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Hard Bodies Training Boxing Gloves - Black Features

  • Hard Bodies Training Boxing Gloves - Perfect For Punching Bag Workout And Training Purpose
  • Color- Black Size :- 10oz
  • Hook & Loop wrist strap for quick on-and-off
  • Ideal for sparring practice and all types of combat training
  • NOTE :- Color Depends Upon availability Of Stock (Black/Red)
  • Gloves
Hard Bodies Training Boxing Gloves - Black Colours:
  • Black

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Hard Bodies Training Boxing Gloves - Black Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Brand Hard Bodies
Color Black
feature Hard Bodies Training Boxing Gloves - MouldedOfficial Seller - SPONATION
Manufacturer Hard Bodies

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Hard Bodies Training Boxing Gloves - Black Reviews from YouTube

How to choose Kids Boxing Gloves - Punch Equipment Review
Killer 30-Minute Cardio-Boxing and Core Workout With Christa DiPaolo
40-Minute Boxing & Kickboxing Workout With Christa DiPaolo
hey im 13 and 116 pounds what do you reccomend? im 5'3 if that helps
12 yes old 95 pounds 53 and pretty big hand what size should I use
im 13, 115lbs, and 52 what gloves?
102 lbs 5 7 3 year old
im 15 110 pounds and 5"4 what oz should i wear for sparring
Im 75kg 15 years old 5"5 what do you recommend?
Great informative vid, as always. My 4 year old and 6 year old have been throwing 1-2 knee combos for a while and are super keen to lace up gloves now(). Would you recommend that I wrap their hands as well? As opposed to just lacing up gloves?Keep up the good work too bro
Turning ten about 64 pounds what would you recommend
Im 13, 120 lbs and 56 and Im new to boxing so does anyone one have any idea what glove size I need
I am like 80 lbs (5ft.1)and 11 what do you recommend i use 8 oz speed 50 adidas gloves right now
My gloves are used for real boxing matches Im out atm and could not remember the oz of them
85 Lbs and 13 what do you recommend for me also I am 5ft if that helps I also have small hands
Whats the size for a 10 year old glove?
Hi I'm 12y and my father gave me 16oz and I'm using hard core punching bag just last last month last when im using gloves but i think it's for bike it's so thin and first time my hand hurt but now no and I think I'm 40kilo first time I use the punching gloves I don't know where part of gloves I will punch the knuckle or the I finger and after a week I practice it's like normal gloves not heavy but first time it's little heavy after I'm done using it I fell my hand small but faster and stronger is my 16oz gloves ok?
My child age 8 y,12,and 14 year who is best glouse for kids plz suggest me
I am 13 years old and i weigh 74 lbs. What ounce boxing glove would be good for me?
I am 12 years old 117 pounds, my height is 5.1, what oz should I wear?
I am 90 pounds and 12, what boxing gloves should i get? I have pretty small hands too
What size should I get a 7 year old 53 pounds
For a 13 yr old thats 90 poundsWhat size of boxing gloves would you recommend ?
I was already sweating and when she said we're done with the warm up I screamed "warm up" This workout was really what i needed to have fun, learn somethin new and focus on the now
Been doing this every other day for about 7 months. Total game changer
My body asked me action , this was perfect.
fun lilttle workout
I hurt when I laugh a day later ha. A good sign. I am so glad I discovered Christa!
I hate this video
I love these works out but now that I'm in my mid 50's I find it harder and harder to keep up the pace. I wish there was a speed version that is between her slow and her fast so I don't feel like i can't keep up. It his not from lack of exercise, I run 30+ miles a week, walk 10-12 miles a week, I do cardio work out 2x a week and yoga 2x a week.
The most positive energy I've seen in a workout! I love it! Please make an extended version of this! Hugs and love xo
"Show us why we do slips, Kupah!" ...Uuuuu...MOTIVATION!
alright im on a zoom class looking at this for our work, does anyone know if you wanna break, what do you do? the question says its a blank shuffle? anyone?
the best
bro this shit aint boxing lmaO nobody does this
Thanks Christa, I am dead now.
This was so good. At the beginning I was near to switching this off and finding another work out lol, but I stuck through it. I felt so cool at some parts lol. Some parts I felt so uncordinated . Overall it was challenging, but I felt great afterwards. Kick boxing makes me feel so strong!
yeah I cant believe you can talk and do this! LOL
love this !!!
OK, this video just let me collapsed. Gonna go to sleep.
Christa: Listen to your body.Me: Girl, my body is crying.
Any done 10 mins my hearts beating out my chest and my knees am like jelly
These workouts changed my life! Truly. I lost 40 pounds, and I didnt have to leave my bedroom. I am fit, tone, and more confident. I never thought the day would come where I would have abs. Amazing!!
If you are here to learn how to box or kickbox, this workout is not for you. This is definitely not beginner level. She doesn't really teach you form or how the move works. She goes super fast and doesn't give you the time or the teaching to learn the moves. I do wish she would have gone over more form instead of talking about random things. If you're already advanced enough or if you like this style, go for it! But this workout is not for me at all.
Christa your kickboxing exercises are so amazing...I usually wear a fitbit and track my heart rate while exercising. But when I do your videos, I forget to keep track and by the time I am done, I realise I have burnt way more calories than I imagined because it all looked so fun and easy. Today when I did this video, it was so strange, as I was repeating after you towards the end "I am strong" and other affirmations, I felt so overwhelmed and tears cam eout of my eyes for no reason. I guess we all have those days when we feel vulnerable. Thank you.
Omg I did this workout and was so sore the next day! Was such a great workout
Easy to follow workout
This looks fun I just finished my workout for today lol so I'm gonna do this one tomorrow
I LOVE Christa's workouts! please more of her! love from Germany
she looks like mila kunis or like sarah hyland omg
Kickboxing makes me feel so good working out. Love this video
Christa is awesome
Christine DiPaolo is the absolute best! I love love love her routines, I feel like I workout my whole body and I love how she finalizes the routine with empowerment words and breathing. I love adding the big weight
Found these workouts because of my kickboxing class in college and I'm now a fan of hers. She's so motivating! I love her energy
GAHHHH!!! Christa!! This is my fave!!
I LOVE THIS WOMAN!! I lost 5kg in one month with this workout! So strong
This is killer but fun
She is so positive and motivating. I love her.
Do you eat before you do this video?
Christa! 1. I love your workouts! I have literally started kickboxing because of you and I love this form of fitness now!2. As a registered dietitian, it makes me SO happy to hear you talk about balance, eating the food you love, and feeling NO guilt about it. PREACH! Keep being your AMAZING, strong self!
I had SO MUCH FUN! I needed a change bc I was feeling bored with my workouts...this is great for my anxiety! LOVED it. I really thought Iw as going to hate it since I dont normally do this. I loved Christa ,too! She was great
I have to say, this instructor is really motivating...she has a great vibe. Great workout!
Seems like a silly question lol but do you put your finger tips right to the end as far as it goes in the glove?
Can you answer this?I bought the original red Is that a box glovePro fight gloveOr sparring glove?If you answer i will sub
What was the better one for the heavy bag the title or rival ones
Is there a specific style you would recommend for thumb protection? Ive been spraining my thumbs constantly for years
Which is better the fuerte punch glove or the cleto Reyes glove?
Hi I am planning to get a pair of all purpose training gloves due to limited budget. I am 5'9 and 158 lbs, what oz gloves do you think I should get? Thanks!
Hi Carlo. I'm 120lbs 5'11. Will 16 oz lace up gloves be good for bag work or should I get 14 oz. I bought a new 110 lb heavy bag and its pretty hard. Appreciate your advice pal!
What model were those rivals I have a pair of fighting fury gloves what are youre thoughts on those?
I just bought some hayabusa's and I cant close my thumb over to make a proper fist
Hey carlo man would love it if you did a review on the 200$ everlast sparring gloves, alot of people would be interested in what you have to say. Theres only a Russian guy that reviewed it and we have no idea what hes saying. Thanks.
Thanks man. Happy New Year
Sir mag order sana ako ng gloves at mitts. Paano ba sir
I'm trying to loss 100 pounds with good diet work out battle rope biking etc ok training glove
Thanks for taking the time to do this great video!Do you have links to the gloves? I like those Rival Mitts, but couldn't find them :(
I am about to buy some training gloves, which one do you think would be a better option? they are at same price (around 28 USD) Christmas I am getting bad boy 8 oz gloves . The available sizes were 8 oz , 12oz and 16 oz . I am a boy of 12 years old . Do you think 8 oz is a good bag/training/pro fighting glove for a kid of my age ?
Hey Carlo, are the everlast powerlock laced training gloves good for bag work?It's on sale for 80 dollars.
loved this, grat vid helped me a ton
Thaaaanks for this
Snap decision plz and thnx, powerlock or mx

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