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Buy Hamilton Beach 51101B Personal Blender online at Amazon. Chopper Only Hamilton Beach 51101B Personal Blender Colours: Black
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Hamilton Beach 51101B Personal Blender Features

  • Operating voltage: 110 volts
  • Compact design ideal for small living spaces and on-the-go portability
  • Great for making smoothies, shakes, baby formula, marinades and salad dressings
  • Simple one touch pulse operation for fast, easy blending
  • 14-oz. blending jar also functions as portable travel cup that fits most car drink holders,BPA free in food zones: blender jar contains no BPA (bisphenol A)
  • Chopper Only
Hamilton Beach 51101B Personal Blender Colours:
  • Black

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I just picked this up today- I was craving margaritas. I love it. No complaints from me.
Great review! Have you tried more ice and or frozen fruits?
What causes the white plastic spin deal to shreds and stop spinning the blender
wow, helped
The part where you added 1/5 of your ingredients and it was already full decided it. It's not for smoothies...ice is too hard. Maybe food for a baby!
Thanks. You should do more reviews. Throw ads on them and get your bread...
Thank you for your experience
wait but did u drink the cumin smoothie? 😂😂😂 this review was really helpful! thank uuuu!
thanks! just ordered after watching
My aunt works in a hospital .a guy came in who was spraying his fruits and veggies with a micro biotic cleaner !! For covid purposes. The man poisoned himself
Thank you for your video getting ready to buy one. Because it was so small was skeptical but you sold me.
is it glass?
Great video!!
Very clear. You explained the operation really good. Plus...you are adorable. Thank you.
Bought mine for 10$ Canadian over a year now using it at least twice a week my only problem is I wish the push button was staying down
Pensé que no funcionaría si no se aseguraba correctamente
Thank you, sweet, pretty and smart gal. Excellent demonstration.
Finally a review that doesn't seem suspiciously sponsored or showing a blender that doesn't work well. I think this is the one I'm going to buy. Thank you for your review!
I have same one bough from Walmart.. you're a thinker 😂👉👍
How do I do it
Some one use for baby food?
Is the blender base itself heavy? travel reasons
I remember Jaxen Ross did a video where he blended a Mickey Sing a ma jig thing and it was epic
Do you still use this blender?
Is the blender quiet?
Thanks for sharing!got mine working right now!
How does it work with frozen fruit????
May i ask how does this fare with green smoothies? Can it blend it really well?
Osterizer blender 6642
This blender is a new version of what I have now I got one something like this and I love love the blender just the cup it self has a little line crack but I tell you I got this blender before my older kid was born that was over 13yrs ago crazy ha that's how I'm in love with this blender small and still has the best power and it never gives out burned smell on me ever and still using it for my smoothies all this years.
Do the pieces of the lid come apart so it can be cleaned? I won't drink out of the travel lid unless I can properly clean the sliding pieces. Thanks!
Just got mine today ..like...40 mins ago from amazon
If you put ingredients above the max line, it overflows as it blends and climbs the sides as it processes. The max lines are there for a reason.
this is blast
I bought this last year. I thought this is a great product. I made many smoothies for my grandchildren. Worked great. Until today. I was all set to make a smoothie when suddenly the juice started spilling all over the counter and the floor. It came out through a hole in the back of the blender. I had a huge mess to clean. So I came on here looking for reviews. I found nothing but good reviews. Mine must have been defective. I will call the company tomorrow during business hours.
Could you please advice Which one is the smallest model by Hamilton beach ?
awesome little blender....i can make apple sauce for my dad..has no teeth :( just 1 apple...add one ounce of water at a time while you just pulse the blender until you get apple sauce...' you can add a few slices of banana then an ounce of orange juice then add water until you reach the 14 ounces and you got a nice pulpy juice
In both your demonstrations you overfilled it beyond the 14 oz mark on the cup. That's why it overflowed. 😉
Super underrated creator. Used to watch all the mw3 survival guides, the good old days.
15.5k subs and awnswered my comment epicccc
Very good review recently my friend had a broken one now I'll tell him about this one😁
Can’t wait for a Gfuel review :3
these cheap blenders are great but from my experience, chopping ice with them is a pain I'd recommend people spending a little more if they want to blend a lot of ice
Thanks. This was helpful.
Nicely done review
I hope this makes a good alcohol infused slushie. I bought it just for that reason.
Which is best this one or nutri bullet 600 w version ?
*very good thank you*
I've had one of these for a few months but didn't know to put the liquid in first. Also, the way to store is is a good tip. thanks for sharing:)
I've used these for the last 5 years. for the price and blend quality, it's ok for my needs. I like that i can remove the lid and add things as needed during blending, as opposed to other blenders that require you to unscrew a lid. with that said, a few bad things The cord holder on the bottom is just a bad design, if the cup over flows, which at some point it will, that cord holder just collects gunk that is impossible to clean. Another thing, the cups will eventually leak through the blending blade. All of mine leak and last no more than one year. To add to that, NO WHERE CAN you just purchase a few cups or jars for a reasonable price. I mean, this is just wasteful and add to all of our garbage. based on the prices i should be able to get 2 jars for 14 or 3 jars for 20. Perhaps even a less expensive pop in repair blade that would redo the seal? I just don't see the benefit of adding to waste so easily when just a seal around blade goes bad. So in my mind, this company just wants us to consume more. I hope to find another blender to try, as soon as i can find a small one that has a pop off lid so i easily add items during blending..
I bought the other single serve blender where the blade was in top lid I misplace the top,not again will i purchase that kind again.But I had to reorder another one so I could use it for one lost.
mold inside the rubber no way to clean it
I love mine! It's the BEST. My mom gave it to me almost 4 yrs ago and it still works great.
Im sad mine started leaking! 😭
Omg I’m so happy I keep finding you on reviews 🙌🏼
This is my third hamilton beech personal blender. the last time the rubber ripped. This new version is SMALLER than the old one. Notice how she has to be careful how much liquid she adds to it. It is also wider. But no getting around the fact that this is a 14 oz blender down from a 20 oz blender. It's called when you don't want to raise the price, shrink the product. they are doing this with pots and pans (also using LESS metal in them) and many other products as well. So prices may be the same but the product size isn't. That's called INFLATION.
thanks for the video i am getting one today
I wldn recommend this blender to anyone! Got mine n after a month started bringing out smoke n it light up at d bottom don't get it
Difference between the model 51101B and 51103? The model you used is different from the model in the Amazon link you provided. Which one is good?
have you tried this blender with ginger and turmeric?
Those ice cubes are too big.
Alright somebody help me out. I need a blender for 2 cups worth of protein shake but I dont want one cup of protein shake and one cup of foam... I figured out how to make my shake with my regular blender but its a process to have the finished product come foam free... I just want to add all the ingredients and blend and drink
I wish you had done a green smoothie. Good video though!

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