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GoPro Hero3 plus Sports & Action Camera Colours:
  • Silver
  • White

GoPro Hero3 plus Sports & Action Camera Specifications

Battery Type Lithium Battery
Power Requirement Battery: 3.7 V
Weight 136 g
Weight without Battery 74
Brand GoPro
Model Id Hero3+ (Black Edition)
Type Sports & Action
Audio Formats AAC
Video Format H.264, MP4
Wi-Fi Connectivity Yes
Wireless Connectivity Yes
Exposure Settings 2.0, 1.5, 1.0, 0.5, -0.5, -1.0, -1.5, -2.0
Supported Aspect Ratio 4:3, 16:9, 17:9
Lens Construction Ultra-sharp 6 Element Aspherical Glass Lens
Media and Software
Memory Card Type microSD Class 10
Operating System Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.5
Other Storage Features Upto 64 GB Capacity Supported
Wi-Fi Yes
Other Features
Additional Features Color Setting: GoPro Color-corrected Profile (Default), Flat: Neutral Color Profile, Sharpness Setting: Ultra-sharp Video (High), Moderately Sharp Video (Medium), Softer Video that Allows for More Flexibility in Post-production (Low), Battery + Charging: Rated at 1180 mAH, 4366 mWh, Battery Life Est...View More Color Setting: GoPro Color-corrected Profile (Default), Flat: Neutral Color Profile, Sharp
Aperture Range F2.8
Continuous Shots Continuous Photo (upto 30 Seconds): 3 Photos/s, 5 Photos/s, 10 Photos/s
ISO Rating ISO 400 - 6400
Other Features Mono, 48 kHz, AAC Compression with AGC (Automatic Gain Control), ISO Limit Setting: 400 (Darker Video in Low Light, Reduced Image Noise), 1600 (Moderately Bright Video in Low Light, Moderate Image Noise), 6400 (Default): Brighter Video in Low Light, Increased Image Noise
White Balancing 3000K (Default): Warm Light (Incandescent or Sunrise / Sunset Lighting), 5500K: Slightly Cool Light (Cool Fluorescent, Average Daylight), 6500K (Cool Light (Overcast Conditions), Cam RAW (Industry Standardized Optimized Color)
Other Resolution Screen Resolution (4K (3840 x 2160), 2.7K (2704 x 1524), 1080p and 1080p SuperView (1920 x 1080), 720p and 720p SuperView (1280 x 720), WVGA (848 x 480) 16:9), (4K (4096 x 2160), 2.7K (2704 x 1440) 17:9), (1440p (1920 x 1440), 960p (1280 x 960) 4:3)
Sports And Action Camera Features
Field of View Medium, Ultra Wide, Ultra Wide Medium Narrow
Looping Video Yes
One Button Powering On the Camera Automatically Begins Recording Video or Capturing Time Lapse Photos
Other Sports and Action Camera Features Protune Mode Available in Field of View in (Ultra Wide, Ultra Wide Medium, Ultra Wide Narrow) Except 48 fps, Simultaneous Video and Photo (Photo Capture Interval: 5, 10, 30, 60 sec (12 m) 1440p at (24 fps), (7 M) 1080p at (30 fps, 25 fps, 24 fps), (5 M) 720p at (60 fps, 50 fps)), Protune: Advanced V...View More Protune Mode Available in Field of View in (Ultra Wide, Ultra Wide Medium, Ultra Wide Narr
Photo Burst 30/ (1, 2 and 3 sec), 10/ (1, 2 sec), 5/s, 3/s
Photo Modes Still Photo (Field of View): 4000 x 3000 (12 M) Ultra Wide, 3000 x 2250 (7 M) Ultra Wide Medium, 2560 x 1920 (5 M) Medium, Burst Photo
Photos per Second NTSC fps: 4K (15 fps), 4K (12 fps) 17:9, 2.7K (30 fps), 2.7K (24 fps) 17:9, 1440p (48 fps, 30 fps, 24 fps), 1080p and 1080p SuperView (60 fps, 48 fps, 30 fps, 24 fps), 960p (100 fps, 60 fps, 48 fps), 720p (120 fps, 60 fps), 720p SuperView (100 fps, 60 fps, 48 fps), WVGA (240 fps), PAL fps: 4K (12.5 ...View More NTSC fps: 4K (15 fps), 4K (12 fps) 17:9, 2.7K (30 fps), 2.7K (24 fps) 17:9, 1440p (48 fps,
Spot Meter Yes
Time Lapse 30, 60, 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10
Water Resistance Depth 40 m

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I'd not entirely agree with another comment made here. The image is actually really good, and the noise reduction technology is probably second to none.
im still on the fence about the investment. It's quite a lot for a camera/video cam. Just wish my income was better so I could dispel any doubts about it.
I want, I want! Need some extra cash to get it though. Looks excellent!
yeah, well, I'm sold on this product. no doubting it's the best product in its' class!
I have a GoPro Hero 3 Plus. Here's the deal on it. If you expect great picture quality, this isn't exactly going to cut it. But the video totally rocks! Best used in the day time or when the area is well lit.
I've been thinking about making the investment. Looks like the perfect camera for my needs, since I'm an outdoor enthusiast. 
Thanks, great review
ion pro has by far the best picture quality in my opinion I much prefer the bright punchy. crisp picture, the go pro seemed dull and washed out
Amazing review
great review thanks.
The ion looks so much better
Since the ion and GoPro nearly are equal, I say the price point is the largest deciding factor. The ion wins hands down.
In the side by side the Ion looks quite a bit better than the muted color of the hero 3 black
I love my Ion Air Pro! Great review, I was wondering how it compared to the GoPro.
Excellent review. Very comprehensive. Good job. Tks for sharing.
Ion air pro wins
Ion definitely!! great review BTW
GoPro is way better than ION
I like the go pro but I love the ions reduced glare
Guess it really depends on whether you are going to do a lot of indoor or outdoor shooting, I have all the indoor cams I need and just bought the Ion tonight...Not yet received, it's in the But I really liked the review, it helped me decide I purchased the right cam tonight! I like it's sharpness in the daylight and the mounting being right, two qualities I feel are very important. I did get the pro 3 though, I hope all the features are as good or better and that there aren't problems you couldn't cover.
I liked the more vibrant colours of the ION Air Pro and it had a noticeable better sharpness at times. Colour for both products can easily be corrected in post production but if you chose not to, I think the ION edges it. Nice comparison in general and I'm considering an ION range camera due to the fact I have little to no money right now and that is closer to me buying an ION hahaha.
Nice review! I've been looking for a camera for my motorcycle helmet and I think I found it! Thanks for the review!
Great comparison, thank you!
ion :)
@edith garcia
Just got me one this year gonna use it for skateboarding clisp
Would this be good for airsoft?
About to buy one off of eBay for $35. Wish me luck. I'd like to dabble in nature videos and YouTube.
Great review thanks
I found that camera work the most unintuitive POS I ever bought, by the time I could get it to work the shot was long gone. Finally bought a hero 6 and never looked back. I would sell it for sixty bucks in a heartbeat. It’s nearly used.
Who’s watching this in 2020
Does the hero 3 have voice command?
I bought one here in Brazil for the equivalent to US$60 to replace my latest session that I broke In a bike crash and worth every penny. The video quality is decent enough, as well the sound and battery life. The extra is the WiFi with the smartphone viewfinder. I would bought another one instead a brand new, because for my usage, GoPro hero 3 is completely adequate.
Nice atc110!
Bro 2020 still 😎
What's Can use mic external??
I just picked a brand new Hero3+ in an unopened box today for $55 CDN. Probably the best deal I'll ever find!
good night, how to configure iso on gopro hero 3 black?
The answer to "Is It Worth It In 20XX?" questions is 'Nike!'
No video stabilization :/, thanks for the vid and info
The low light test looked like bourne on cameras, thanks for the video. Happy new year
seriously have used this camera for years and made money on it up until a few months ago. The only reason I stopped using it is because of salt water damage. I plan to buy it again for a beater action cam, for those unorthdox placements you don't want to put a 500 dollar camera at. The only downfall of this camera is batteries are quite shit and die in about 30 minutes of film time.
links for GoPro cheap on amazon-
Mic so close to your mouth I can hear the spit
sj4000 is the one . much much cheaper then go pro , and way way better , Don't think twice . I have had both .
and sir your hands a shaky
SJ4000 is better it has more ios and better quilty its better
Thank you so much for this vídeo!
SJ4000 is better
selling an SJ4000, still in box, used for about 2 hours, perfect unmarked condition.....too many menu's and options for my liking - I've ordered replacement helmet and dash pads for the ones used on my car and helmet.....£40 (uk only)
Awesome action camera, am fully satisfied with SJ4000 and i have successfully started my YouTube Channel :)
that's a fake sj4000
Great simple informative review thanks
Thanks for this! Just wanted to see if the footage was passable. It's £95 used for the 1st gen GoPro, vs £13 for the SJ4000. With some post-editing on colours, I think it's a bargain.
Is TH sj4000 for like outdoor soccer videos I want a camara good for recording sound and visual is it good for sports? Like soccer tutorials
Everything filmed by the SJ4000 is such a cool blue tone.. any way to adjust the colour settings/white balance?
Looking at the SJ and found your review to be the best by far .Much appreciated
if u set sj4000 on hdr, cloudy and ev+1.3 the quality is so much better. the yellowness is gone with these settings. I used sj4000 original for 2 years or something and after I learned Those settings I didnt need a gopro
I have found the same hd camera (several listings on ebay) for about 15-20€... but im confused... in other videos the video quality was very bad... im going to buy one but im curious.. how many € did you gave for the clone?
SJ4000 good
Wow, everything, photo, video, and audio on the SJCam is so much cleaner and crisper!
Bismillah Hirahma-Nirrahim. Salam brother. Nice to see you uploading these footages. Was considering on which DV cam should I buy. Good insight
Bought two cams for myself and my son. Both are complete crap, video quality is good but app sucks big time and the WORST THING is that it actually doesn't save all the videos! I had 3-4 instances when I recorded valuable moments during cool trips and they just could never be found on the SD card. It was such a disappointment. You come home hoping you will review fun you had earlier today and will show to your family and it is just not on the cam. It happened once, I thought I mixed up the buttons or something, then it happened second time I was pissed off, the third time I was totally mad and decided to write this... Don't use it for unique occasions which you don't want to lose.
I think Gopro hero 3 is better, but if you don't have money you must have to buy the SJ4000 HD.