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Handbook of Grignard Reagents (Chemical Industries 64) Book Reviews from YouTube

grignard reagent & applications
Grignard Reagent -1 | Properties and Formation | 5 min Chemistry | Organic | Shishir Mittal Sir
Grignard Reaction
Grignard Reagent || Lecture 1 By Pankaj sir Physics Wallah Yakeen 2.0
Tq u sir
Sir u r teaching x-lent elanti machi topics enkaa explane chayyandii
Sir 2nd year important topics explain chayadi
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Chemistry - Shishir Sir Maths - GB Sir Physics - NV Sir Unmatchable 😎
I can't believe only in 5 min how it is possible thank you so much sir
Grignard reagent base (NaOH) ke saath reaction krega?
Fantastic, superb.
Love u sir
Sir make video also on biomolecules-amino acids awsome lecture
Maja aa gaya sir aapke sath morning me chemistry padh kar.
4:17 smile kis kis ko aayi
D block reaction
Thank u very much sir.A very beautiful explanation.
Sir please cover p and d block
sir inorganic chemistry ki book bata dijiye pls
thank u so much sir your every video is very helpful to us
ग्रेट सर पता ही नहीं लगता 5 मिनट कब खत्म हो जाते हैं
Amino Acids plz sir
Sir pls organic ke ache question Ka ek video nikaliya na pls?
Sir u made me fall in love with grignard reagent
Legacy of SM SIR continues
Sir plzz 1-2 jee mains ke test daliye vyas editificatin ke
I love your intro
I am from India, thank you
the fact that in Greece we're learning these in high-school is something out of your minds. I'm going to cry alone😭
I’m confused, why does the OCH3 become a substituent.
Thank you very much sir ❤️
Green-nyard It’s like you have a green yard but you say it a little sweeter. Just don’t quite pronounce the D it’s just respectful to us French people LOL
Grignard reaction? More like "Gee, this video gives me knowledge satisfaction!" Thanks again so much for making so many educational and entertaining videos.
Professor Dave be like: "Thanks for watching" I'm like "Nah, thanks for explaining a whole lecture in 7 minutes" if I pass this exam it's because of you Professor
Daddy, I mean daddy, I mean daddy, I mean daddy...
I’m watching these for a lab course in uni, I’ll have to put “professor Dave explains” in sources lmao
Best video on grignard regent I have ever seen. Thank you professor ❤
amazing video, thanks a lot!
Hello Professor Dave, if a grignard attacks an ester can it stop at the ketone?
Dave, your youtube channel has been incredibly helpful for me in understanding organic chemistry. Thanks for all of the great and informative content!
You're a life saver
Your videos are quite impressive and very helpful sir. My exams are day after tomorrow..............and special thanks for clearing this concept sir🙏.........
You make it look and sound soooo easy!! If anything, I understand you better than my professor lol. I'm still "diene" in my advanced organics though. Not enough time in the day to stuff in all that info in one month!!!! :(
Thanks sir
watch your "absolutes" :) And, to add a practical perspective, a grignard prep will blow up in your face a few times til you get the hang of it. Then it won't blow up in your face as much.
Sir I am from India and Iwant to tell you that your teaching style is so beautiful!!!!!!
35:00 sir ne kiska copy Kiya koi mujko bhi bta do🤣🤣🤣
Tq it is too helpful 👍

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