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Harmano DRUM Wired Headset (White, In the Ear)

Buy Harmano DRUM Wired Headset for Rs.345 Online, Also get Harmano DRUM Wired Headset Specs & Features. Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee.


Harmano Drum Wired Headset Price in India

Buy Harmano Drum Wired Headset for Rs.345 Online, Also get Harmano Drum Wired Headset Specs & Features. Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee.


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Harmano Drum Headset: Immerse Yourself in Exceptional Sound Quality

Introduction: Elevate Your Audio Experience with Harmano Drum Headset

Welcome to Topprice.in, your go-to destination for the latest and greatest tech gadgets in India. Today, we're thrilled to introduce the Harmano Drum Headset – a remarkable combination of style, comfort, and, most importantly, unparalleled sound quality. If you're on the lookout for top-notch wired earphones that deliver an immersive audio experience, you're in the right place.

Immersive Sound Clarity with In-Line Microphone

Harmano Drum Headset boasts balanced stereo sound that takes your music listening experience to new heights. With an in-line microphone, answering phone calls becomes a breeze – just press a button, and you're connected. Say goodbye to mediocre sound quality and hello to crystal-clear audio.

Noise Isolation for Distraction-Free Listening

Designed with a noise-isolating feature, these earphones effectively drown out background noise, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes without any interruptions. Whether you're in a bustling office or a noisy commute, Harmano Drum Headset ensures your listening experience remains undisturbed.

Lightweight and Comfortable Design for Extended Wear

Experience ultimate comfort with the super-light and soft design of these earphones. The squishy silicone material ensures a comfortable fit for up to 24 hours of wear. No more discomfort during long listening sessions – Harmano Drum Headset prioritizes your comfort without compromising on style.

Specifications: Tailored for Your Audio Needs

Compatibility with Multiple Devices

Harmano Drum Headset is compatible with a range of devices, including media players, mobile phones, and tablets. Whether you're on the go or chilling at home, these earphones adapt to your lifestyle seamlessly.

Wired Connectivity for Uninterrupted Audio

Equipped with a 3.5mm jack, these in-ear canalphones ensure a stable and uninterrupted audio connection. The closed-back design enhances the audio experience, making every beat and note come alive.

Replaceable Earbuds for Personalized Comfort

Harmano Drum Headset comes with replaceable earbuds, allowing you to customize the fit based on your preferences. Choose from large, medium, or small ear tips for a personalized and snug experience.

Performance: Unveiling the Technical Marvels

Dynamics and Impedance

Powered by dynamic drivers, these earphones boast an impedance of 16 Ohms. The neodymium magnet material ensures a powerful and clear audio output across a frequency range from 20Hz to an impressive 20,000Hz.

Physical Design: Aesthetic and Functional

The 120cm cable length provides flexibility, and the earphones are available in classic black and white colors. The package includes earphones, a user manual, and a warranty card, all bearing the reputable Harmano brand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Are the earbuds replaceable?

A1: Yes, Harmano Drum Headset comes with replaceable earbuds, allowing you to customize your comfort.

Q2: What devices are compatible with these earphones?

A2: These earphones are compatible with media players, mobile phones, and tablets, ensuring versatility in usage.

Q3: Is the cable length adjustable?

A3: The cable length is fixed at 120cm, providing a balanced combination of flexibility and practicality.

Q4: Can I use these earphones during workouts?

A4: While they are not specifically designed for workouts, the lightweight and comfortable design makes them suitable for various activities.

Q5: What colors are available for the Harmano Drum Headset?

A5: The earphones come in classic black and white colors, ensuring a sleek and timeless aesthetic.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Audio Experience with Harmano Drum Headset

Harmano Drum Headset is not just an audio accessory; it's a gateway to a world of exceptional sound quality and comfort. Whether you're a music enthusiast, a podcast lover, or someone who values clear communication on the go, these earphones are designed with you in mind. Elevate your audio experience today with Harmano Drum Headset – where style meets substance.

  • EXCELLENT SOUND CLARITY EARPHONE WITH MICROPHONE: These earphones with microphone come with Balanced stereo sound, Excellent Sound Quality, With In-Line Mic, allows you to answer phone calls on the press of a button.
  • HEADSET WITH MIC FOR MOBILE NOISE ISOLATING DESIGN: In-ear earphone design effectively drowns/block out background noise, living-room TV sound, office noise, and roommate move…and protect your listening in a loud noisy environment
  • LIGHT-WEIGHT EARPHONES FOR MOBILE & COMFORTABLE FIT: These mobile phone headsets are Super light soft design. Total squishy silicone incredibly comfortable for 24 hours wear
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Country of Origin: India
  • In-the-ear Headset

Find the best deal on Harmano Drum Headset at Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Harmano Drum Headset Price in India is ₹298 at Amazon.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune, however before making your purchase, we recommend checking the latest prices and availability at leading retailers such as Amazon and Flipkart. Keep in mind that prices may fluctuate, so it's a good practice to verify the current rates on the respective websites.
For a comprehensive understanding of Harmano Drum Headset we encourage you to explore its full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
Shop for Harmano Drum Headset on Amazon to enjoy the best prices in India and significant savings. Take advantage of any ongoing discounts or promotions to get the most value out of your purchase.

Harmano Drum Headset Specifications

Compatible Models Media player, Mobile Phone, Tablet
Connectivity 3.5 mm jack
Design In ear canalphone
Fit In the Ear
Open or closed back Closed Back
Type Wired
Replaceable earbuds Yes
Box Contents Earphone, User Manual, Warranty Card
Brand Harmano
Model Drum
Title Harmano Drum
Microphone Yes
Driver type Dynamic Driver
Impedance 16 Ohms
Magnet Material Neodymium
Max frequency response 20000 Hz
Min frequency response 20 Hz
Physical Design
Cable length 120 CM
Colours Black, White
Eartip size Large, Medium, Small

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Bluetooth ഇല്ലാത്ത കാറുകളിൽ ഉപയോഗിക്കാൻ കഴിയുന്ന ഒരു നല്ല bluetooth receiver നെ പറ്റി video ചെയ്യാമോ ? മാർക്കറ്റിൽ നിന്ന് വാങ്ങിയ ചില bluetooth കൾ ശരിയായ രീതിയിൽ work ചെയ്യുന്നില്ല. അതു കൊണ്ടാണ് ഒരു റിവ്യു ചെയ്യാൻ പറ്റുമോ എന്ന് ചോദിക്കുന്നത്
Headphones എനിക്ക് ഇഷ്ടം ഇല്ലാത്ത കാരണം boat കമ്പനിയുടെ earbuds എടുത്ത് നല്ല quality especially battery backup ഒരു രക്ഷയും ഇല്ല, 2499 rupees
chetta oru 25k range ulla eattavum nalla 5g phn parayumo?
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Sd card ഇടാനുള്ള ഒരു ഇത് kodukkarnnu
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*പൊളിയെ പ്രതാപേട്ട *
Mic ഉണ്ടോ Smuile ൽ ഒക്കെ പാട്ട് പാടാൻ പറ്റുമോ
what are they plugged into when drumming? The simplest answers seem to be hardest to find. computer? interface? mixer? something I dont even know?
Manda um prato da bateria azul Seu fran
He kind of looks like danny d
What part of Mexico are you from?
Hey is this good for edrum too?
I had to watch this video to learn how to put these babies in
never hear someone say "BRO" more than this guy.
Not helpful
I want to buy shure headphones but they cost around 250 nzd which I don't have
Are you hearing your drums through a DAW?How can you setup a mix that would allow you to hear the vocals and instruments on the right ear and the drums on the left ear?
2:32 among us killing?
I love shure se215
I love looking at the minions
Ay bro
Great review and great skills that God has given you! Please honor God by not taking his name in vain. We have all broken this commandment and I have too, but we should apologize to him and turn away from this. He gives us everything in life that we enjoy. I say this out of love and not condemnation.
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You’re awesome! I’m looking for good a good IEM to gift my boyfriend for his birthday, this video helped a lot!
Esos audífonos me los compré para escuchar música y ufff me duraron solo 2 años por que se me mojaron Jajaj pero buenisimoss los SE425 aunque no lo creas son el doble de mejorrr espero luego hagas un video así en español jeje
Por q estas hablando en inglés?
sub just for the intro Edit: Lol this shit is from 2012 xd
Thanks for a great review
question i need good protection but i also need to hear the lead singers voice as i do harmonies any suggestions .
Yeah great video bro i think the inexpensive in ears and certified construction ear muffs would be the most sensible , safest and cost effective way to go . Thanks buddy .
The Vic's are good but have Prop 65 chemicals.I'm looking for a healthier option.
I've been using Shure SE-215s for years, same pair, and they have worked well for in-ear monitors with noise-isolation. I don't have $850, lol.
The Vic Firth drummer headphones are awesome. Not the most comfortable but you still hear everything while isolating. you still feel and hear your drums and the rest of the band along with the click track and in ear mix. I prefer my 60 dollar Vic Firth headphones over the expensive in ear shure monitors the rest of the band uses. The Vic Firth’s do get very hot when playing live and not the best passing but honestly it’s worth the sacrifice since I can actually hear everything including my own drums.
Great video, thanks!
I need heaphones that dont touch my ears at all. So big ones I guess.
Wearing massive ear phones for a 4 hour gig is not very comfortable and can get very hot and sweaty!
Can you please talk about how much isolation you get with the inner ear monitors
Very informative video thanks. My buddy a basement drummer wants to have his drums and play along music pumped through his head phones. As a former sound engineer we never did this but I tried drum microphones on his kit and putting everything through a 12 channel Yamaha mixer and plugged him into the head phone jack and it sounded like crap. I've tried to explain how this stuff works but he want what he see's on You tube videos he thinks what he hears on the video is what the drummer is hearing in his head phones. Any suggestions on getting closer to what he thinks he wants? HB
That intro tho
Couple of issues to point out here: - iPod earphones are a joke, even with other cover. - The Vic Firth are the best option for headphones, but many of a certain generation of them go defective after about a year of regular use. That has hopefully been addressed. Old versions didn't have the problem, but admittedly sounded like shit. The wiring problem is user-correctable and there are videos here showing how. On the plus side, the newer generation has excellent reproduction and clarity, much better than the Beyer Dynamic as triple the price even. I've tested both. Vic Firth wins. - Westone makes a single driver IEM for about $150. Double driver for $300 and triple driver for $500. Unless you have expendable income, you do not need to go up to $800+ for a decent pair of well-isolating IEMs!
delighted to come across my buddy eric doing yet another one of his inrecible reviews. Super job and very comprehensive review
listen to him ! i am 64 and played without protection in small venues ,,,,i have had tinnitus for over 30 years ,no cure and it sucks really bad ,,,young fellows pay attention . for your own good . thanks for doing this vid .
Do any of the Bose noise cancelling headphones over the ear, work well for drummimg?
Really excellent overview of the many sound isolating solutions our there. Have you tried the Beyerdynamic DT 770 M? Provides up to 35db attenuation with sound quality reportedly superior to Vic Firth.
Makes his outer ear burn pulls out 4 headphones

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