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Hacking the Atom (Explorations in Nuclear Research Book 1) Book Reviews from YouTube

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Yeah I guess if you are not interested in philosophy a philosophy lecture will be boring for you...Surprise!
Brilliant. I've got to revisit this lecture again, because Hacking has managed to compact so much material into a single hour. He has created an outline for a massive tome on the philosophy of mathematics. I hope he writes it.
@FunkyTurner I was falling asleep myself, but past the 40 min mark he started talking about the classical debate of whether we discover mathematics "out there" or if it's an invention of our cognitive faculties. It was a pretty interesting overview of the debate. True though, if you're not into philosophy, this is boring.
Please don't be fooled by Yuval Harari. The embodiment of the demoniac agenda and corresponding philosophy is Yuval Noah Harari- the new prophet of the the World Economic Forum and the Great Reset. Who is Yuval Noah Harari?
He is a lead advisor for Klaus Schwab. who is the author of COVID-19 / The Great Reset and the founder of The World Economic Forum. Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum Are Implementing “The Great Reset.” Yuval is praised by the likes of Klaus Schwab, Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates, who reviewed Harari’s latest book on the cover of the New York Times Book Review. Harari speaks at the World Economic Forum at Davos, New York Times, Stanford, TED, and TimesTalks. At the time of this writing, his books occupied the top two slots on the New York Times’ nonfiction best-seller list. He arrogantly claims that God is an illusion and the scientific elite are the true creators and visionaries. Here on some of his quotes: "There is no such thing as free will, freedom has no meaning and humans have invented God." "God Is Dead It Just Takes Awhile to Get Rid of the Body." “Jesus is just fake news” “Humans have invented God, humans have invented heaven and hell and free will.” “How do you cause people to believe in an imagined order such as Christianity, democracy or capitalism? First, you never admit that the order is imagined”. “So, monotheism explains order, but is mystified by evil. Dualism explains evil, but is puzzled by order. There is one logical way of solving the riddle: to argue that there is a single omnipotent God who created the entire universe – and He’s evil. But nobody in history has had the stomach for such a belief.” “In the future the elite with their advanced technology will decide what is best for mankind.” “In the future Authority must shift away from human decisions to algorithms based on data and computing power.” Consider…. Who controls this? The elite non elected atheistic technocrats. These so called elite are the enemies of the theistic class specifically targeted by our spiritual master, Srila Prabhuapda’s statements: “Advancement of material science without God consciousness is a heavy load on the head of human society, and so one must take heed of this great warning.” Srimad Bhagavatam :2:3:21 "Because we have to prove that he is a rascal to another rascal, we have to take your help (Swarupa Damodar). This is our policy. Otherwise, so far we are concerned, if they go on lecturing for millions of years, we shall kick on their face" This Great Reset conception which is by their admission in their white paper documents meant to fully be instated by 2030, has as its basis the need to reduce the population by approximately 90%. As they do not believe in a perfect and complete Supreme Being who creates a world perfectly equipped as a complete whole, they postulate that the worlds’ resources are limited thus to sustain the earth there must be a culling of the population. This is stated openly in their documents and other public records by their spokespersons. Welcome to the New World Order. It is real and it is coming to a theater (or town) near you. Their model is Communist China. They (the Rockefeller’s etc, who Srila Prabhuapda revealed to Rupanuga were Rakshasas) funded Mao Tse Dung who killed 80 million people in his so called cultural revolution. What is the status there? Religion is outlawed, books are burned, followers of religious and spiritual groups are persecuted, sent to concentration camps, their organs are harvested while still alive - it is a living hell for the pious. And they are surveilled 24/7 with millions of face recognition cameras. Anyone who speaks out against the govt has their social credit score demoted which is tied to their bank account. Thus if you express religious sentiments you can be completely shut down. This is their vision for the world. No thank you!!! Hare Krishna.
יובל אתה השטן בכבודו . קקות כמוכך משמידים אותנו והורסים את העולם .
The most blasphemous human I have ever seen. He is dangerous but the fact that he is embraced is truly alarming.
Sadly, Prof Harari is confusing religion with the Living God. All those dress codes from the book of Leviticus and Numbers - all man-made. Every religion has their own preference and then they stamp God's name on it. But they didn't consult God. Deep in the heart of every person IS a will, regardless of what Prof Harari says - a will to choose good or evil. In that alone, people are created equal. As Alexandr Solzhenitsyn wrote, "The line between good and evil runs through the heart of every man and woman." God - yes there is a real living God or we would have to question the actual origins of life - not the building blocks of life, but the origins of those building blocks upon which life is formed - we did not come out of a vacuum - and that God speaks to the heart of man in a way that cannot be quantified - bearing in mind that the very essence of love cannot be quantified, either. We know love exists because we see the evidence of love all around us, but it certainly is not something we can hold in our hands like a bottle, or have an equation for. So it is with God - the Author of Life - you cannot see, quantify or test His existence in a lab, but we see the evidence of God all around us - especially in that unquantifiable expression of love. Humans may be smart, but what is intelligence without wisdom?
this clown is a creature
3 years ago boy alot has happened lol
Lol oh we do pay for high quality news but it’s just not on your radar how do you think independent media has taken off in Canada
It’s too much control I wish they leave people alone. too much control… privacy and respect more important than a collective control
isn't this the guy that wants to eradicate a large portion of the global population? Yes he is. And works closely with Klaus Schwab. Exciting Thinker, not really, more like God Complexed. Rather read Rudolf Steiner, a real thinker, not a pseudo one
This guy need to be locked and key thrown.
if that is so..why are many suffering from covid vaccines and many other drug"medications" adverse side effects?
Heaven for the elite Hell for the rest of us.
When Jesus comes you’ll learn real fast how very flawed, deceived & wrong you are about all you’ve said regarding sex, men loving men etc. God made man & woman, male & female for a reason; He created them & told them to go populate the earth. So NO, sex ISNT just to have fun, with whomever, there’s a reason God made us sexual beings. TO HAVE BABIES .. of course it feels phenomenal & that’s by design as well. If sex didn’t feel soo good, we’d be less likely to do it & make babies!!! Males are meant to be with females, not male & male! Hence sperm & eggs!!!! You’ve been deceived by satan & it will become abundantly clear when Jesus comes. Sadly too many will realize they’ve been deceived by the enemy of their eternal soul too late.. GOD EXISTS & He’s not ‘the big man upstairs’, He’s The Almighty Creator, Alpha Omega Beginning & End. The Great I AM! If God or his creation could be described by science, HE WOULD NOT BE GOD.
Claiming to be wise, they became fools
This man or whatever he is wants to change humans into AI... He wants to control us our actions etc... You are soooo blind if you can't see this! He wants to take away YOUR FREE WILL & give it to a government or corporations... You are insane to want this... Wake up it's not what you think...
Yuval Noah Harari worships at the feet of Bael.
Yuval: The government can undo Google. Google: Google can undo the government
the google interrogator tried to gas light Yuval and dismiss the downside of the technology and explain it away as some kind of fairy tale. This is why we need to pay even more attention to Google and their aggressive tactics. They will believe what we tell them to believe is their motto.
This direction wants to kill democracy. Are we truly willing for this?
Would this twat refer to himself as a 'hackable animal' in the same way he refers to others?. Klaus Schwab's main tea-boy, disgusting entity.
Gib hart Gruß 4913
From couple hundred years from now I was here
fuck this crap
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Dear Artangel, I’m loving this conversation marathon, thnkü. Also think this is a great idea from the live chat stream, I’d like this to happen too, idea is by Susan White I think: “​Wouldn't a complementary series of international conversations between do-ers, keyworkers, zero hours workers, shielders, etc be useful. Artangel?”
I bring a message of hope. This discovery can stop a lot of pain and suffering and reveal our real role in the planet and our true nature. You can't imagine the importance of Harra't al-Sham, the Jordanian Black Desert! Share this with biologists and the Jordanian authorities. It will bring a lot of wealth to the planet. There are 8,500 years old stones there. They really represent embryos in different stages of development. They can only be seen from satellites, drones and planes. video's translation (10 minutes): http://pontes-canosa-research.blogspot.com/2018/04/revelations-with-virtu-pontes-jordan.html
Dear Longplayer, TBW and LRB, Thanks so much for this which was really enlightening and encouraging! I have found Theodore Zeldin inspiring for years and it was great to see him and others. I live in a village so an online event like this is a reall chance to connect. Please do - more of these events, maybe shorter and smaller with more participation.... Best wishes, Andrew.
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This is just mind-blowing. Amazing conversations and really thoughtful people. More of this more often pls.

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