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Godox XT32C Flash Trigger Transmitter

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Godox XT32C Flash Trigger Transmitter Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Brand Godox
Colour Screen No
Includes Rechargable Battery No
Includes Remote No
Item model number LYSB01GRIILM2-ELECTRNCS
Item Weight 159 g
Product Dimensions 14.2 x 10.6 x 5.4 cm

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Godox XT32C Flash Trigger Transmitter Reviews from YouTube

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wow, I wish you would talk about the flashes TT600 and the receiver settings. Nevertheless I enjoyed your class, very clear as well as not a waste of time talking about insignificant things. Your viewing is excellent and voice. I'm going to take some of your classes today after I find out how to work the receiver and the flash, it looks difficult now that you've made the transmitter look like first grade ABC-123 Again, thanks
You explained much better than the others explained the X Pro. And some were good. Thanks.
I have the R2pro, I can't Get the group D and E to TTL mode, only A,B,C , why is that
Nice video. I have a Sony A6000 and a Canon 580EXII flash. Can I get a godox receiver X1RC and this wireless trigger x1pro?
Thank you for this video! I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II and just purchased a Godox transmitter and receiver. I use a Canon 430EX II in a soft box and couldn't find a long enough, corded, off-camera solution. I've never been wireless. This video helps me a lot! Thank you!
Thanks Steele. Happy New Year. I have a question and wish you could clarify for me. (1) I'm looking to buy Godox AD400 flashlight (2) I use a Nikon (3) I have a Nikon SB flash. My goal is to be able to use the Nikon flash and Godox flashlight mostly together during studio shoot. The question is . Do i need a Godox trigger and one receiver for the Nikon SB flash light only so both lights can work simultaneously? Additionally, in the world of Godox is Transmitter == Trigger?
Would love to see one for the X2T trigger that came out more recently. I really enjoy your videos and the reviews of products so far. Thanks!
Thank you for sharing this information. I own a Godox XT Pro trigger and learned how to use it with some of my Canon flashes I had left aside.
Am i correct in saying that you HAVE to have a godox receiver on your flash even if it has a receiver built in?
I have a Canon 6D mark ii and a Canon 600EX RT II. I'm trying to use the Godox X1T-c trigger and a Godox Xpro transmitter. But I can't get it to connect to my speed light. It's not firing off.
would this also work with YONGNUO speedlite YN560 III / GODOX SK400I (together)
Hello and thank you for your accurate explanation. I have an issue to connect the trigger with my flash , I would really appreciate if someone can enlighten me. I have the same gear the trigger is an Godox Xpro and the receiver a Godox X1RN , however when I change the settings of the flash directly on my trigger, is not changing automatically on my flash I have to do it manually. Is that how is supposed to work?
Great review! Can you mix and match Godox flashes with original ones from Canon or Nikon?
Will Godox flash also work with my MFT Panasonic Lumix G9?
I just got the XproS and TT600. I got the flash to connect signal, but the remote seems to have the group set to off. I cant switch to on. Buttons or dial just scroll the menue. Can anyone help.
The Convert TTL to Manual feature is foreign to me. Can someone explain why this is helpful?
Now do I buy a canon transmitter since I have a CANON flash (430ex RT-iii) or do I buy the transmitter since I have a Lumix s1 Camera
Hello sir, I want to use nikon sb900 with godox x1r-n for canon 6d with godox x1t-c , i shall be using flash in manual mode please , if u can help me with it
silly question, can i use Godox trigger connect to others flash ?
வீடியோ மிகவும் பயனுள்ளதாக இருந்தது மிக்க நன்றி இரா.மனோகர் சென்னை . Very useful video sir, I learned lot from it, looking forward more videos like this keep it up good work, thanks a lot sir big thank you R.MANOHAR Chennai.
We hope this video helps you pick out the Godox Trigger that's right for you! If you have any questions, feel free to leave them down below! TIMESTAMPS: 0:42 Godox X1 Wireless Flash Trigger 4:45 Godox XPro Wireless Flash Trigger 8:17 Godox X2 Wireless Flash Trigger 12:32 Final Thoughts - Which One is Right for You?
Thank you so much for the video! Would you happen to know if any of these triggers work with my old Sony A850? I sem to be having compatibility issues even with the hot-shoe adapter. I know my camera is antiquated but I still love it. Thank you for any thoughts!
I am planning to get the Godox flash equipment and was debating what kind of trigger to use. This video settles that question for me! Excellent video.
For Fujifilm users, get the xpro. There's an issue with X2T that will freeze your camera intermittently even with the latest firmware.
Incase am using a two light setup How do I turn On and off group flash light individual on the x1
I have 2 elinchrom frx 200 I recently bought ad200 . I want all my light to be controlled by one trigger which godox trigger should I buy to fire all lights
Thanks for your clear review. Made me decide to buy the x2 for form factor and app connectivity, twist lock. Good job Hypop!
Thank you for this video. One thing that the Xpro can do is independent zoom for each group, which is not available for the X2T.
Whats the use of AF assist beam i never saw that working
This is extremely informative and well produced with the exception of that darn music in the background that is annoying. Why have something that totally detracts from a well produced video
I bought this transmitter X2T for Panasonic camera, however the lower hot shoe where is attached to the camera has multi pins contacts, except the hot shoe on top has on ly 1 pin contact. What is going on with this model? If it has no multi pins on the hot shoe, it will not has the TTL function if you attach a Panasonic flash on this hot shoe. The box of the unit did show it has multi pins, but the actual unit itself doesn't. Please explain.Thanks
While using Pro trigger & v860ii: 1. What device is controlling the flash power? a. The in-camera flash power setting b. The Pro trigger c. The v860ii d. Some combination of the above 2. What mode (TTL/Manual) to use on: a. Pro trigger b. v860ii 3. Will I miss not having the hot shoe on top if I get the Pro? 4. Can I use a flash on top of the camera to act as a trigger? If I do will that flash (ie: v350) have the same controls of slave flashes?
X pro the king
what do you mean by groups of flashes?
Can I use my old film camera flashes onto the x1 hot shoe?
The music is distracting. Its hard enough to keep up with his fast talking and all the model numbers.
Hello can it go to highest shutter speed on sony with x1t with godox v1 flash ?
Any reason why you didn't cover Flashpoint's optimization in the "R2 pro ii trigger"?
can they trigger canon 600ex-rt speedlites directly?
This is great, but since none of them allow the camera to white balance correctly, none of them are worth buying.
I have added the links where you can buy X1 series transmitter for Nikon,Canon,Fuji and Sony. Also watch the video on *Godox Speedlight* also On *Off Camera Flash System* - for the cavernous sound
Mujhe asha hai Hindi me explaining ap acha karenge.
Hello , I want to use nikon sb900 with godox x1r-n for canon 6d with godox x1t-c , i shall be using flash in manual mode please , if can help me with it ? thank you
تسلم اخي الكريم ما شاء الله
Sir can godox x1 sync with XTR16S reciever on a v850 ? if so can u help me doing it any link would also be helful thanks in advance
Hi i have a d850. Does the x2 godox work with it and my nikon sb800?
Do you use in TTL godox x1 with flash Nikon ?
please get a microphone
Which is the cheap and best remote Trigger to connect Canon 5D III with Canon flashes 600ex rt ii 580 ex ii 430 ex ii If I can trigger 600ex rt ii , I can use other two as slave as well. To be used as
i couldn't find not one video explaining this stuff. i almost gave up. so thankful for this info.
I have canon speedlight 430ex ii. Can is use canon trigger and receiver. If yes model plz
Do you need the receiver if you're using a Godox TT685?
ki haal chaal hai ji! love your channel, I am glad I found it.
ah no wonder they invented the lapel mic
i have Godox X-Pro flash trigger, X1R receiver, Canon 600EX-RT and Godox V860iic speedlites, camera is Canon 5D mark IV, i need to synchronize these all speedlites and flash triggers - receiver and transmitter. how i can do that?
nice information
Ugh! Huh?
Do I need a receiver for my Godox TT685 speedlite ?

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