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Kala Tenor Hawaiian Koa Gloss : Amazon.in: Musical Instruments

I'm ordering the same D'Addario strings for my Concert uke, cause I like the sound so much. I compared this uke to the Martin solid Koa model at my nearby ...


Kala KA-KCGE-C Hawaiian Koa Concert Cutaway Ukulele with EQ ...

Kala KA-KCGE-C Hawaiian Koa Concert Cutaway Ukulele with EQ : Amazon.in: Musical Instruments.


Kala 1KOA-T Elite Tenor Ukulele Satin Natural : Amazon.in: Musical ...

About this item. Size: TenorTop Solid Hawaiian KoaBack & Sides: Solid Hawaiian KoaFingerboard & Bridge: Indian Rosewood & MahoganyFingerboard Width: ...


Kala 3KOA-CG Elite Concert Ukulele Gloss Natural : Amazon.in ...

About this item. Size: Concert Top: Solid Hawaiian Koa Back & Sides: Solid Hawaiian Koa Fingerboard & Bridge: Ebony Fingerboard, Bridge, ...


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The lowest Kala Tenor Hawaiian Koa Ukulele Price in India is ₹100,791 at Amazon.
Buy Kala Tenor Hawaiian Koa Ukulele online at Amazon.
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Kala Tenor Hawaiian Koa Ukulele Reviews from YouTube

Got A Ukulele Reviews - Kala 3KOA-TG Koa Tenor
The 5 Best Kala Ukuleles for you!! | Ukulele Review
Tenor Ukulele Bundle Comparison: Kala, Lanikai, & Enya
Nice sound koa wood😉
I have been on the Kala site this morning, virtually all of the Tenor size ukes I had any interest in are out of stock or back ordered and like almost all Americans, I find that unacceptable and will look elsewhere.
This is the first time I have fallen in love with an instrument. It is so beautiful and magnificent and the sound quality is so clear and resonant. I'm looking to buy a professionalish quality tenor uke after spending quite a few years on a beginner's concert uke. It's now my dream to one day buy this ukulele. Ahhhhhhh I love it so much!!!! Do you have any best tenor ukulele suggestions that are under $200 USD but sound and look almost just as amazing? I'm saving up but it would be ages before I could finally buy this one. Thanks so much for doing this review! I'm off to see what other ukuleles you've reviewed.
You review a kala Ztc tenor awhile back which I bought ,you getting me in trouble again,this one will have to come in via the back door
You would expect it to be what you want in sound for that price. It seems you give as much review to the look of these instruments as the sound, projection etc.
Nice and beautiful sound.
Sounds great but wow the price.
I do not know if I should thank you or be mad at you. This review I saw for the first time 2 days ago and was taken back by the appearance and sound of this instrument. The reason for my confusion is that I ordered one of these. I am excited and can't wait to get my hands on this and also I can't believe I spent that much money. Hence my confusion, expecting your review to be correct and I will be blown away once I have this in my hands. Keep reviewing.
Again, your review influenced my last purchase. Even though I could only afford the Koa 2 not 3 I couldn’t be happier! The look, sound and quality is just impeccable. Thanks so much! BTW yours must have been the “Narrow” model measuring 1 3/8” @ the nut as opposed to standard @ 1 1/2”. Definitely worth every bit of $899. Thanks so much! Wes
Great review, it’s so beautiful 👍
The FM-T description on the Lanikai site states it has an “8 hole no tie bridge for easy string changes.” Thanks for your tie bar bridge string change video. I am sure it will come in handy when I add to my collection but, for now, I am aiming to learn the 8 hole no tie bridge, I learned today that Lanikai has quite a few of these in their newer line of ukes. These wonderful instruments are like harps to me. Currently I have a 31 string, 19 string, and am getting a 26 string harp. I want to try all of them, (although I know I cannot)...it’s the same with ukes. Do you ever think you will review the Lanikai FM-T? If you do, I would be really interested to hear what you have to say about it.
Love your reviews, I have learned a lot! I am wondering, have you ever reviewed the Lanikai FM-T Tenor ukulele? If so, what did you think of it? Also, I have never changed a uke string before. Please look at this setup and let me know if you think this would be too difficult for a novice such as myself. http://lanikaiukuleles.com/product/flame-maple-tenor-ukulele/ Thanks so much for your assistance, it is much appreciated.
I got my concert kala ukulele from an American guy for £50!! It plays beautiful aren't I a lucky 10year old:3
Wow that thing sounds good !!! nicely played
What's that one finger picking song you play in a lot of your videos
I want one so bad :)))
Hi Barry, I am curious, out of all the ukes you review, which ones get into your private collection, you know, the ones that you deem worth keeping for yourself to play. Thank you for your wonderful reviews. I always check in with you when i am interested in a uke before making a purchase. Keep strummin'
Do you think this is best sounding one to come your way ?
me at 00:22....OOOH i love that uke!!! =D me at 3:45.... =/ me at 3:50...note to self, from now on skip ahead to the price before falling in love...
I bought this instrument for my first ukulele.  I asked if it was a low G or high G and was told high G...so I proceeded to tune it up and of course it snapped.  You said you didn't like a Wound low G string any way so ... what would you suggest putting on ?  I have D'Addario Tenor ukulele nyltech strings EJ88T....how do I know if it's low G or high G string?   When you put the strings on they are all tucked in and don't show and knots etc....Do I string it through the whole, tie the knot and then bring it up...   ????????????Thanks for you're proficient video!!  ;)
WoW this started off lame asf
Why does nobody that has this uke plug it in to an amp and show it off
The ukulele sizes are soprano, concert, tenor and baritone
who else came here coz they searched "what ukulele does tyler joseph use"
Hmm, but it is not solid but laminate koa I believe?
Hey man great video! Is the finger board curved?
all are out of stock
G is for GLOSS dude
I just liked ur page on Facebook btw you should do the toy story Theme song
these ukuleles are so big I could classify it as a guitar
Super tenor will be stretchy to play?
Are artland ukuleles good? Any of you own one?
Why doesn't these have any option for straps?
Semoga perkongsian dan ilmunya memberi menafaat kepada manusia semua. izinkan saya share di channel saya. Dan sudi subscribe Channel saya ye. Jazakallahukhoir.
Kala isn’t really available at my country :( We have Flight here, can you make a best Flight ukulele collection?
Just bought myself the flame maple tenor strung to low G, loving it. Also have the cedar acacia tenor in high G, loving it too.
I’m a sucker for a cutaway. Love the flame maple. I like how all, except the bari have a slotted headstock. I’d love to have a super tenor in my collection as well. Such lovely big sound. :)
Are mahalo good for the beginners?
Are they suitable for someone who is just wanting to start learning uke?
In relation to your top 5, what are your thoughts on the Kala KA-ATP-CTG Solid Cedar top with acacia back and sides? And it's 5 string cousin?
What about the Kala Elite USA solid koa super tenor?
Love Kala! My first uke was their mahogany blue concert ukulele (KA-CEMB) and it’s such a beautiful instrument, both in terms of the aesthetics and the sound. You showcased some great ukes; I’d love to add another Kala to my collection one day...a girl can dream. :)
Love the Spruce/ebony Bari
Definitely like the Enya the best.
lovely comparison!
Ya govorit rusky 📹
Ya govorit rusky
Ciao bella,I am lefty,can I change strings in a tenor Uku?Even if I wish it with a low G?Or do I have to wait someone will make a lefthanded one?Regards from Italy.
The Lanikai is the one for me
I just subscribed.I am looking for tenor ukulele then I saw your channel:)
Favorite was the Enya! Beautiful sound. A little uke a little guitar:)
Do you watch anime?
Hello can you help me decide which to buy? Im planning to buy my first ukulele and I really dont know which to buy anymore :) which is the best you can recommend. Which has better sound? ENYA EUC-X1 KALA TENOR SATIN MAHOGANY
I think your review of the Aklot ukuleles would be valuable. It's a rare range that offers solid wood top ukuleles within the under $100 range.
Hi, thank you very much for your effort and you inspired me to learn ukulele. Please let me know which ukulele i need to buy? I need the best one price is not the matter.
I loved the sound of the Enya!
I love the sound of lanikai for me is 440.
The Cordoba Deluxe bag is the best, cause if you've spent all your money on a Ukulele, you can sleep in it when they throw you on the street.
Gig bags: I also prefer the most fully padded up to a hard case; however, I prefer any bag to none at all. Tuner: I have lots of tuners like the 1-button tuner ((same tuner, different names)). I liked the one I had just before that tuner, but it fell and broke one day. They’re okay, but for me, my Yousician app tuner is my absolute favourite. Tuning pegs: all are fine, I do like the closed ones ((like on the Lava U)). Colour: doesn’t really matter. Strings: I’m too much of a novice to notice differences ((but when changing strings, I only use Ernie Ball because I don’t know how to do knots)). I don’t have an Enya yet ((it is my 2nd-next Ukulele, my next is an electric concert paddle Uke — in yellow, then Enya Nova U — in light blue)) ... meanwhile, I’m still waiting on the ((pink)) Populele 2 to arrive! I have matte and glossy, painted and stained, Mini & Sopranino to Tenor ((I actually want a QUALITY Sopranino, Sopranissimo, Nano, Piccolo, iUke, etc and they all are on the horizon of my radar)) ... and I plan to buy a DIY Uke to put together — to understand my Ukes and their parts better ... The sounds ((and strings)) ... I did like the Carbon Fibre strings ... they did sound “sweeter,” but sound is subjective ... when I do my shows ((and mine are awful, you can look at my channel if you don’t believe me)), my different ukuleles are chosen for whatever theme or message I’m going for ... like 05 July 2020, my “Showstopper” post, where my voice blew in the middle of the song, it was about both the colours and the sound of them, because the message was not only America’s freedom, but Black-Lives-Matter ... and it is explained in the Showstopper clip. Anway, I LOVE your videos, you ROCK! 🤘I am always looking up songs or different teachings, because as a newby, I need the simple version. I’m strongly driven and passionate about ((GCEA)) Ukes ((all MUST be tuned that way)). I was not a great pianist, I want to become better than average on the Ukes someday.
GOLD for the win!!! (IMHO).
I think Lanikai sounds best !!!!!
I am SO grateful for all of your videos. You take you time and explain very clear directions/descriptions. I have a completely unrelated question and I hope you don’t mind me asking: what procedure do you use to keep your teeth so white?

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