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Buy Fender 0141700309 Classic Player Jaguar Special Electric Guitar (6 Strings) - Red online at Amazon. Key specs are not available. Fender 0141700309 Classic Player Jaguar Special Electric Guitar (6 Strings) - Red Colours: Red
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Fender 0141700309 Classic Player Jaguar Special Electric Guitar (6 Strings) - Red Features

  • Special Design Jaguar single-coil pickups offer a broader range of hot and heavier tones, and the shorter 24" scale makes playing larger chords, string-bending, and fast runs much easier
  • The trem-plate moved closer to the bridge increases the break-angle giving this model greater sustain than the originals
  • Deluxe gig bag included
  • Key specs are not available.
Fender 0141700309 Classic Player Jaguar Special Electric Guitar (6 Strings) - Red Colours:
  • Red

The lowest Fender 0141700309 Classic Player Jaguar Special Electric Guitar (6 Strings) - Red Price in India is ₹170,594 at Amazon.
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Fender 0141700309 Classic Player Jaguar Special Electric Guitar (6 Strings) - Red Reviews from YouTube

Fender Classic Player Jaguar HH Demo Review Olympic White
Fender Classic Player Jaguar Electric Guitar Demo
Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special
Fender Mexico Classic Player Jaguar Special HH (LeeZu TEST)
Can’t find one. Anybody want to sell me one?
Dream guitar.
Is it better to wait and buy classic player (or maybe japanesse) or to buy vintage modified jaguar and upgrade over time? Im looking for the single coil version, and dont mind the modern take on CP What is the difference between the guitars? Regards
I got lucky to trade a strat for one of these. This guitar is amazing. In every way
sounds terrific!
I’m still eyeing a Jaguar. This might be a little too $$ for me. Squier 70’s Classic Vibe is calling me. I’m trying not to give in but the GAS is so bad!
hey man, idk if you'll ever get back to this comment, but im in AUS and im dying for this exact model, I love the humbuckers that can spilt and that colour is great! It's been discontinued for some reason even though it's such a beast guitar so i ask you, how do I go about getting one? and is it a guitar you would risk buying it overseas for? (Or another state)
If I get one.... REFINISHING TIME!! Not exactly my style color wise but i like the shape and stuff. I wanna throw active humbuckers in there and make it Lake placid blue satin with a black pickguard or mirror pickguard a blue headstock, black hardware or chrome hardware.
I just found this guitar and I am absolutely in love with it, but I can’t find it anywhere, do you know where I can still buy it?
Hi, I know this is a video from a while ago but I was wondering if these humbuckers could be replaced by any normal sized humbuckers at all. I'm making a custom classic vibe jag with the electronics of this guitar basically and I was wondering if these pickups are standard sized so that I don't have to worry about any routing at all. Thank u for reading.
shit guitar center just took this off right when I was gonna but one. Anyone know if they might bring it back?
I wish I could find one of them in my country :/
If only they made this color but with Single Coils 😭
My first and only eguitar I ever bought. Mine is colored in sunburst. Of course mine was an older model since I bought it 2009. Maybe I will buy another guitar but then in a few years and in a totally different price range.
Can this beauty play nirvana coz my son is also getting one by me for his 14th birthday....
It’s basically a player jazz master with the name “jaguar” on the head stock. All in all a fantastic review like always!
What is the difference between the Fender Classic Player Jaguar HH and the Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar?
My favorite short-scale guitar of all. On mine i installed a Mastery bridge and Fender locking tuners. I highly recommend the bridge swap
The high gain pickup settings all sound the same (as high gain typically does).
What is the difference between the classic player HH and the jaguar JGS?
These pickups sounds way better than the current V-Mod pickups imo
Wow, That amp sounds like shit, and so does your playing.
Effects, guitar out of tune, not even miked up? This is a terrible review.
.... plug an 800$ guitar into a solid state amp.... yuck
Dude. If you are going to show what sounds are in a guitar, turn OFF the effects and move some freakin switches.
"thick coat of polyester." polyester.
Play it through a tube amp!
Is it good to play nirvana?
Lost me at Fender Mustang 4...
Through a modeling amp?
straight into a chorus Are you kidding me?
I have this guitar, and I love it 
Sure. "demo", then run it straight through a chorus for the first example. I mean what the fuck?
sounds beautiful.  it'll accompany my tele very nicely
thanxs man. he used mustangs too and strats too from what i can note
Cobain used a Jag. Jazzmasters never had humbuckers.
did jazzmaster exist wj/ two humbuckers too? what model did Cobain use (except mustang or strat)? jazzamster or jaguar?
Oh...come on...The Jag features in countless surf instrumental records... The Beach Boys are wrongly named 'surf'...nothing to do with it except the lyrics referring to a 'surf lifestyle
Just get a Jaguar HH...
Are you rushing or are you dragging?
Tra cui la Baja Telecaster e la Stratocaster 50 che ha addirittura pickup American Vintage 57/62 con il centrale a polarità invertita per un effetto Humbucker nelle posizioni 2 e 4 del selettore cosa non da poco quando è offerta nel prezzo d'acquisto io questa modifica la feci ad una american standard che ho poi rivenduto tempo dopo ma dovetti cambiare il pickup centrale e montarne uno a polarità invertita RW/RP a mie spese
Classic Player series ottime chitarre ad un ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo
Jagwire 😂
Is that the same as the 60 model that comes in Red?
You lost me at "Jagwire"...
just bought the HH model for $500, hardcase included. Cant wait to get it.
wtf is a Jagwire?
I personally think the settings are a little too bright for a jaguar. I understand if it was set too bright to accommodate the rhythm circuit, but your lead circuit should not sound so harsh. and the video is too short. i love your demos tho
what amp are you running through? i seriously love the tone
I really love fenders they are better then Gibson and Epiphone in my opinion!
Excuse me but where is the truss rod bolt?
Flea plays a bass. Unless you mean his voice
Asia would be more like China, Indonesia, Taiwan, etc, Japan products are as fine as Us-made
yeah it has it near de neck PU, thats right its unusual but looks great!
The tremolo system was not improved, it was merely moved closer to the bridge to increase the break angle. The third switch on the pickup selector is a high pass filter or strangle switch.
Bruce Flea. Awesome.
형 너무 이쁜거 아니에요?
Fuckin coronavirus!!!
i'm from Mexico
Nice playing. I am very much considering to get one of these. From the sound of it, Fender seems to have done an excellent job of working out all the quirks that vintage Jaguars are notorious for. This definitely ain't your daddy's old surf guitar... 🤘
Ok, I'm buying a Fender Jag HH today. Wish it would come with a cool guitar playing Korean girl as a bonus, though.
Lee zu Im Back :D Saludos desde Venezuela
Good Visual!
Hey. I bought this guitar just yesterday. Are you happy that guitar from Mexico, its quality is fine, no problems?
Ohhh... I love it
im speechless.
teach me your secret
She's wearing a mask cause of the smog in China
Nice chops.  Sound suffers because of recording method, but the skill shines through.
I just purchased a jaguar Blacktop HH. Firstly I have to tell u it looks amazing...wow. and yhe tone is sweet... beautiful. I love the guitar.
I'd like to plug my guitar into this girls amp and have a nice 1 on 1 jam session.
Nice playing... I love that guitar. The tone is sweet. It appears from looking at it that there are so many tonal configurations on that guitar. Can u get the best of both worlds with it? Meaning strat and les paul tones together?
Nice playing! How do you like the Jaguar?
Why the heck are you dressed like a Ninja?
Hi Lee Zu, the noise might come from playing the guitar pickups on single coil position, every guitar with single coils has much more background noise than a humbucker. I have this guitar too. If you want to record try to stay away from lamps or just turn off the light, it adds a lot of noise when you' play near a lamp or a computer monitor. BTW, the riff you're playing sounds a lot like "foxy lady" from Jimmy Hendrix. Also "Purple Haze" has a very similar riff to it, this may be interesting for the people who asked you about the title of your song. Cheers.
what's the name of this song? plzz tell us :D

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