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Grahakji Men's Multicolor Shorts (Pack of 2) Features

The lowest Grahakji Men's Multicolor Shorts (Pack of 2) Price in India is ₹719 at Shopclues.
Buy Grahakji Men's Multicolor Shorts (Pack of 2) online at Shopclues.
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Grahakji Men's Multicolor Shorts (Pack of 2) Reviews from YouTube

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Duluth Trading Co. Khaki Cargo Shorts Review
Keep running bro love the new shorts
nice review - great video editing too
Naam keya hai issak
Why did you get the compression in a large and the shorts in a medium? What is your waist and hip sizes? Just curious because I can't try these on.
Not going to lie, you have me sold. Great review
How tall are you?
To be honest I like the baggy cargo shorts it looks good with the right shirt and shoes more for a casual day . I'll use the tailored shorts for dates or dinners look more professional
I think the cargo shorts looked way better on him than the tailored ones he put on after.
Bro I am not wearing nug huggers, the boys need room to breathe. The first pair looked perfect
Listen guys, if you wear shorts above your knees you are going to get clowned lol. Specially if you live anywhere near the hood, they will light your ass up, the roasting will never end. Never wear shorts above your knees lol.
Shave my legs?!? I'm insecure about my hairy legsBut also insecure about shaving can i trim them up maybe?
Im a fan of the shaved legs as well. I dont take a 5 blade or a single blade. Just use my clippers with a 3mm guard and takes most of it off with leaving just enough to not have that leg shine
No, just no..... people dont want to look like larry bird. They wanna look like Jordan.
My socks are definitely a no show in the summer, like who wears socks with flip flops
3 inches above your knee... in other words wear your girlfriend's shorts lol
Again a stupid movie about "rules" how to dress, because of course all styles are the same and EVERYONE has to dress the same............. And if you do not do that you are not "stylish" and have no estetics XD ;')
where did you get them
fak you all damb beaches tanginanyonglahat sialan kamu bodoh indonesia peroid . all of you beach
gonna send this to my mom
You have to do more reps with the calves. Dont forget about body weight. Do you 200 body weight calve raises everyday. Once thats complete when In the gym lower the weight and get 15-20 reps for 5 sets and you will most definitely see a difference. High volume = Muscle Growth.
Look better in the one that wasn't so tight
Dear brother your videos are amazing and entertaining too...specially the style of explaining....In my opinion
Long shorts look better. Shorts that is too short suits kids not too elegant for a grown ups.
Dude... you've been skipping leg days too frequent
2:50 looks better.
You guys have great show/segment chemistry.
I've tried contacting Deluth directly but there answer didn't suffice. Is the crotch length of these shorts more similar to regular, relaxed or loose fit of cargo shorts by other brands? A stretchy crotch gusset means nothing to me if that area is still so short it'll ride up my ass when I bend over. I prefer them a little baggy for that reason.
Cupcake, the cat videobomber
This is who they sell to. That's not supportive. If you want a detailed breakdown of why, ask me.
You guys are the best.....I am a man......thanks for the review........I am definitely buying some shorts.......and the joke was hilariously funny.....thanks for your creative humor!
If you're into clothes that are deceivingly made in China then these are great.Buy 100% American, not clothes made in a country known for massive slave labor.Buy 100% American to save American jobs.Call The Duluth Trading Company and ask them why they are outsourcing American jobs to [insert shitty country here].
a like for the cat!!
get a mike guys.
Where are they made? Says they are imported
So do they fit tight as shown?
Aww Cupcake
Oh my god I love Tyler's reviews there so funny I'm always laughing by the end of the videos XD and congratulation on being 9 months along you two will make great parents :)
Thanks Tyler! You are now my number one source for Christmas and birthday presents for my three sons (29, 24 and 20).
"The crotch-al area" priceless!
oooo your cat is so sweet
ur husband looks mortified.
My little girl is 10 and she always watches Tyler's videos. She loves the jokes he tells and will remember them to tell me or her grandparents later lol. You guys are so sweet, I love your videos. Thanks for brightening our day!
I love you guys!!! Tyler cracks me up :) "thank you for watching..especially if you are a man and in no way interested in buying khaki shorts" bwhahaha! And cupcake really showed that belt who was boss!
I steal his joke every friday and spread it around to all my friends, I think it's my favorite part of these videos!!! Thank you for the laughs Tyler :)
Lol. This is too cute! Not interested in the shorts at all, but y'all are too adorable!

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