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H.M.H.S. "Britannic": The Last Titan Book Reviews from YouTube

HMHS Britannic - The Last Titan In 3D
Book That Predicted Titanic Sinking | The Wreck of the Titan | Tamil | Novel Review
Why the Britannic Movie sucks
Book Review.The Unseen Britannic
This s very simple . J.P.M could have read the novel earlier and planned with Andrew's to build such a titan (a) titanic by funding himself to kill his business competitors.
Super anna
Bro indha book tamil la kidaikumma
I want know about Tesla 369 code of god's thump
But Amanda Ryan was very pleasant to look at :)
I was planning to do a review of this movie on my channel, but this is much better than my first draft of the script. Also, the opening animation reminds me of Blackwater City from Ratchet And Clank on the PlayStation2
Mum can we watch titanic? Mum- we have titanic at home Titanic at home ^
I don’t agree with all the toxic comments I agree with you but the Britannic movie is horrible It’s like they’re making fun of the spirit of a ship people died there
dude, your looking at the historical accuracy, this movie was made in the 2000s. if you don't know where i'm going, i'm explaining to you its not about history, its about the quality differ between the 2000s and 2021, which is 21 years from then. so the the time difference is 7670 days! animation and quality would change in that timeline. anyways, you probably have another thing to say, its called historical accuracy. but i can prove you wrong, because the internet didn't have variety in search results as of today. unlike you, they didn't have that much references to take. its pretty good for the 2000s, thats why some of us used to like it. "But hey! That's just a theory, a Film Theory! -Matpat
the starboard prop feels not included and I aggree
Really a shame, this could have been an amazing film Thanks for going over it, much appreciated
Wow. I have just seen how many mistakes are actually in the movie. Another huge mistake are the propellers themselves. In the movie, the central propeller is 4-bladed, even if Britannic had a 3-bladed central propeller. I am not sure how they missed this if they could just go to the wreck and confirm it. Weird.
Yes i hate the britannic movie
The director should've been fired from his job, that was awfully done
I love your channel keep up the great stuff!
Actually it proves conclusively that it is possible to Suck AND Blow SIMULTAENOUSLY!
The movie is better than your channel
when I heard of the Britannic movie It was like when I watch a movie another one like pops up.
The only part he missed was it sank from a mine not a molotov
Did you see that the captain got of the ship before everyone was off
Personally, I think it's a "so bad it's good" movie. That's *my* opinion, please respect that.
I can’t stand the digital water
half of the people saying this movie is bad haven't watched it
At least they got the action of the 4th funnel right.
If Titanic never sunk then she was then hospitalship
The name Gigantic never happend
Another good review. Please, if there is space, add the author's name on your video title.
Great review The britannic never got to serve what she was meant for. Passenger service. She is often forgotten due to her elder sisters especially the Titanic. Great video again @Old shipping lines!
Great review Jamie, was there anything regarding events below decks during the sinking, as I'm sure there was a failure with some of the water tight doors not shutting. Just wondered if the book touched on any of the investigation of the sinking. Thanks
I believe that the name “Gigantic” was never an official name. It was more of a suggestion by the builders that stuck. It was never made official and doesn’t come up in her pre building papers

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