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Buy GoPro CHDMY-401 HERO4 Sports & Action Camera online at Amazon. GoPro CHDMY-401 HERO4 Sports & Action Camera GoPro CHDMY-401 HERO4 Sports & Action Camera Colours: Silver
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GoPro CHDMY-401 HERO4 Sports & Action Camera Features

GoPro CHDMY-401 HERO4 Sports & Action Camera GoPro CHDMY-401 HERO4 Sports & Action Camera Colours:
  • Silver

Find the best deal on GoPro CHDMY-401 HERO4 Sports & Action Camera at Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest GoPro CHDMY-401 HERO4 Sports & Action Camera Price in India is ₹52,194 at Amazon.
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For a comprehensive understanding of GoPro CHDMY-401 HERO4 Sports & Action Camera we encourage you to explore its full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
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GoPro CHDMY-401 HERO4 Sports & Action Camera Specifications

Technical Details
Device interface - primary Touch Screen
Audio Encoding Stereo
Batteries Included Yes
Batteries Required Yes
Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Brand GoPro
Display-Size 2.5 Inches
Included Memory Card Size 16 GB
Includes AC Adapter Yes
Includes External Memory No
Includes Rechargable Battery No
Includes Remote No
Item model number CHDMY-401
Item Weight 145 g
Max Resolution 12 Megapixels
Min Focal Length 2.98
Model CHDMY-401
Optical Zoom 1 X
Product Dimensions 7.1 x 7.1 x 3.9 cm
Removable Memory MicroSD
Screen Size 2.5 Inches
Supported Image Type JPEG
Total Usb Ports 1

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GoPro CHDMY-401 HERO4 Sports & Action Camera Reviews from YouTube

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Nice this video
Who's here in 2021 ?
It’s good for fpv drones
great! thanks. I know I"m way behind the curve here, but even in 2021, this is good stuff for me. Cheers!
Water sports, extreme sports, or Moro vlogging
I have the same exact gopro It is a really good gopro for me
Well explained. Thanks.
I found this in my closet and its 2020 so idek what to do lol
The only use for the session is to put em on our drones
lol here I am, 5 years later
Appreciate the video. It changed my mind on getting it. I was planning on getting one for documenting climbs and hikes but if the battery is only two hours and can’t be switched out that’s a deal breaker. Thanks again
Who's watching this today? I want to buy one for motovlog, then I found this.
Just bought one for $99 im 2020.
How long is the battery life and how much storage can it have? Thinking about this for airsoft vids
I've got one and it's great on my bike and motorcycle.
2020 paid $85 used for motovloging.
Can i connect a cable adapter to direct the audio in the session 4?
Phone charger?
Still have mine hero 4 silver and it's ok
Im definitely getting one of these for motovlogging
Do they come with onboard memory or do they use SD cards that you take in and out
Hi i want to orser go pro hero 4 but here on philppines i there so many fake i want the hero 4 where can i order pls help recommend me pls
when i see your face i remember the guy on the movie toy story
can u edit the color
Why is your wheel on the right side are you handicap,?
That camera was not even good when it came out! Hero 4 black, has crap image, zero stability , malls batteries, horrid sound,, over heats, way way over priced. Oh ues and completely biodegradable case and zero customer support! Yuk! I tried so hard to like mine but ended up giving it to a stranger in the street early in year two! I will never touch a poop pro ever again!
Hero 4 is the best of the older generation and possibly the best ever but that's kinda controversial. The 7 IMO is the best of the modern cameras cause the 8 has the unreplaceable lense and the 9 is so damn expensive and also it is much bigger and heavier than the 7 making it kinda bad for helmet mounting.
Where are you? Hope you are happy and doing well and what you wish in your life!
I thought it can do 4k 30fps?
When next video
sadly we don't have it in our Kenyan market
Can you run an external mic into these?
Come back to YouTube
When you coming back bro you make good videos
Hi there, your GoPro hero 4 footage looks really nice & crispy. I have GoPro 4 hero black & still using it without any issues. However, it gets choppy & ruined the quality of video after uploading on youtube. I know youtube compresses every video. I edit in Premiere Pro. Pls suggest how to maintain the same quality after uploading on youtube, like yours! It will be quite helpful!
Yes it still looks good as I cannot afford a 6 or above
My buddy is willing to give me his hero 4 for free and I really only need a camera for mounting on the cars when we're doing racing and stuff, so either mounted to the exterior or interior of car. I honestly think the 4 would work great for that
Good analysis. Hero 7 Black with the $100 trade-in deal makes it pretty sweet.
Wait till this man meets the 9
Nobody needs a touchscreen. We need better image quality. The Hero4 side by side test appears to suffer from very bad CMOS blocking giving a very blotchy image in the middle to far distance. The image of the Hero 7 is much clearer and has far superior colour saturation. This goes to prove the 4 was little better than the cheap chinese knockoffs of the same period even though it cost almost 10 times the price. A few years later the Chinese knockoffs havent improved in quality, so a used Hero 7 will be a better buy for anyone looking for a cheap good performing action cam.
Wow the 7 black "vlog" test was trippy the colors looks so oversaturated
just going to mention because I just got a hero 7 black. my hero 4 can change settings just as fast. the touch screen on the hero 7 is nice but a bit laggy or slow compared to physical buttons. The hero 7 has great eis though so It's nice.
Wow the quality of gopro hero 4 is AMAZING
Nice review Dad but I am not upgrading yet and keeping Hero 4 and in some scenes the Hero 4 has even more natural colors . In other scenes even slight change in the angle of shooting video will produce slightly different image quality , I guess the stabilization is the one big plus for the Hero 7
I finally have my GoPro Hero 7 black!
Is there a time lapse with recording video?
Post Covid 19, where most economy shaken, Hero 4 win, Price 1/3rd, mic too cheap compare to Hero 7, if crash u loose 3 times specially moto vloger
If only the 7 could have the battery life of the 4 it would be the ultimate camera
I don't think you need to nut and bolt restore it. Clean it up, correct the paint and rust, replace all the belts and anything else that is worn out or not working. Looks like a great car, I'm looking forward to this one.
next review whitening tooth paste
hero 3+ black or hero 4 black or hero 4 silver in sound quality and video 1080p60 which one is better to buy?
Go pro hero 7 black $250 Go pro hero 4 black $65 Similar image quality. Sealed deal for me.
2020 and I still use the hero 4 black for my MTB videos. I’m considering for a crisper video though and wondering how the 7 is. I use a Karma gimbal so I’m not looking for the weak stabilization.
My hero 4 has a touch screen. Only bummer is no stabilization. Hero 7 video has more details.
Great, so no mention how the older gp's had way better water resistence with that case. Why I still havnt upgraded from a hero 3 black in 2020. that plus the sensor quality is basically the same as a modern smartphone. How can you justify such a cost when your phone is now just as good. (Miss the days when a standalone action cam that cost the same as a phone was actually bettter :( )
Just purchased a brand new Hero4 Black since I need a bluetooh connection for motorcycle vlogging (using Sena Audio Pack). I saw many motovloggers using this cam, because of this add on hardware from Sena. Excited to try it! This will be my secondary cam for motovlogging with vocal audio, alongside HERO9 Black that will released in a few days :)
guwno nie działa parowanie z telefonem niestety i nic nie pomaga kamera przereklamowana dno
czy z tej strony co jest w opisie podana to napewno dostanę sprawdzony sprzęt
A można ustawić j. Polski na tej kamerce?
Jak się włącza stabilizację obrazu, czy od razu jest włączona w kamerce?
oplaca sie gopro 4 black powystawowe na allegro kupic ?
Czy do 1080p do obróbki trzeba mocny komputer?
Ile ta kamera może nagrywać bez przerwy
Pytajnie ? czym nagrywasz teraz ta recenzje fajna jakos kamery podasz nazwe ? :)
Jak pan sądzi, lepiej dokupić z 3 baterie i ładowarkę do nich czy dokupić tą baterie na tył kamery ?
witam mógłbyś przeprowadzić recenzję kamery Sj sam sj6legend jest to ponoć odpowiednik go pro hero 4
provide cc
Witam serdecznie. Proszę autora filmu o poradę. Chce kupić 3 takie kamery dla rejestracji licznych koncertów, jakie organizuje moja fundacja. Czy przy standardowym koncie nagrania jakość jest dobra? No i czy przez aplikację bedę mógł uruchomić wszystkie 3 kamery? Bateria tylko na 2 h? Szkoda. Koncerty trwają do 3 godzin. Mozna ją podłączyć do prądu?
dlaczego pokazujesz filmy w 4k a jakość filmiku jest max 720p
będzie tomtom bandit >
a ile czasu da się zapisać na karcie 64 GB w rozdzielczości 1080p ?
na ile godzin ciągłego nagrywania pozwala bateria
Świetny film dzięki :p
Oko Moskwy?

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