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Buy Hansi Kids Bicycle Hubs Nut M10 Folding Balance Bike Wheel Hubs Axle Nuts Golden online at Amazon. Kindly refer the product description before buying the product. Professional front/rear hub nuts for kids bikes banlance bicycles push bikes Made of ...
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Hansi Kids Bicycle Hubs Nut M10 Folding Balance Bike Wheel Hubs Axle Nuts Golden Features

  • Kindly refer the product description before buying the product.
  • Professional front/rear hub nuts for kids bikes banlance bicycles push bikes
  • Made of aluminum alloy material light weight high strength and durable.
  • Anodized anti-slip surface and bright color corrosion-resistant and fashion.
  • This serves to distribute the pressure of the nut over the part being secured reducing the chance of damage to the part and making it less likely to loosen as a result of an uneven fastening surface.

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Hansi Kids Bicycle Hubs Nut M10 Folding Balance Bike Wheel Hubs Axle Nuts Golden Reviews from YouTube

How To Fix Loose Wobbly Wheel Hub
bicycle rear wheel bearing replacement | cycle wheel hub service
How To Adjust Cup & Cone Wheel Bearings On Your Bike - Maintenance Monday
How to Assemble RunRide 100 Kids' 10-Inch Balance Bike - How to Assemble Balance Bike
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The hub on my bicycle wheels had ceramic ball bearings so they fell right out. I only had to tip the wheel over after taking out the cup. A couple where still stuck in the hub though. There was some grease holding them down in place. I got them out with a set of tweezers. The ceramic ball bearings is the new thing now. Supposedly the ceramic ball bearings are more round, smoother, and have a lower friction resistance. I did check the size of them so I can get a new set. I didn't have the special park tool though so I used the screw/drill gauge that I already had. I just put the ball bearing in whichever hole it fitted in. It looks like they are 1/4". Nevertheless, I did get the hub overhauled. After I got it all back together I thought I did it wrong But after watching your video it looks like I did it exactly as you did. Which is a relief because now I wont have to take it all back apart again and redo it all. Thanks RJ. 😀
So incredibly helpful. Thank you!
Can you use Vaseline as a greaser
The cups in the wheel I'm working on are damaged but not replaceable. I replaced only the ball bearings and left the damaged cups and the wheel is completely silent now. It may only last a year, but this repair is cheaper and easier than rebuilding the wheel with a new hub.
I bought a bicycle and couldn't install the front wheel. I messed up in the hub. I hope i get it fixed tomorrow
nice work!
Thanks for this great video. Question: why is it important for the quick release lever to go on the non-drive side of the front wheel?
Your videos are of the highest quality. Camera placement, focus, sound, everything's perfect. And we learn so much from you. Thank you.
I want to remove back sidewheel pls
Doing this right now on my motor bike.. it was in need of a overhaul.. 🚲💨
Thanks your videos have really helped me out 👍
Great videos man
Hello RJ,could you make a video on a wobbly wheel with a freewheel type hub?
Considering I'm about to do a one year servicing on my bike. This is real good to know. Thank you for the video
Why when tightening the cone I can't get it smooth, only rough whether looser or tighter? What could be causing that please.
Man i wish this guy was my neighbor
the bearings on my bike was change because it has play and then my bearings was change and after some time it starting to wobbling again how to fix?
My rear wheel hub is wobbly but I can't undo the axle nUts to do anything to it
hey RJ, is it possible to replace loose bearings with caged bearings? If yes, is there any disadvantages of using caged bearings instead?
Best goli Piyali set https://amzn.to/3hYhsTK
एक्सेल के अंदर अगर पाइप फिट करना हो तो कितनी इंच का पाइप लगेगा Padel रिक्शा के पिछले पाइये किस प्रकार काम करते है
Thanku so much sir but gear cycle may ak hub cap kidar lagane hai
Bhut achi jankari di apne sir ye ball bearing kitne rupees ka ata hai
Poora 36 barings
Hi cycil
अगर हमारी साइकिल का डांडा बैंड हो जाए उसको हम कैसे निकाले जरूर वीडियो बनाना
साइकिल का वील केसे ठिक करे
Bhai meri thodi si modern cycle h aisi ni h but bearings usme b hai maine dekha h aur vo dail maar rahi h rear wheel h aur cycle ki dukaan wale 250-300rs le lete h merko utna ni kharch krna h aap parts k lie anazon ka link bhej do na jisse apke steps follow krke mai khud hi repair krdu
Nice 👍 thankyou
Supar 😁😁
Goliyon ka size kitna h
How many rupees of Greece
Talk Marne valla kitna me millega
Sir pyali ka cover q nahi lgate hain steel cover lga hua hota usko bhi lgana nikalna btaye new cycle m cover hoti steel balls
Chaee wali pialeee 😀
Bearing ka dust cover , aap ne laganaa bhul gayaa.
Does your bike have cup and cone bearings? Let us know if Jon's guide helps you adjust them.👇
it's an art
why do corns come out of the shops to tight
Okay, legitimate question. If you call regular wrenches "spanners," what do you call a spanner wrench?
Really appreciate the tips. Help me to better understand how to better find that balance of no play but still spinning freely
The exposed threads does not effect how central the wheel sits provided it is not the causing an obstruction on one side when closing the quick release against the dropout. Also you failed to mention the importance of adjusting to leave slight play to allow for the quick release adding tension to the axle when installed on the bike. I would also like to add that your final comment regarding the cassette/freewheel side being the issue dictating that you may need to remove it to make adjustments is incorrect as for 90% of adjustment issues there is no difference between adjusting one side and the other, therefore you can avoid this issue by simply working from the other side.
Good explanation. Thanks for the video.
When adjusting a cup and cone bearing determine which is going to be the right side of the bike..( front wheel only).. lock that sides cone and lock nut snugly and make the adjustment from the opposite side.. in normal operation if you leave the right side loose the tendency is for it tighten itself as you ride..therefore destroying the hub..if the left side is loose it will just loosen more.. on the rear wheel it's the drive side..make all adjustments from the non drive side..that's why the bottom bracket the fixed bearing is on the drive side..
Thank you so much, it's been a while since I have adjusted the cones. I have now adjusted the cones all good :)
Hi, is it okay to have a tiny bit of lateral play at the hub? I tight the cone nut with hand just enough that wheel spins freely but after I tighten the outter nut I can sense a tiny bit play from up and down. But if I further tighten the cone nut to get rid of the play I will feel the hub gritting when spining it
how to replace the cups?
*_Cone wrench size?_*
Can remove the and cup and put bearing instead cup and corn nut
Would be nice to have those tools on hand .
Great video. Thanks much
I have to say, dealing with cup/cone, even with all of the proper tools on hand, is my absolute least favorite bicycle maintenance task. It’s an art, that’s for sure.
Use Marine Grease.The only problem with this request is that you will not obtain this lubricant at Car repair outlets,Halfords for example will try to palm you off with the discouragement.Morris K99 is the excellent but you have to find an Online Chandler/Boat repair dealer.
I do this like John says but my body starts to get to tight, if the body is free the wheel has play...
According to Park Tool's repair help section, the method in this video will leave quick release hub bearings over-tight. Section six details the correct method. https://www.parktool.com/blog/repair-help/hub-overhaul-and-adjustment
No, the amount of axle protruding does not influence the wheels central position ..hub width is constant providing you have put everything back together correctly...saying that it is best to have equivalent lengths. Its always best to nominate an adjustment side, I favour the opposite side to the cassette for ease of access for quick tweaks post rebuild...yes that can happen if you've used a good sticky grease. I even loctite the locked side after setting its correct position. Always measure the protruding section of axle before you strip it. The locked side is your datum ...also due to rotational forces the cassette side can benefit from loctite
Whats the diameter of fork and its seat please?
V good 👌
Kitne saal tak bacho kliye h bicycle....Aur without peddel..kya purpose hota h. ....?? Balancing or other??

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