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Golf and Wind: The Physics of Playing Golf in Wind Book Reviews from YouTube

How to play GOLF in WINDY conditions? Think about the wind!
How to judge wind on a golf course
Impact Of Wind On Golf Shots | How To Hit Golf Shots Into The Wind
Top FIVE tips for playing in the wind ️‍♂️ | Golf Tutorials
Have you done a video on aiming specifically? How to aim and align your feet with that aim point.
I play in an environment with a 5 /15 km hour a wind environment How the poor guys and gals around the world play in high wind all the time it don't seem fair Played once in an area right near the ocean on a golf trip 6 games of wind well over 50km an hour Enough to drive you round the bend
You know the story Gary Player is telling all the time about him asking Arnold Palmer why he is throwing grass in windy conditions and Arnold replying "all the good players are doing it, so I am doing it".
I played my first game this year on a nine hole course, it was very windy about 20 to 25 mph and cold, one hole was 272 yards to pin, the first round I shot the ball about 250 yards with wind at my back, the second time around I put the ball on the green about 20 feet from the hole, eagle time, got a birdie out of it. The wind sideways was very hard for me but I played a pretty good round for being stiffened up over the long winter months. At 60 years young I can still do my part especially with all the great teachings on YouTube. Thanks to this channel I always get something from it.
Heb toch nog even vraag over de laatste keer. (Two-step) Hoe moet ik dit doen met een driver?
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Excellent! Pretty much everybody I play with judges the swirl around them instead of the constant up in the air
Is there a way of using a course planner with a certain wind direction to plan your strategy?
Great video. I’ve been lucky enough to be paired with Thomas in a pro am and the guy can flat out play. Also a cool dude and love the content you and Drew are making
It would of be nice to see shot tracer actually seeing the ball moving off line
I play on a course with a steady 15-20mph wind in the afternoon. It makes a huge difference on drives. Downwind I try to hit it high and catch the jet stream. That seems to work well. Into the wind is a different story. I had been trying to hit it low by moving the ball back and swinging level. This doesn't seem to work very well for me. Distance is short, plus I can leave the face open and end up a fairway over. Just a stock a shot seems to work a lot better. Just think hard and straight. I think I saw your spin on your punch drive was around 4500. On another channel (txg?) they recommend teeing the ball high to hit near the crown to minimize spin and say the spin is what kills you. I haven't tried that yet.
Great demonstration. I have a question that I've never seen answered - I've been playing in conditions almost exactly like this the last few days and I find myself having to "plant" myself much more - wider stance with a squat, to avoid getting blown around. The problem is, that stops my body from moving like a normal swing leading to all sorts of problems, the most common for me is using all arms and ending with a pull-hook. Do you have any advice in playing in these sorts of conditions? This is especially true with the driver which actually gets blown around during the backswing, forcing me to try to muscle it to keep it controlled. Thanks!
Great video to show how the wind really can change the ball flight and what you need to do to combat the wind.
Man I should have watch this video this morning, lol. it was a shocker with wind in Sydney today. 11 shots worse in 9 hole from my last 9 yesterday (53 to 42). Thanks lads
Paddy is brilliant. You can hear that he doesn't want to give a very technical explanation because he knows that the average golfer is not going to understand it anyway. So instead he gives some very tangible tips they can more easily apply to their game.
Scary how easy they make it look I try and do any shape with my irons am a 100% hitting the ball on the toe or heel and completely mess it up so my main thing is to just hit the ball with the correct lofted iron and that’s it don’t aim for the pin just aim for the green. When am close to the green I never use my 52/56/60 no more p wedge or 9 irons and putter stroke onto the green saves me a lot of shots now haha. Love watching good golfers so satisfying
Great video. Where I’m from I learned how to play golf in the wind half the time. 10-15mph is a breeze half the summer. 30+ is a windy day. I would say it does help your golf game cuz even on a calm day if I’m not hitting towering irons well I will go to flighted chest shots.
Rippin worm burners.
Love these videos! Loads of coaching on how to play in wind! Makes you appreciate just how much knowledge you need to play this game at top level!
Paddy has best tips as usual
It's really windy today - this is perfect, thanks!
That last one 266 carry? Think it was broken lol
Embrace the beard, Darren. That facial hairline is brilliant.
Darren would know There’s nothing like a wind swept Norn Irish North Coast

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