag stretches, and then its worthless again. Just because you can do a dozen things with it doesn't mean it does any of those things well.
That guy making those grunting noises should be waterboarded for hours
There's a ring around the base of the fight bag after he rolls it away
Oh it’s an advert .
Yeah il never sub to this channel
I came back just to make sure that i disliked the video.
It's hard to trust a review when you represent and sell one of the products. Of course you're going to make your product look the best. Disappointing
nghyaaa nghyaaaa hyaaaaa ngngngnghyaaaaa
Both guys out of breath neither one hit hard. Every bag like this fails if you hit hard. Had all of them. The padding never lasts long. I always break the plastic core. Get a real bag not this over priced bullshit.
for that price id get 2 everlast bags so i can keep going when one gets knocked over
wtf did I just see
How long is the process once I make a payment.
this is absolute bollocks completly shit review
Fight camp one, is the only one filled up all others are empty.
3:15 - 1000 bucks, knock this thing off the stage. $1000 is how much the Fight Camp bag costs.
GET MORE FIGHTCAMP ▸ Explore & Shop at FightCamp: ​​ ▸ Subscribe: be going with the fight camp either way, I don't have a place to hang a bag, and the other ones are too small to throw low kicks, it's a bonus that these guys 2 times bigger than me can't move it
Man I'd love that bag to work out with but I can't afford that price. I was expecting to go on the website and just expect a couple hundred dollars for the bag.
Need this on android please I have nothing apple in my house. I want this bag
Their Bag has a large Suction Cup at the bottom that sticks to the ground im sure lol
Does the magical bag ring come with the bags or is that a separate purchase? I still think the whole thing is way overpriced, especially when you think about just the tracker + wraps are $440, like my high end GPS Suunto watch cost less than that, idk what's in that tech but it's not worth $400+. Then $40/mo on top for classes? I wish peloton didn't start this ridiculous trend of overpriced home workouts.
Bro listen to mikes punches compared to the others! The guy hits like a train!
Compare all of the bags by hitting it on carpet then and show that it’s not mounted and no cuts. Unless y’all are scared
Can i buy just the bag .without the program etc?
I actually like the 1st one but I am glad you guys went back and hushed the haterd
Mike R moves the bag 6 feet on his channel but now he can't do shit with the new "BAG RING" barrier. NICE!
How come you guys didn’t test the Everlast Pro Everflex Freestanding Punch Bag which is closer comparison to the fightcamp bag?
Can I bet you a bag if I can move it
Well yea I'm pretty sure a $1200 bag is gonna be better than a $150, kinda common sense if you ask me
Wish you could buy just the bag and not a 1200 dollar bs package that some people dont need
I’m an Irish kickboxer been looking for a new bag. Currently using an 80lb hanging bag deciding a freestanding bag. This was great ☘️
This is cool that the fight camp bag does not move but the other ones don’t move that much either these guys are just the biggest monsters of all freaking time
i want the bag but its not available on its own and the whole package (which is the way you get it) is $1000 i fim being honest, everything that you guys have is overpriced, the gloves are not like grant and winning level but cmon, the base is the secret to not moving and its the most overpriced thing I have ever seen
Hi, I enjoyed the comparison! I noticed that on FightCamp website their is the FightCamp Bag Ring that is sold that goes under the base of the FightCamp bag base that helps the bag not move! So a better comparison would be putting the FightCamp Bag Ring under all three punch bag bases to be more accurate F.Y.I. I saw Mike Rashid review on YouTube and he hits the bag with no FightCamp Bag Ring under the base and the bag does move? So the FightCamp Bag Ring is a great product!
Reviews help people starting out and people trying to get back into the sport from waisting money just to be frustrated with the product they chose so yeah money an time lol after all time is money . You forgot to mention the price difference of each bag
Is it still worth it now
Where else can I find this bag please really need it
i'm just about to buy my first bag, is it supposed to move that much?
One of the better freestanding bags for sure it can take a punch unlike alot of them on the market. If you fill it with sand it wont move at all it can take a fair dig even filled with water most of them just fall over with water in.
Would this work outside on concrete in the garden too or on grass? Planning on filling it with sand
Good shit, from the UK
How tall are you? I'm 190cm and was wondering if it's high enough
could i use this without the suction? will it tip over and rip the base open?
Is there any modifications you can recommended to increase the longevity of the punching bag? I'm afraid the material used to wrap the padding would tear. Maybe duct tape? or some kind of vinyl wrap?
So how is it
Did the name of the company change or something? It's different in the amazon link.
Is this worth getting or should I just get a ringside hydroblast water bag
Great review. Do you think it can handle kicks? I'm 5'6 and heavy as hell. I'm trying to lose weight. Greetings from Switzerland.
Is it worth the money
Great review. But I have a question. In your opinion how do you think it would do on carpet for stability? Because I have zero hard and flat surface I have wall to wall carpet. Thanks brotha
Would've been nice to see you actually hitting the bag to see how it responds.
i work with frustrating people so i be punching a table or whatever i can to let go of anger. thinking of getting this
Would it still move around as much if your sand or water in the actual bag itself?
Just got bag thank you, good choice brotha

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