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Gol Bicycle Cable Lock - Black : Amazon.in: Sports, Fitness & Outdoors

Durable quality steel cable lock.The Chain is covered with plastic covering to avoid and damage to object locked(like any scratches).It has a numeric ...


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Gol Bicycle Cable Lock Features

Durable quality steel cable lock.The Chain is covered with plastic covering to avoid and damage to object locked(like any scratches).It has a numeric combination lock of 4 Nos. for best security. Lock code cannot be changed as you have to use same lock code no. provided with this lock.

  • Number of Locks: 1
  • Durable in nature
  • Made with good material
  • Smooth performance
  • Locks
Gol Bicycle Cable Lock Colours:
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Silver
  • Black

The lowest Gol Bicycle Cable Lock Price in India is ₹149 at Flipkart.
Buy Gol Bicycle Cable Lock online at Flipkart Amazon.
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Gol Bicycle Cable Lock Specifications

Type Lock
In the Box
Sales Package 1 Lock
Lock Features
Material Steel

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Gol Bicycle Cable Lock Reviews from YouTube

Top 5 Best Bike Locks 2019 | Strongest & Unbreakable Bike Locks
Bolt-cutters on bike locks *Must see*
Top 10 Best Smart Bike Lock to Secure Your Bicycle
REVIEW: #SafeBest Bike Lock, Combination Cable Bicycle Lock, Resettable. 6-foot Length
Nlock is a joke.
Lock with number combinations = BAD
The first lock was put on wrong. It doesn't matter how strong it is, thieves would have taken both wheels, the saddle, and the handle bar.
No lock is unbreakable
N lock means No lock as does Re Lock! So they cut the cable with wire cutters and put the bike in the back of a truck or SUV and work on the stem lock at the comfort of their home, how safe is that? Just pick up a Re Lock bike and put it in a SUV, and see ya.
4:22 -
Ramset nail gun says "hold my beer". Seriously guys, a ramset would have opened that lock in two seconds.
I didn't see a grinder for the first one
N'lock = no lock 😅
I Like People's Reactions 😂 Lol😅
Just get an Abus Granit and call it a day.
Locks which does not connects to the world are useless. Further are tubular locks very easy to open.
Skunk lock does not stop thief’s from taking my bike 😅🤦🏽‍♂️
Humans seriously lack intelligence
nice locks
fuck this ad
Shedtooz on Instagram helped me recover my stolen bike use him he is legit
Shedtooz on Instagram helped me recover my stolen bike use him he is legit
Now i want to cycle with the N-Lock in locked position 😅
I always use a strong u lock that can't be cut with bolt cutters. I use cable locks as a back up only.
YOu can use a nut splitter on Abus. Not problem. A portable grinder would be even quicker.
They could even use your own seat post and just twisted the cable lock so they wouldnt even need any tools except your seat to be quick release
These are good to lock your front tire if you have quick release. Everyone says to carry 2 U locks. The fact is that they’re very heavy good ones. Mind as well use a cable and a U lock.
Thanks for sharing this. Very informative.
Ngl I wonder how many people used this video and then went to steal a bike afterwards 😂🤟
That bar lock is not impenetrable. I can think of 3 different ways to cut it off and in less than 1 min. 🙊
Lol just buy a good 100% kryptonite u lock and you’re good
I feel like bike locks aren't necessary for Thieves, They're only necessary from keeping people walking by of going home with a new bike. They should make bike locks that are so thicc that medium bolt cutters or the Bolt cutter you use cant open as wide cause I don't think they would bring a Large ass Bolt cutter. Plus I live in dubai so no biggie but I got a super nice Bike, I get like 7 Compliments a day and I just got it I suggest you guys lock your bikes somewhere where People would see it the most so you can have witnesses, Better infront of a Cctv
I can just say thank you a lot for testing🙏🌹
Yeah but the odds are that people probably won’t be walking around with those bulky cable cutters. It needs to be long for leverage. So someone would have to be spying on you and plan a routine to steal you.
Thank you for this video! I lost an expensive bike with a cable lock, so I'm glad you did this video to let others know!
"Pewag" brand hardened chain with a Vito lock. Very undefeatable. Do NOT buy a Pewag chain from Amazon! Go to an online rigging supply house in USA. They'll also sell you the chaffe sleeve.
Pewag chains all the way ⛓
They serve a purpose though and the security level is usually listed on the lock. I have several different locks, I use a cable lock for my helmet saddle and front wheel. The frame and rear wheel I lock with a much stronger D lock. If I am going for a long ride and not planning on leaving my bike anywhere, I will just take the cable lock in case I need to stop to grab a bottle of water or something from a shop and I am only leaving the bike for a minute.
Thank you sir. It is very helpful
Wouldn’t a thicker cable stop bolt cutters specially if the bolt cutters can’t get around the cable ?
Well a battery powered grinder eliminates any sense of security with any bicycle lock that's why those expensive 16 inch wheel folding bikes are appealing as well as a cheap electric bike
I have an expensive ebike and I use 2 ulocks of the best quality and also a chain and small ulock I am hoping bike thieves will just keep walking past
Good tip but as I look at that bar I already think there is a way to snap it. Anyhow, the thing is thief will always find a way. The best thing is really not leave a valuable bicycle on the street
Some of these locks failed. Simply can carry the bike by car
If l took these locks I will need to secure these lock except my bicycle cuz it cost more than my bicycle😅😅😅
Bye cycle.
3:22 Thief: What the heck?!
Hindi laungage please
I am Indian... How to buy LINKA BIKE LOCK? Please tell me.. I want to buy this product..🖤🖤
Omg!#10 $15k+my Ebike brand new in the box less than 3k $6k+i never heard in my entire life
Can’t find the one on 4:15 on Amazon
Did you even do a tiny bit of research before recommending these locks? Thought so. I can open most of these with nothing more than a $5 magnet. Thanks You Tube for recommending more garbage
That's all well and good but how well do they stand up to thieves?
bisecu has long since disappeared from sale
Lock ❤
Cant make a Top 10 lock video without vetting them through LPL
Watch this: https://youtu.be/Tr2eQLmzhXY
this is already in this channel before right?? but because of covid i'll watch it again hahaha
I think that you should show your face in these videos, and talk through your own experience with it.
#10 price 15,000+ usd?? Really?? Better to buy a car that this lock

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