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Hako DV 930 Two Way Pan Head Tripod Features

Hako Tripods are best in use and very easy to carry anywhere…

  • Designed For: DSLR/SLR Camera
  • Load Capacity: 5000 g
  • Number of Leg Sections: 3
  • Material: Aluminium Channel Legs
  • Leg sections 3 leg lock type quick release lock
  • Folded Length: 736.6mm
  • Weight: 3170g
  • Warranty: 6 months
Hako DV 930 Two Way Pan Head Tripod

Find the best deal on Hako DV 930 Two Way Pan Head Tripod at Amazon Flipkart, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Hako DV 930 Two Way Pan Head Tripod Price in India is ₹4,999 at Amazon.
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Hako DV 930 Two Way Pan Head Tripod Specifications

Additional Features
Other Features Multiple Section Aluminum Channel Legs, Quick Release Mounting Platform for Fast Removal from Tripod, HAKO Carry Case
Folded Length 736.6 mm
Weight 3170 g
General Specifications
Brand Hako
Color Black
Designed For DSLR/SLR Camera
Load Capacity 5000 g
Material Aluminium Channel Legs
Model Name Dv 930
Supplied Accessories I Tripod
Head Features
Head Type 2 Way Pan Head Pin Video
Leg Features
Leg Lock Type Quick Release Lock
Leg Sections 3

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Hako DV 930 Two Way Pan Head Tripod Reviews from YouTube

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Good height but how low can you shoot on this tripod?
Don't waste your money, please buy something better. Small rig products are no good camera, camera, cage, and tripod. No, good, don't waste your money, people
I'm sorry to say this sucks Tripod legs Flip lock system, no good. Messed up a lot of my money
Can you get low angle shots with this tripod?
Just picked one up today and bought the tripod dolly any tips on connecting the dolly ?
Don't get a cheap one if you're professional, the least I'd go is something with actual fluid head drag pan and tilt adjustment like the 502 manfrotto! This isn't really heavyduty
This is like throwing donuts on a new vehicle, that tripod lives up to its price point; cheap.
Which Pan and Tilt Head do you have here? (What model of Manfrotto)
Figured you might show some footage?
I think this was a great little video; however, I think you should have gone one step further and included a gear head.
Is the same as on a monopod? Please comment. Thank you.
Many thanks for the precise review; the pan and tilt head will be more suitable for my type of photography like video shooting, portraits, weddings, landscapes and U-tube clips for accurate levelling. For motion photography like sports and wild life a hand held shot will be much more easier and practical, especially with new cameras having image stabilisation and high ISO ratings. Best regards from Egypt.
Great video, to the point. Liked & subscribed. Please post links for equipment; thanks, Paul @
Short, to the point, and useful. Thank you!
Which tripod head would be better for astrophotography?
This video is a bit out of date. Lots of options now that change the calculus quite a bit. Some folks are using fluid heads for photography these days. Also, there are very light and small heads that function like the old pan and tilt heads but they function a lot better. Also, many folks use L Brackets to get into portrait mode, rather than flopping the camera over to the side.
Gracias buen señor!
I own both "systems" and pretty much prefer the ball head over the 3-way head for all subject matters. I get the point about a ball head being more fiddly to get level, but since it's such a "fast" system to change, and with the friction knob to get it to stay where you leave it, I'm still faster leveling/aligning things up with my ball head compared to pan & tilt. The pan & tilt is also heavier and bulkier as you mentioned. I had the P&T first, but since I own a separate tripod with a ball head my other tripod has been gathering dust for over 5 years now I think.
Very useful information here, thank you. I think I'll keep my pan and tilt, all my subjects are static anyway.
Many thanks for this useful clip, as you have answered the basic question, on which type to go for. Probably, a pan and tilt will be the best choice, due to accuracy of the picture taken and security of your photo gear instslled.
Thank you. The tripod I like comes with the ball head. So I'll just buy a separate pan and tilt
AWESOME informative in just 5 mins . Loved it and subscribed your channel
very well done! it's pan and tilt for me. thanks
Whilst I understand tripod heads, I’m still coming up a little short on camera attachments to the tripod. Any help there?
Great Video explaination of the different type of tripod heads, going to replace an old flimsy tripod and it's given me a good idea what to purchase after watching the tripod video and also this one. Brilliant, Thanks.
Thank you for this great video! Was about to unnecessarily spend on a ball-head tripod thinking it was somehow better for my purpose than my existing tripod. Will instead go for a bigger, more stable pan-tilt setup.
I've just broken my tripod (locking mechanism) and this was invaluable, for my next purchase. Thank you Mark
Does anyone know of anything small and fluid like the komodo k5 but with a bowl fitting instead of flat?
Sachtler FSB10
Is there any good travel fluid head, enough for a Sony A1 with 24-70 GM? Thanks
What is the base called that you used for the manfrotto 502ah?
Great vid! This vs Sachtler FSB 6 mark II? Any take? I saw the FSB6 can hv kickback during start n stop. Does GH06 hv it too?
Ok, I'll get a GH06
Brilliant as ever. . . and this will inform my purchase later today!
Is there a good, small and compact fluid head for travel/hiking that has all the features of that GH06 head? Doesn't need to support a ton of weight as I'd only have on it a Canon RF 100-500 with R5C. Or this GH06 is as small as they get?
Great video! Are the plates the same on the Manfrotto and k5? I already own a k7 and love it but want something smaller for when I’m using the cobra monopod. The Manfrotto looks better from your review, but I don’t want to deal with swapping plates back and forth
Great info! And nice touch on the out takes. thank you!
These heads are like toys compared to Sirui broadcast fluid head systems.
Can you put any head of any brand on any tripod?
lol first time Ive listened to the into on headphone. The fidelity
Can you still theoretically use a gimbal as a fluid head? It's even motorized
The 504X Fluid Video Head fixes the problems of the 502, I guess. What is your opinion, Gerald?
Another super clarifying video! Many thanks, as always. Quick question about 75mm vs. 100mm … If you have 100mm sticks and a 75mm head, does a 75-100 bowl adapter really make them work well together in practice? Or is it clunky and not worth the trouble?
Great video. I have such low tripod confidence. :)
Is the E-Image overkill for a Sony mirrorless setup?
Very helpful, entertaining and well put together! Thank you.
Hi, I'm Gerald Undone and I am a meat popsicle.

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