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What do you think of the vintage style Burberry bags?
I do agree with the fake, and especially LV ones, every girl at my office carries one, and I’m always wondering, is that one real is that one fake? I always try to get a closer look at the stitching until one girl caught me🤣
I literally just love your videos!
hey! l ended my nursing school without bags ! l see "bag" is really an annoying thing & u always have to wear it, it's not like u will put it somewhere until u finish ur things, l always envy men because they don't wear this & l know whem l started "not wearing it" all the girls were talking with that strange look like l murdered somebody !, & also about not bringing my books like is it matter !! l do not care really, but wearing a bay just look nice mybe a good thing & l am not really oppose it because l want to be beautiful & hey who do not want to but the principle itself is kinda of... l dunna, strange & fake maybe ? thx for the vid., l enjoy ur vids lady... u are great and l respect u, because l think my eyesight is sterilized by the people like u ❤
I totally agreed with you, but also I think is boring to be classy 24/7. Now that I’m thinking about it that’s why my husband Cheated on me 🤔...
I'd have to add Gucci to your list. The new designer of Gucci -- the creations just look like "creations" and lack elegance and/or sophistication -- in my opinion, of course. And we all have our opinions!
Totally agree 👍👍👍👍
That Burberry print is HIDEOUS!
you coach women how to be a social climber. I'm sorry but you are not classy nor sophisticated at all. so trying hard in so many ways.
‘How to look expensive’ are we literally crawling back to the 20th century 🥺. Perhaps the more pertinent question or ideal to strive for is ‘how to empower and educate oneself so we can continue to reach out full potential’. Honestly, cannot believe these videos still exist. Class is something that can’t be taught because the definition is very subjective. Let’s give women more to strive for than looking ‘pretty’. Seriously 😒
I like your dress.
Hello! Can you make a video on women having a feminine career while being married and earn her own money and not be masculine?! Like in a feminine way?! Pretty please!
I would understand not wearing these bags at night or to dress up but this video is just awful i get what you mean however there are people out there who save forever to buy 1 of these bags u sound so stuck up!!!!
No waaaay the never full is my favourite
The "which purse?" debate has me glad I sewed pockets into all my clothing. Keys, cellphone, wallet. Done.
Elegance is not expensive. It comes from good upbringing , empathy and humility... Chanel do not sell that unfortunately!!
Talking about always going with the safe option with Chanel and Hermes but a Boy Bag is as common as a Neverfull and a Birkin is as vulgar as a Guess bag lmao
Thank you so much for your advices. Love your channel ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸❤️❤️
Totally agree !!
Love this video. Watching from Philippines.
Good info. I always throw the stuffings
Thank you thank you! I just got a white Saffiano leather Dooney as a gift from my mom for my 21st birthday and I really want to try and keep it looking nice and porcelain as long as I can. Definitely will not be throwing out the silica packets or stuffing after watching this :D
I am missing city line guys ....
I guess it's too late for my coach wallet, I use it everyday until it's so worn since I'm too rough in handling it the leather start cracking 😑
Omg yesss ink stains are the worst!! Thank you so much 😊
The lady keeps disturbing him😒 hey listen
I wonder why most of the 'Male' fashion designers & make-up professionals talk & move in a 'feminine' way? 🤔🤔🤔
People really carry hot souse 🤣 in the bag to the restaurant
I store with a roll of paper towels in them. Keeps perfect structure.
Leather Women Handbags High Quality
Girl let him talk, stop interrupting
I purchase a leather bag from a thrift store that's work about $160 dollars used about $300 new, but it has an ink mark from a pen and a little discoloring under the bottom and now I know how to clean it. Thanks so much for posting this video.
doea anyone know what brand is that white bag in this show?
Didn't know to store the silica packet in the bag for the season. Good tips. Thanks.
“Doesn’t matter how much you weigh”..?
Love the clear explanations, great tips to take care of a Leather Handbag investment
How do you remove a blood stain?
Not to troll, but you come across so FAKE.
I love you do this kind of video! Keep doing them Shea! Love you girl!
Thanks for sharing this awesome video,you are so kind,I love your channel, I order the same one from four days ago
These are great, great vid, I've subbed! I got a perfect neverfull and i wish recommend this trusted seller to get the high quality reps 👉 ****#CheckMyAmazingQualityPurse****
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I am loving your background. It is beyond beautiful .
Quake! Lol!
Oh no sad about the mini ..I want it..
Love the Gucci
Oh gosh ..same feelings about the Dior
The Fendi is beautiful ..on my wishlist
I agree about the jumbo .too heavy
This is a super helpful video Shea. Thank you!!
I do also love those bags 💖 maybe I might grab the Channel Jumbo for work , Gucci for casual look and Lady Dior for kinda formal event💖 thanks much again for sharing 💖
Luv the Fendi bag!
Are you pregnant? You are glowing
Beautiful bags. Challenge yourself to use these bags more. I'm thinking it's time that I do. 🤔 TFS 💕
Love these types of videos!! Super helpful to hear what did or did not work 👍🏻🤗💕🥰👏🏻
These are all very nice bags, but I totally understand those reasons for not using them. I have a few of those in my collection and I find that often times it varies with my day to day activities and what I need to bring.
Super helpful, thanks
Well, finally i going to buy for Christmas my first Chanel bag and boots..I was saving the all year money, is not easy being a single mom of 5 children.. I will be buying from Netherlands, because this is where i am living now with my job.. And thank you so much for the video, helps a lot!
Omg i heard 2-3000 like 2010 and now double. Chanel wants to catchup hermes without improving quality
Rectangular mini 3800now. 5800for small
Great video
I learned a lot from you in details . Thank you Mel!
I love your choices of Chanel bags! Good luck & Gods speed!
love your videos very helpful
this video is so useful! Thanks Mel! xoxo
The best chanel video!🏆I bought the mini in dark grey. What do you think about the grey colour? Better the black? Why? Sorry for my bad English. Sei molto fine ed elegante, le chanel ti donano tantissimo. Saluti dall' Italia👋🏼🇮🇹
Hi Mel! I love to watch your videos!
Great video Mel, so very informative. I’ve just bought a rectangular mini for $6250 AUD (Oct 2020) and listening to the prices they were when you uploaded this video [3 years ago], just breaks my heart. An increase in price of over 2k within 3 years! 🤣 absolutely kicking myself in the back for not buying more Chanel back then ...
This was such a great video... I've learned so much, helping me to choose right. But still haven't made the decision yet... I'm going for my first Chanel bag and right now from I tend to wear more cross body bags, but I do believe as I'm getting older, the M/L classic flap will be the best choice, since I can see myself still wearing this bag when I'm 40. Only decision left is caviar or lambskin. 😍❤️
The small clasic flap makes the most sense to get and will look great all most outfits.
I remember watching and rewatching this video before getting my Chanel mini and now it has been two years and I’m still so in love with it😍😍😍😍
Tnx for sharing. I think I will go for Classic Small❤️
Thank you for the thorough comparison! Love your pieces! They’re beautiful! I just bought my first Chanel piece, the Chanel Deauville last week and I’m very excited about it. That medium/large piece you have is amazing! I’m a new subbie! I hope you return the love!
If you love Chanel, having one in every size is unique.
Best review in comparing all the classic flap sizes