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Buy Hansi Mountain Bike Seatpost Screw Saddle Pipe Head Fixed Screw Golden 40mm online at Amazon. Kindly refer the product description before buying the product. Specially designed for bicycle stem fixing professional design,with a screw,will be e...
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Hansi Mountain Bike Seatpost Screw Saddle Pipe Head Fixed Screw Golden 40mm Features

  • Kindly refer the product description before buying the product.
  • Specially designed for bicycle stem fixing professional design,with a screw,will be easy to install.
  • Made of titanium alloy which is high strength lightweight wear-resistant corrosion-resistant and durable.
  • CNC precision processing accurate and standard size. Precision threads firm connection not easy to fall off.
  • There are multiple size of bolts for your choice which applies to different model of bicycle.

The lowest Hansi Mountain Bike Seatpost Screw Saddle Pipe Head Fixed Screw Golden 40mm Price in India is ₹1,897 at Amazon.
Buy Hansi Mountain Bike Seatpost Screw Saddle Pipe Head Fixed Screw Golden 40mm online at Amazon.
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Hansi Mountain Bike Seatpost Screw Saddle Pipe Head Fixed Screw Golden 40mm Reviews from YouTube

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Suspension seatposts are the bee's knees! The duck's nuts! The cat's pyjamas! The dog's bollocks! The fox' socks! Ok, I'll stop...
My dad's 20y/o city bike has seatpost suspensions and I can't understand why fitness bikes dont offer this instead of the small but still heavy regardless fork suspensions.
I like how those 3 spring saddles seems like riding on a couch but I guess they would feel horrible on a drop bar bike.
test please:giant city trooper double suspension.old model but efficient
Brilliant overview. Told me everything I wanted to know and I learnt a lot as well !
Used og thudbuster for years on my hardtail, won many podiums on it. It really Made a diferencr. Then I had FS bikes for 12 years and Im back in a TI hardtail. Cant wait get a newer thudbuster
Never knew these existed, this is such a great video, top notch production quality!Anyone know if one of these would fit a brompton?
What if you just used a seat that didn't pulverize your taint? Then you could be even more comfortable and you wouldn't need to deal with all this nonsense.
Thank you, really appreciate the good info!
Thank you for the video, I need a suspension seat post 100%
I do love my Suntour NCX it is a truly amazing seatpost.
Great video, thank you.
can you ever stop between sentences pleeeaaase. this is so straining to listen too
I had no idea such a thing existed. I have a good excuse though. The last time I wrote a bike was 20 years ago. Thank you for this valuable information.
What about Rinsten ?
thank you so much for your great experinces and konwledge you shared.
hi. a saddle with double helicoidal springs isnt as good as thet seatpost? thank you.
Where can one obtain the simple seat post cover, as shown with the cane creek thudbuster branding at 6:15.edit: I see it is called a ThudGlove on their website
Por gentileza, acrescente uma traduo em portugus nos vdeos, se possvel
Thanks! That was useful.
Great review thank uThis one Not for me - your upload helped me to decideRespect
Is it ok to install on bmx bike or let say easy rider bike?
Just buyed, mounted, tried and trhrown in garbage. When the rear of the saddle goes down, the tip of the saddle hits you in the balls. I tried to mount it in the opposite direction and... when the tip goes down you get a kick in the ass. a shock absorber can't help. 20 euros lost!
my brother had one of these brake on him, pretty dangerous. I want to use one for a sled but am nervous. Have you put it through the ringer? Can say it works longer term?
Currently unavailable on Amazon but was selling for between $69 and $100 with LEDs. on the end. Funnily enough, there's an Amazon paperweight advertised with it which seems apt, considering the comments about this device breaking. This spring looks exorbitantly priced for something that could potentially be life threatening if/when it fails. There are $20 versions on eBay if anyone prefers a cheaper risk. I went for the Suntour SPX 12 suspension seat post as YouTube /eBay reviews were favourable and prices varied due to British Heart Foundation releasing a load, either batched or individual, at greatly reduced prices. Noticed for $100 you could definitely purchase a Cane Creek seat post possibly New or New other, second hand on eBay. $100 seems a stiff price for a piece of metal bent in 3 places and 2 LEDs added is all.
Max weight says 330 lbs. I am 245 and TWO of them snapped and broke in just a few months !! Wont try a 3rd.
This looks scary
I am a 270 lb man with bad tailbone issues. In your opinion would this spring help my lower back as I'm riding my bike.?
Its a TERRIBLE idea! Way too much movement in the saddle. You want the transfer of power from you hips to lower legs to the pedals to be firm! You actually have LESS control of your bike especially in downhill situations. In a downhill situation you may need to get off the saddle and get your rear end back and this contraption would force the seat up and actually get in the way. Bad idea!
Hey bro what one would you recommend so
Seats with springs are suited for cruiser type bikes. My default bicycle is a Dutch style commuter bike, and a schwinn stingray. Both are cruiser type bikes. When I rode my friends MTB with a stiff saddle to school my butt was sore, so I definitely prefer seats with springs
Thank you. Saw this on Instagram and Im glad you saved my cash.
That's a great concept and all, but... because of the way it's got to be set up, as in, the seat's got to be angled like that before you even get on it. Then whenever you pedal, the weight shifts around a bit, so naturally it's gonna bounce. Unlike with the coil spring seat variation. Cheers for showing how it works while you were riding it, helps a lot to see how it really functions
2 years of design? China: CTRL +C, CTRL+V
Nice frame,my spare frame is the same only it says Mongoose,they're all Falcon cycle frames usually made in South Korea.
after seeing this, I think I would get a larger padding seat, than a bouncing seat..
I brought something like that for $10 China made and it's so good.
Why would u use a 2 by 4 instead of a tape measure
supports all terrain more than 100 kilograms
Actually good cheap suspension sit Post the price here in the Philippines is only 600 pesos or 12 usd
Did you try adjusting it?
I ordered alpha vector cycleIn outdoor website the seat post is not fitting properly that's y I'm looking to change the seat post , this seat post is suitable for alpha vector 91 wonderer 700c bike in outdoor , please help I'm from india ,
I see the bikes you showed and in India, we don't see any attractive designed ones like these.. if available, will be expensive !
Any updates on the seat post? 10 months ago, dang Brian you be blowin' up.Ride ON!
Just got one of these .. its going to take some getting used to , Because Im not all that tall and sit low on my bike . Now I feel like Im sitting super high
Another chinese crap from amazon
I got it for $15
I use the Redshift and love it. Def up there in price but so is the quality.
I got one from Amazon too. It does okay, But I think I'll invest in a more expensive one.
I bought a cheap seat post I cant notice the difference between the none Suspension post
Do the sleeves come with the seat post for different sizes?
These suspension seatposts do absorb some road noise and jolts from rough pavement but they are not really great for longer rides. Because they only move up and down in a vertical plane, they alter the distance between the saddle and the cranks as they move (as if you are constantly raising and lowering your seat). This is not good for an efficient pedal stroke and can cause knee pain and injury. A much better design is the parallelogram, which has 4 pivots that allow the seat to move in an arc (down and back). The distance from the seat to the pedals remains constant so there is no strain on the knees. If you tried the two styles side by side you would immediately notice the difference. While there are none as cheap as $30, you can get a very good one for about $70. Its a one time investment and priceless when you consider how much healthier it is for your knees and how much more efficient your pedal stroke is.
Sometimes these seatposts wear out fast, where they dont keep the seat straight, they get play in them which can be annoying for pedaling
Dude looks like a white Kountry Wayne lol
The spring post I bought was slightly loose. I made an adapter from a Coke can. Works very well.
Thanks for the review. I'm going to give it shot.
Nice bikes!
Hello..just wanna ask..hows your seatpost doing in 5months
Hi, still waiting for our Himiway cruiser & step thru from Himiway.Getting things together for mild mods. This will be one of the mods for sure.Question: you indicated that you got the seat post from Amazon. Did it come with the sleeve for them post, or did you have to order it separately?Can you provide parts #s?Thanks & looking forward to more videos.
What size of seatpost 26 frame anyone?
Ano idol ang tamang size ng seatpost sa seat tube?Nagtesting ako ng seatpost na 31.6, hindi pumasok, masikip,Pero nag testing ako ng seatpost na 28.6, maluwag naman,Ano pa ba ibang diameter size ng seatpost?
Hello park tool.Can I ask what size of seat post I need for my 28.1 seat tube.?
Nice video and tips. . Can i used 30.8mm seatpost for my seat tube which is for 30.9... Is there any issues using it? Thanks.
Confusing. Can you make it simpler? If I am buying a shock absorbing seat post online, do I go with the seat post size or seat post collar size? Why are there multiple size options for the same post? Online merchants don't mention if the size is for the post opening or the collar.
So im measuring a 26mm on the bike. Do I find a 26mm seat tube or like a 25.9 or something?
Is a 31.8 seat clamp allen type is the same with 31.8 seat clamp quick release type?
it's not dc1 or some digital caliper and shit. It's called Vernier caliper.
Thank you so very much
Is this the same method I use to find a seatpost clamp? I'm trying to find a more secure seatpost clamp the one you screw it without the clamp part so someone can't steal my seat. I measured the diameter of my seatpost to 14mm. Can someone help me with locating one?
i have a 27.5 mtb is 27.2 seatpost ok ?
Heyy hello!What seatpost i use for my bike?
Is there a 24.0 layback seat post?
@4:07 "just right" is that just right? In my experience, if it slides in that easy it's probably too small(?) and would require overtightening the clamp. May different on a new frame versus one that might have some rust, etc. inside the seat tube. I usually expect some amount of resistance to slide in the proper size is this wrong?
I had to audibly give out to Truman when he started dropping those seatposts there are few things louder than a seat dropping, especially hitting other seatposts.
I bought the DC-1 recently, its perfect for measuring ID & OD of seatposts, stems, head tube, bolts, handlebars, fork widths.
That's not an effective nor very accurate way to measure a seat tube. The most reliable is with one of two sizes of J.A. Stein sizing rod, which goes down further into the bore of the tube, away from malformations around the top. However, $$$. The most cost-effective/accurate method is with a machinist's sprung bore gauge, which will measure at different radii, at different depths, Then you can get a nominal value on the 'Very-Near' caliper (or you could use a micrometer) . & what about out-of-round or burred tubes that will jam seatposts and score them?Also, digital calipers are for noobs. They run out of batteries and break a lot more frequently than you would think. Learn to read a proper vernier, or if your eyesight is bad, like mine, use a dial caliper.
I set mine up on a CMM just to make sure.
Come on Park tool... rly? are fking serious? who doesn know how to use caliper... thats pre, pre, pre elementary knowladge...
Wonderful. Thanks for this video. Very helpful.

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