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Buy Guru Graphite BR04-C Badminton Racquet With Cover online at Amazon. Strung Guru Graphite BR04-C Badminton Racquet With Cover Colours: Grey
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Guru Graphite BR04-C Badminton Racquets Pack of One with Cover ... Buy Guru Graphite BR04-C Badminton Racquets Pack of One with Cover, Size 27 inch online at low price in India on


Guru Graphite BR04-C Badminton Racquet With Cover Features

  • Wide body aluminium head
  • tempered steel shaft without visible T joint
  • Japanese white toe's guts with cushioned grip
  • 12 water silk transfers on racket
  • Full 3/4 layer padded cover made of tetron cloth
  • Strung
Guru Graphite BR04-C Badminton Racquet With Cover Colours:
  • Grey

The lowest Guru Graphite BR04-C Badminton Racquet With Cover Price in India is ₹439 at Amazon.
Buy Guru Graphite BR04-C Badminton Racquet With Cover online at Amazon.
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Guru Graphite BR04-C Badminton Racquet With Cover Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Brand Guru
Color Grey
feature Wide body aluminium headtempered steel shaft without visible T jointJapanese white toe's guts with cushioned grip12 water silk transfers on racketFull 3/4 layer padded cover made of tetron cloth

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Which color
Weight of racquet
0:41 you said iska look aur feel Yonex voltric z force 2 ke jaisa hai........but voltric and z force are different series.......btw z ziggler is copy of z force 2.............I have white coloured 😉 video was 🔥👍 very nice can u tell me something about ziggler 565 ??
How much lbs string tension did you apply?
Can plz help me out in choosing racket among apacs z ziggler or apacs fw 500
Ap badminton khelti ho?
Which string have you put?
Aapne ye racquet sale mein kharidi thi kya ?
I have had this racket.. from the way you play this racket is definitely not for you.. go for a lighter YY nanoray series with wider racket frame, you will feel more comfortable with it and avoid shoulder and elbow injuries. this is a compact frame racket designed for advance players.
U play like noob
Suggest best string for this apex z ziggler
can u please tell me the opponent raquet brand?
Just now purchase apacs z ziggler string with BG 65 titanium 28 lbs but when I play not happy . Yonex is better then apacs
How is the durability of racket at high tension?
Nice unboxing 🤙🏽
what is the ideal string tenson for intermediate player..? in this racket...and which string would you prefer ?
From which seller you brought it in Amazon ?
When do you get the string.With or without the pack???
Thanks for the video it made my day
Yooo grip lookin good
Link of this grip ???
This is wrong....
Why are you using yonex grip to li ning racket
Very good
Gandu music daal diya ky bolra h smjh hi nahi ara
Bro lining k racket mein Yonex ka grip😀😎
Thanks brother.....
What is the cost of grip
U said give a 'thumsup'.. so here it is "👍"....🤣🤣
Very useful
1:21Sir I don't know much about badminton but even professional players use to start with the wider and and from the bottom so u are wrong
Yonex on lining Savage guy😂
vow....just got a new grips and i have changed my mind that...once see how its rolled as per professionals opinion or idea and its revealed the science and tricks behind it...thanks for the video....i thought that i will make the same for my kerala viewers in malayalam..😀😀...Thank u ....
Thanks man ❤️
Can we put new grip upon the old grip? I see in the video you have put new grip upon new grip, my old grip has spoiled so do I have to put new grip upon it or remove spoiled one and then put new grip?
What type of grip was it over grip or replacement grip. Please reply?
Awesome man.. You're pretty good
i need the racket under 24 euro (2000 indian rupees)
very well explained
Thumbnail seems like nas daily 😅
Please let me know that which racket is much better for professional game.
Till today my racket buying technique was just Yonex
You helped me,..I found maxbolt woven tech 60.Thank you ..
Cant believe you wasted the yummy watermelons as demonstration. poor melons.
the link is not showing my racket after i put my email and name
Dude, how amazing are you! What a great video - lots of info, presented in a clear, and enjoyable manner. Thank you so much.
Do not click on Racket selector link it is a spam to collect email ids. At the end it says results will be sent to email. then you receive email with marketing material and a at the end text that looks like link "click HERE for your personalised racket result." but is not a link. Do will not get any results but have share your email id for spamming.
When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was a Nas Daily video
I’m always so scared of bending my racket, I always feel like it’ll just snap 😭
I'm not 18 I can't take the quiz wtf is this
0:49 it sounded like bomb blowing up
Where are you now?
Hey it's shows enter your details
Hi bro. May i know what is the type of the racket blue color that you flex in minutes 2:43. I interested with flexible racket with head heavy nature.
Awesome video!!! I was wondering about the disadvantage of having a more flexiable racket for a player, stiff racket generates more power for a stronger player, less for a weaker player. A flexiable racket can help a weaker player generate more power, what does a flexiable shaft do for a stronger player? Do you do stringing videos I want to learn more about stringing rackets!! Arigato!!
My high school teacher just show this to our badminton club at school . Im glad he did because i just couldnt imagine how precise the making of racquet is! This is so cool omg 👁👄👁
This is all fine but why are you showing tennis racquets when you are the king of badminton.
You can trust Japanese to make a fine product,
Bisa dijelaskan gak ada raket Yonex Made in China...
I play Yonex and drive a Toyota. The Japanese just have these things figured out.
I love yonex 🥰 badminton racquet
must admit the qc is impressive, esp compared to Wilson's and babolat, which is terrible. nice feel on their racquets to
duh, i was here for badminton rackets *sigh*
Wilson could learn a thing or two about quality control!
From football boots to tennis equipment made in japan are always awesome
Maybe i should look into Yonex
I love ❤tennis 🎾 but I can't offered
Just came after watching the head racket making
Best quality tennis racquets in the world.
Kyrgios and Osaka must watch this video.
Too bad that Yonex racquets aren’t better than other brands
I love Yonex
Good tennis racket but you will throw away after the grommet was ruin. The rich one's OK, but a heart broken for poor ones like me. You will never get the spare part in Thailand.
え…ロゴって手作業なの… ラケット大事に使えよ… 大阪なおみ…
Meticulous product processing and amazing quality control .. I have mostly used Wilson but in future may think of switching to Yonex after seeing this video!!

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