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Handbook for Marine Radio Communication Book Reviews from YouTube

#293: The 2019 ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications - Boxed Set - brief intro/review
ARRL "Handbook For Radio Communications" Review
Retro Review: Handbook for Radiotelephone Ship Station Operators
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Here is the link to the ARRL information page on the boxed set: i know this video is from a few years ago now But I was wondering if you know if there is a hardback version of the arrl handbook? I looked online but couldnt find anything sadly
In 1965 at age 11 my dad had a 1930's partial handbook. Barely understood it but couldn't put it down. Those old tube radios built on wood boards!
Hello. Do you know where I could find the hardbound handbook of the latest edition?
I obught a 2020 set (no box). I decided to basically read through the whole thing, starting with the first volume. I'm less than thrilled with the quality of what I'm seeing so far. In the physical context, the bottom of the binding is in the process of coming apart. In terms of the context, I have already spotted a number of errors, which I'm taking notes on, and I plan to be in touch with ARRL about it at some point. Oh, and the digital supplementary material took me *ages* to download because of the size of it. And the quality of their servers. It included (no choice) a bunch of windows-specific software, which is absolutely useless to me since I don't run windoze here at all. I did comment to them about it, got a reply that indicated that some folks wanted that stuff, and figure that they should have made it available as a separate package to download if you want it.
Splitting the book up into smaller (more liftable and manageable) volumes is a great idea and makes a really heavy book into something much nicer to sit and hold. RSGB needs to do the same with the UK one too.
Thank you very much!
Thanks. Is there a list of books you think worth using aside from the Handbook? In one video you mentioned Robert Pease and his Troubleshooting Analog Circuits. I saw in another video you used the Hayward, Campbell, and Larkin's Experimential Methods in RF Design as a work space! The late Rev. Dobbs used to praise its predecessor Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur almost like a second Bible. I'd welcome your thoughts on helpful, insightful, useful books.
Boy this is great news! My last handbook is around 2000 or so, and at my age I don't want to use a handtruck to haul it around! Now I can pickup part of it and be able to handle it again!
W2AEW, does the ARRL handbook give you test setups on how to test various RF receivers AM,FM, PM testing? Can you please make a youtube video showing back to basic Test Procedures on testing RF Transmitters and Receivers. What test procedures you would do or RF test technicians would do to test an RF transmitters and Receivers for AM, FM, PM
i have the book from 1950 is more complete in concepts and teory.
the arrl books rock! my favored ones are from 30s-40s! for antennas thy are clear and to the point. thay did a better job on explaining the inner workings of antennas. i like how thy gave interesting ideas on feeding antennas like a dipole with no coax or ladder line for multi band use direct from the transmitter. the use of ordinary house wire as feed line. i like how thay had a get on the air cheap as possibly approach and not the uptight you need this or that! thy just got on air with what thy had! hams all so rely on the hf band forecasts to much instead of going on air.
Nice book for people with some sorta electrical background.I bought the book back a cpl yrs ago hopeing to understand more about antennas but got flustered after a few minutesIts just to technical for meI would read and come up on a unfamiliar word and go look that you do this time and time again every 10 pages you sorta get 's about where I gotLost and frustrated and now its just paper weight in my truck
DO NOT buy the ebook version for windows, it's navigation is terrible. I should have bought the hard copy.
I have the 1940s military training edition. ;)
What kind of pencil are you using for your handwritten notes? I'm quite jealous of the contrast. I am currently using B hardness mines in a 0.5mm . I don't know the English term, something like a mine pencil
Ah, that reminds me of the novice and technician lessons I was taking in Newington.
By the Way, Allen, Thank you for the overview.
I've always loved the ARRL Handbook. And I've been buying new ones every year, even though I've been reading them for over 50 years. Not only that, but I still learn a whole lot of stuff from them. They are always such a good investment, I always buy the hard cover version. I don't always keep all of my older versions, but give them to family and friends for their use and enjoyment, but only after I've updated to the new ones (I have some of the older ones still on my shelf for historical purposes, etc . ) I have to say, while I appreciate that they broke up the book into volumes, that you can't obtain a set with hard covers on each volume. And, I don't mind spending more money on quality stuff. But I loathe spending my hard earned money on paper back books. In today's age, with electronic copies and such available, to buy a book, when book shelf space is at a premium, I want the best stuff I can get to put on my shelf while it displaces other older stuff. Come on, ARRL, give us the good stuff.
You're really making me dust off some dormant brain cells with this one. But, you're absolutely right, they goofed up the formula. When I do the formula with all 3 resistances the total current adds up to 200mA. I got one of my old textbooks and the formula I used is; I2=(R total / R2) X total current. Comes out to 57.1 mA for R2. solved for the rest of the branch currents and it did add up to 100mA. Its been well over a decade That I actually sat down and did this type of stuff. Take care
I saw you flip to the page "2.3 Basic Circuit Principles". Its also in the 2010 handbook. Still noticed the Current Dividers section with its I2= I X (R1+R3)/(R1+R2+R3) example. I hadn't seen that formula before and it doesn't work out the correct current for R2 in the Fig 2.6 example on the same page. Check it out! Am I wrong about this?
I got something similar called 'flight radio theory' put out by the flight training centre, Melbourne in '76. Cover's HF theory etc It's pretty good
Interesting find, Peter. It has similar cover design and layout as the "Amateur Operator's Handbook - Revised (Dec.78)". In the early 80s a good friend's dad was encouraging me to go for my marine radio operator's ticket . probably a good thing I didn't, as the job disappeared when GMDSS came in. Interesting snippets from Tony Hancock's piece - some people claim he did immeasurable damage to amateur radio's image, but sadly he was immitating the behaviour of some radio amateurs.
73, peter de _ _._ _ ._ _ . .
LMAO I have one of those I got new (for free) from the Dept Of Communications local office when I was a teenager, nice find Peter!
still got that book. Do you have an mrocp? (or the newer lrocp) had to pass the test with an RI back then, now you just need an invigilator from the AMC to do the exam.
I had that book. I still have a MROCP.
i live a few houses from u and see your ant everymorning going to work
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Very inspirational video sir
You're voice make my "SUNDAY ".
bautifully summarised. thank you dear.
Thank you sir .
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Thanks sr
Good morning sir Apki awaz bhut pyari hai And apke content humesha hi useful rahe h . Thank you sir
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U get nothing from ur videos, u jst keep talking like a parrot.
No one can change their life by watching your video. U don't explain a single idea. U tell so many things, bcoz of that prople get nothing at the end. U may be a good orator, but not a good teacher.
In every video, u make things too complicated. We are not able to take anything from your video.
Book ki pdf kha milegi
Is video we mene achi hate sikhi ab Dakota hi hi shalt Kay hoga tenks

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