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Harrier 809: Britain’s Legendary Jump Jet and the Untold Story of the Falklands War Book Reviews from YouTube

Why Britain Never Made Another Harrier Jump Jet | INTEL
Harriers in the Falklands with Rowland White
Footage of a Tense Aerial Battle During the Falklands War
"Harrier 809" by Rowland White review
We did make and license a total of 41 variants (), last accessed 19/06/2022) of the aircraft since birth. so we could say we did make many another harrier over time, but unfortunately we needed a new platform capable of hosting new capabilities. Great vid and a worthy watch.
I've never seen those ramps on an aircraft carrier, were those used exclusively for harrier short take-offs? Seems like the Gs for such a short ramp would be rough on landing gear and other structural components
#1 Tarawa attack ship.
Im an Youtube commenter powered by Air Force and I can say this was no shit
thanks to the british taxpayer. .
'Infamous' ?
Indian Navy also used it in past.
Because they sold the technology to US
Harriers are magic. Seeing an aircraft hanging in midair the first time. Amazing power and control.
It's unfortunate that in a video about hovering that you're unable to pronounce the word 'hover'
It looks like a bird, beautiful
Harrier is STILL better in close air support, than the over hyped, over priced, under achieving, money churning F-35. And besides, the whole stealth technology is USELESS against the type of radars Russia uses.
well, it kills pilots
That's not what infamous means.
My husband flew these in the Marines and he said they were something, and dangerous.
VMA-542, Nice, that was my squadron back in the early 90's. I was an Ordinance man on the AV8-B and C. The A's were scary, the B's and C's were pretty stable.
because they can just buy an f35 and make the US pay for development duh
Ways of being persecuted: slandering rumors, distorting the truth, not daring to tell the truth for fair rights, I am 70 years old and sick all over, I want the right to know, I have been persecuted all the time, I am applying for ssi, I have to keep on appealing, this It's a procedure, I have an unjust case to clarify, and I won't go anywhere to continue to slander and spread rumors without clarifying the background. I want to apply for the privilege of living in an apartment for the elderly, and get out of here as soon as possible!
My Husbands Uncle Anthony Munro was the Harrier Jump Jet test Pilot, what an amazing jet.
Because we would rather buy expensive from YANKEEs
Halfway through Harrier 809 at the moment, Rowland White is such a good writer, this book is as good as Vulcan 607 if not better - I'm learning all sorts of new stuff about the Falklands War, especially the help we got from our buddies in the USA and Chile
3 Chinooks (meant for transporting the infantry across East Falkland island) went down on Atlantic Conveyor. That left only 1 available to the Task Force. As a result the infantry had an incredibly hard march across the island
I bought this book when it was first published but haven't got around to reading it yet. There is a book written about that conflict, which if you want to read about the funny side of things that happened, i do recommend. It's called Don't Cry For Me Seargeant Major, by Robert McGowan, Jeremy Hands, two journalists that travelled down to the Falklands with the troops. They report onall the funny things that happened. For instance, A Gurkha was told by his officer to 'wait here, and when the rest of our company come through, direct them down this road." 'Wait here' is what he did. He was still 'waiting here' when some tanks came down the road and he refused to move out of the road. He refused to move when the tank commander in the lead tank ordered him to move. He refused to move when he got out of his tank to try to reason with him. He refused to move AND put his hand on his kukri when the commander made to shove him out of the way. The tanks had to drive off the road around him! Or how some of the stewards that were gay on the passenger liner that had been commandeered to transport the troops were very happy to see all those muscled fit half naked bodies running round and around the ship exercising, and how some of the troops liked to follow them back to their cabin, wait until they had entered and closed the door behind them before suddenly opening it, shouting GRENADE as they threw in a potato(or was it an apple?) and then slamming the door shut and holding on to the handle while trying not to wet themselves laughing listening to their poor victim screaming inside ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-
Non one goes on about surrounded in falkllands war
I remember thinking in early April 1982 ‘They have taken the Phantom from the Navy and they are sending them down there in Harriers: they will get slaughtered!’ We were then introduced to Viffing and all aspect AIM9Ls and when the Harrier began shooting everything down the legend began for us all. Rowland explains in the book that neither of these actually figured in the air combat in the Falklands conflict but the fact that they were published could have meant the Argentines believed the legend too and changed tactics to avoid any ACM with the Harrier. Sharkey Ward says in his book that the Brits failed to capitalise on this by mounting all low-level CAP stations which would have made the incoming Argentine raiders dump their ordinance and go home.
You should read Phoenix Squadron. I enjoyed it, but I don't know how well it will go down with Americans, as Rowland states in the book that TOPGUN was basically a British idea and it was British exchange pilots in Mirimar who were instrumental in the formation of it. Rowland goes on to say that British exchange pilots even taught US pilots how to debrief an ACM engagement, write a tactics syllabus and left them with a document called 'Flying and Fighting the Phantom', all of which was used in the formation of TOPGUN. Of course Dan Pedersen denied all of this in his book, TOPGUN An American Story. It would be very interesting to ask Rowland where he got his side of the story from.
Halfway through my copy at the moment, like all Rowland whites books it's an excellent read, He has a talent for making a well researched factual book read like a novel.
Do I spy an Ibanez Artist with P90s?
Great episode, great Author
Any plans for a Phoenix Squadron audiobook?
Another great book on the topic of the Falklands conflict that I would highly recommend is Admiral Sandy Woodward’s “One Hundred Days”.
If the Argentine Genaral on the island would have keep the fight for one more week, the outcome would have been very different. Having the US and Chile on your side made the difference for the UK. Argentina only had minor support from Peru and Ecuador. The conflict was a dumb excuse for the Argentine Junta to keep the pressure of the local recession. Those Island don't belong to Argentina.
1980's Great Planes AV-8 episode and SeaWings: The Falkland Surprise both include the Falkland War in each episode. Both videos can be watched on my channel.
Only one problem with this. Technically, it was not a war, it was a conflict. War was never declared by either side.
DUDE! THANK YOU! I just told a younger buddy of mine about this conflict. he had never even heard of it! This is great!
Took me a second to realize he was saying "big deck", I had to clutch my pearls at first
Another fabulous interview! I remember as a kid being enthralled by this conflict, a rare flicker of Britain asserting it's sovereignty in the post war era, in tough economic times, and long after the British Empire had become something of a ghost. If I recall correctly, one of my homeland's favorite bands at the time, Split Enz, had their song "Six Months in a Leaky Boat" banned by the BBC while the war raged. Jello, I think you're going to need a guitar in your background, all the retired fighter pilots seem to have them these lends credibility.
Just finished listening to the audiobook, fantastic book about brave pilots doing more with less. Good to hear descriptions of the Argentinian pilots experience aswell.
I remember that it was the USS Iwo Jima that was contemplated as a loan for the UK. That is one hell of a buddy that will lend you an helicopter carrier!
Would love this book. Served on USS Belleau Wood '91-'94; love the Harrier! Keep up the good work Jell-O! #flynavy
They always say things are impossible but once you try cracks start to appear, who would have thought Ukraine would last so long against Russia, they will lose against such large fighting forces but it will cost russia.
ha love how this is sold as though they fought some imperial power when they were the imperial power ha cool story dude
Go on my son!
ummm, the missiles were American.
I find the missile argument so funny. It's like saying yeah but if the uk subs just nuked Argentina then we would have just won instantly. when in reality. They lost they don't have the islands and you can make as much excuses as you want but its history and. YOU LOST
It’s not an island the Falklands have 790 islands only us British could manage that war for sure !
seems surreal to see a documentary where we are the enemies. argentines: are we the baddies?
Can anyone tell me why they stopped using the Harriers?
falklands are Argentinean territorry
Thanks to the USA for supplying sidewinder missiles to the UK.
The Falklands war is what convinced the US Navy to buy Harriers en-masse. They called them the Sea Harrier.
I am Chinese, and china support Argentines and oppose Anglo Saxon aggression,Because the five eye alliance supports disrupting Hong Kong and Taiwan This is called reciprocal reaction So most people in China support Argentina If Argentina has money, it can buy fighter planes and warships from China According to China's speed, in 10 years, there will be 6 aircraft carriers and 80 advanced destroyers that can sail around the world. Our countermeasure is that Britain messes up China and China messes up Britain.
British officials have publicly stated that the real success in the air war in the Falklands was the acquisition of the American Aim9-L Sidewinder missile. It was much improved from the old Vietnam era type. The only problem they had with it was the seeker head got moisture in it from the south Atlantic conditions but putting it in the ship's bread oven dried it out and made it work perfectly.
Badass plane!
The only different was the sidewinder air to air missile(provisioned by USA Army), the rest it's only romanticism of war. The bombs from Harriers to they objetive in earth was too away from the real objetive. The Harrier developed by US Navy is another history
I am Chinese, and I firmly support Argentines and oppose Anglo Saxon aggression.
Rule Britainana
Relatively civilized relatively european

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