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The lowest Google Pixel Slate Price in India is ₹129,999 ₹79,999 at Amazon.
Buy Google Pixel Slate online at Amazon.
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  • Wi-Fi
  • 32 GB Internal Storage

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Google Pixel Slate: This Ain't It Chief!
Google Pixel Slate: This Ain't It Chief!
Google Pixel Slate Review: half-baked
Google Pixel Slate Review: half-baked
Hey what's up guys I'm poppy HD here
This tablet might be good if it cost $300 bucks
this plot twist gives me goosebumps
Did he say “nitch,” wtf lmao it’s pronounced “neesh”
google found sabotaging your channel forever
It's not this laggy
Have you even used this since...
did it get any better after the updates?
This is exactly what Apple did to its. I PAD ine year later and now gets all the credit
I just looked at this again to replace a Nexus 7 and another cheap 10" Asus tablet. I really don't want to buy an iPad and my laptop is a gaming light hybrid, so it's on the heavy side. I don't want iOS. Feels like a settings, look, feel, experience and app prison. OnePlus should release a simple, well built 8" - 10" tablet, and make it super smooth. The lag is so horrendous it's borderline a decade behind what is acceptable. I hate it when Google releases crap like this, that just doesn't work smoothly, when everyone expects the stock OS to be the smoothest.
This is late, but I want to draw attention to how screwed Youtubes Algorithm is. I'm 31, I've been on youtube, for too many years, I'm getting on. I love tech reviews and am subbed to a bunch of tech channels, hardware channel, reviews, unboxing etc. Marques has 10 mill subs, safe to say, he's a pretty big channel. And yet, here we are, April 2020 and I've just been recommended his channel via a 2018 tablet review. Just, fucking brilliant youtube. Anyway I subbed.
7:40 LOL.....That "Ohhhh My God" in the Background
Celeron for $600 😂
I've found myself just Loving This Slate, period. No Lag At All no matter the number of Tabs open! I'm literally Floored at what Google has done here with the it processor. COMPLETELY RECOMMEND for ANY & ALL USE. SLATE ON, Google! {(UN?-Fortunately?) I had to settle on the Bridge keyboard and am Extremely Happy with it!)}! Again, ZERO Lag at all with the it (should be it!) version!
what does ceiling gang even mean, does anyone sit on the ceiling?
Are there any reviews of the Pixel Slate as of 2020? The specs and pricing appears much better than a years ago. Curious about your thoughts compared to your first review. Thanks in advance for you feedback. ~mdbii
My 1st gen. iPad Air killing a slate
😔😔😔😔you could tell the disappointment from his face lol
oh my lord how could they even ship it like that?!
iPad gang
What would it take for you to get a Chrome OS tablet?
I have a chrome book, I like it, but it is a tablet with a keyboard.
This review needs to be updated in 2020
What do you think for the current 600 price with a free keyboard and pen?
I thought he would just complain about not being able to use this on your lap. Much of the video showed it on Laps. But, it was actually a really accurate review. I just bought one for half price with free keyboard and pen. Would 100% return it if it had not been half price. Lags, shut off. But I like the screen and speakers and large size. Still undecided. What's a better choice guys and gals?
This Pixel deserves an updated review. Chrome OS has updated substantially and the price has gone down significantly.
Honestly, the dual usb-c ports make up for the lack of headphone jack.
Not sure I would get the full use of chrome os simply cuz I don't know what I can do with it.
I will for it to become cheap when no one buys it. I m from India n literally no one buys this. This product sells with $300 more here.
can you install something like lyft or uber in that stuff? what about ipad pro?
I am glad you specifically stated the browser features are better than what is available on an iPad. That was the only thing I questioned about my Pixel Slate. Well, one other. I knew I didn't want the Celeron version, but I did go with the M3 with 8gb of RAM. Since the RAM is good and there is nothing that intense in Chrome OS, I believe the processor is the best for the money. Do you believe the i5 is worth $200 more?
Waiting for the next gen product
3:33 greeatt scoott!!
Nice, thanks
Own an android tablet consider this one over surface pro for android apps google play ,music , youtube etc...
As of ChromeOS 73 you can access external storage in Android and Linux apps. Working, not an issue.
Given that the expiration date on the unit is currently June 2024, paying between a thousand to two thousand dollars for a unit that will only receive 4+ years of updates, and that's still more or less in BETA, knocks it right out of contention. One might optimistically hope that in 2 years time Google produces a polished OS, but they've already had that amount of time. If it were a priority, a multi-billion dollar company like Google would have produced it by now. I could see $200 for that short a lifespan. My laptops are normally only just getting broken in by 4 years, and I run Linux on them. When a Chrome OS Tablet offers more than a 2 to 4 year support lifespan, then I'd gladly consider it. I don't do much with these systems besides word process, netflix and browsing.
Considering the limitations of chrome should've gone with this product the nexus way Excellent hardware for 2-300$😜
I like windows experience in 2 in 1's
should a student make this their main computer?