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Buy Godox V860IIS TTL Compatible flash (For Sony) online at Amazon. Godox V860IIS TTL Compatible flash (For Sony) Godox V860IIS TTL Compatible flash (For Sony) Colours: Black
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The Lowest Price of Godox V860IIS TTL Compatible flash (For Sony)

Amazon Offers ₹12,037
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Amazon Offers ₹12,037
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Godox V860IIS TTL Compatible flash (For Sony) Features

  • Fully Support TTL FunctionsV860IIC/V860IIN/V860IIS/V860IIF/V860IIO is separately applies to Canon EOS/Nikon DSLR/Sony/Fuji/Olympus or Panasonic cameras
  • Built-in Godox 2.4G Wireless X System Built-in Godox 2.4G wireless X system offers all-in-one functions and 100 meters further transmission distance
  • Master & Slave Flash
  • Powerful & Convenient Li-ion Battery Max. 1.5s recycle time & 650 full power pops
  • Zoom Range: 20-200mm (14mm with Panel) ; Swivel Head: 360° ; Coverage: 14 - 200 mm (Full Frame) ; Off-Camera Terminal: 2.5 mm ; Recycle Time: Approximately 0.1 to 1.5 Seconds
Godox V860IIS TTL Compatible flash (For Sony) Godox V860IIS TTL Compatible flash (For Sony) Colours:
  • Black

The lowest Godox V860IIS TTL Compatible flash (For Sony) Price in India is ₹12,037 at Amazon.
Buy Godox V860IIS TTL Compatible flash (For Sony) online at Amazon.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Before purchasing, please refer to the specific online store for any variation in the price.
Prices are subjected to change, please check the latest price at the respective store.
Check the Estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options while purchasing this product.
Please go through Godox V860IIS TTL Compatible flash (For Sony) full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.

Godox V860IIS TTL Compatible flash (For Sony) Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included Yes
Batteries Required Yes
Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Brand Godox
Item model number V860IIS Kit
Item Weight 848 g
Model V860IIS Kit
Product Dimensions 19 x 7.6 x 17.5 cm
Screen Size 1.89 Inches

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Godox V860IIS TTL Compatible flash (For Sony) Reviews from YouTube

Godox V860iiS Speedlight for Sony || vs Godox TT685s || 2020 Speedlight Review
Godox V860II S Flash/Speedlight Review
In-Depth Review: Godox V860ii Speedlight + Unboxing
Godox V860 II-S. 5 Compatibility tips for the A7III
Thanks for clarification 👍 already subscribed I'll get tt685s
More power it's nice, but I don't want another battery+charger in the house
Aaaa the audio is missing
Godox XPro S Radio Flash Trigger Review/Test - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxJgugv9fSU FastTech - http://shrsl.com/zoki (Sony/Canon/Nikon/Fuji) Godox Flashes/Speedlights at Gearbest: http://bit.ly/2q2rCcd
hey, using the same product with the A7riv on the latest firmware. But I cannot seem to engage FEB (flasg exposure bracketing). Any suggestions ?
Please I have a question I have this godox 860ii and suddenly it stopped flashing I reseted it but with no results can u help me please??
Please I have a question I have this godox 860ii and suddenly it stopped flashing I reseted it but with no results can u help me please??
Thanks for sharing. Could you tell if there are specific settings withing the CAMERA to support AD beam enabling? AF is ON on the flesh, but I am not getting the AF beam. Cam focus is set to AF-S. thank you.
Awesome video. I have a doubt, when I use V860ii in manual mode (off camera flash) after a first flash trigger, it automatically changed to TTL mode. I have to set up in manual mode after the each and every flash.. What setting should I change? Please help.
Hi Mr Baz: WEDDING FORMALS ON THE MOVE: If the couple want the shoot in harsh light becouse the location, what camara/speedlight settings are your starting point? ( wedding) not open shade / not back light/ If you use TTL the speedligh will output fullpower and will get hot and slow the recycling time from 4 to 10 seconds after 9 shots. bud if i use the speedlights in manual in 1/4 or lower can out put over 50 flash with no delay. Q: how to have the right setings on camera for the situation? or shoul I get a powerpack and shot TTL with - 2 stop compensation? Best regards from Norway @walocortes
hey hope you're good. Canon 6D mark 1 but i only have 2 small dot flashing for auto focus assistance. how do i activate the bright red spots for AF BEAM assistance ? on the settings of the camera and the speedlight they are ON. thanks.. i have an event to shoot and im searching for a solution to focus on low light ! i'm talking about the 6:40 seconds red beam if i wasn't clear. thanks !
Hi there!I really like to know how to set up distance on this Flash?Thank u in Advance!
Hello, my V860ii flashgun for some reason the zoom stopped working, does anyone know what is wrong?
the red part in the front does not fire how can I fix that ?
Hi Baz, I've just purchased this flash for my Sony A7ii and I am getting really frustrated trying to get the zoom setting in TTL to configure correctly. I have a 50mm Sony Prime lens on my camera and it keeps setting the zoom at 14mm and when I go to change it, it doesn't give me the option to correct it but keeps it sat at 14mm....??? Any help would be much appreciated as this is turning me off this flash and I've only just got it :( Thanks so much!
is compatible with the Sony A7R iii? Do you need the adapter to work in TTL? Thank you
Hi Baz, great review. I have tried this on my a6500 however the AF beam does not seem to work but everything else is still functional. Any idea why?
Godox TT350S review is up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKMrGBPPMHo
Hi Which flashlight Do you recommend me to buy for my nikon d7200 for personal use?
Helpful video, but i could barley hear you. Maybe do a voice-over?
hi dear , i have bought this FLASH and using Sony Alpha 7RM3 !!! actually the front light of the Flash ( min 6:34 in your video) wont work at all and only the red light which is built in the camera wanna do the AF ... i work in disco and not possible because the Lens G master 24-70 is so big and covers 70% of that red light so i can not do the AF for all close subjects . please help me and let me know if i do something wrong or the Camera is not Match with this Flash !!! also many times happens i click but the flash doesn't work at all !!! i mean in the club ... i really don't know what to do !
what do you mean by Dedicated TTL Flash mode isn't working on 685s? TTL Auto Flash isn't working in general ? or only no TTL on slave mode ?
Does the AF assist beam work with the Sony A7_3 series?
For a photographer - you should know that filming Black on Black does not give thte viewer a very good view of the items being demonstrated. It's hard to see the acdtual items being demonstrated. Is there a reason that the flash did not trigger when you took the pic at 6:28 ?
Kyle, Thanks for the info.. and I also have watched some of your others... I have a Nikon D5600 and want a flash. I have been told Godox or Neewer- mostly Godox. I take pictures of inside of homes for my listings (Realtor) but then also personal pictures... nothing professional. I just want a strong flash. I have used a Nikon 700 speedlight flash, but honestly don't know how to use it. I am a bit confused on which to buy. I would like to get more than one flash so I can light areas that seem dark if far away. I have never used a trigger - Is it worth buying the 860ii-N or should I go with the 685ii-N? do you have a video that explains this? or any ideas? thanks
I use a Sony A6000 and just picked up this flash a couple weeks ago. I noticed that the highest speed it would allow my camera to shoot was 1/160. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong??
Can u suggest me a flash im confused in buying godox 860 v2 n canon 470 does godox flash auto bounce compare 470??? Please suggest
Hi Kyle, Thank you for this review. I have Yongnuo RF 603 N trigger (Nikon) already available with me. So, will Godox V860ii N trigger with it ? Please confirm.
Kyle, I have enjoyed your Youtube videos but I'm still looking for one setting. My godox v860ii n is "stuck on Locked" How do I unlock it?
hey, how do i trigger FEB using this product with song a7riv ?
Hi, I just got this flash and it's quite heavy on my a6000 ? Does the hot shoe of the a6000 support that much weight? Thanks...
Purchasing this flash to use with my D850
Nice review! I will buy it for sure. Godox should give u some money for that :))
Does it support high speed sync?
@kyle Did you or do you currently receive compensation of any type from Godox? Seriously asking - I think that's fair to mention in a review.
I use the Magmod sphere and bounce during events but the head of the 860ii does not lock and the head falls forward when I have magmod on it. Has anyone else come across this?
Can I use a good power pack in 2019? I got 3 godox 860 II with square lithium batterys but those doesnt have a fast recicle time. Thank you
XProO is what I have. I want to change the DIST from 1-100m to 0-30m but do not know how. Would you please help and explain how I can change this. Jim, Charlotte, NC.
😍 Not sure what he said 🥰
whats the watts per second?
Only talking is not good
I was here for info. I can confirm that the #trendy #funny #filler #bullshit at the end is truly unnecessary.
What concerned me is the availability of the battery once it no longer works. If the company ever goes belly up then your stuck with a paper weight. That said, it might be worth the risk. On their website they said you can get up to 650 flashes.
very useful Video, Thanks 🙏
quick question, is there a reason or a situation to disable HSS?
When I use my Sony on mid-rate burst in manual, I get about 5 f/s. If I attach a Godox flash, also in manual, to it, it goes down to 1 f/s. The only way for me to get 5 f/s burst with accompanying flashes is to move flash out a little from the shoe. Do you have to do it this way to get rapid flash bursts?
Hi this video is very helpful. But the same flash is not working when placed on the hotshoe. is there any setting that i need to turn on. New to the flash photography. Please help
Just starting out photography and I had been searching/looking for ways to change the 1/250 SS on my Sony camera using the same Godox V860iiS and X2Ts as my trigger and your video answered it. Thank you...
Sony is arguably correct to turn off "settings effects" when the flash is on camera and powered up, BUT, there should be a message in the viewfinder that this happened in order to avoid confusion. Why is it right? Because the camera viewfinder cannot show you the anticipated result including the effect of the flash. I
Manuel I believe the low light focus beam assist in original sony flashes only works in AF one shot and AF Automatic it does not work in AF continuous...did you tried the focus beam assist in AF one shot and AF Automatic?
Thank you! I was able to pick up some of your settings with the TT350s on my Sony
Hi, please help me brother, im just buying godox v860ii for sony, but sometimes mu speedlite stop firing when im hit shutter button, why? Im confused, or maybe my speedlite broken? I feel this case is weird for me, please give me your advice bro
Thank you so much ! 🙏🏼
Thanks for the review....do you know if this flash is now compatible with the a7riv?
awesome manuel! looks like you really hit it with this one!
Thanks for the video. What lens do you have installed? Is it Tamron 35 1.4 SP for Canon with Sigma MC-11? Please tell some words about this combo.
Do not use full power on this speed light for more than a couple shots, you will blow the bulb fast.
I'm new to the flash world, do I need a trigger to work this flash? Please let me know, thanks.
Problem with the damn Godox V860 II-S and generally all the Sony Multi Interface shoe flashes is the Multi Interface shoe itself. The plastic MI shoe is flimsy as hell and it doesn't fit into most generic cold shoes such as the shoe on my Custom Brackets FR-Pro rotating bracket. I could not find an accessory cold shoe which would allow solid mounting of the V860 II-S so, I replaced the V860 II-S with the Flashpoint Zoom manual flash. No TTL but the flash mounts solidly because it doesn't have the plastic shoe, rather a generic metal hotshoe... I wish Godox would come out with an accessory shoe plate for the v860 II-S to convert the flimsy hotshoe into a screw mount. They provide a hotshoe to screw mount conversion plate for the TTL360 but, the TTL360 is a bit heavy for a hand held bracket... Although I did fabricate - one see this: https://rpcrowe.smugmug.com/Photography/Photo-Equipment/i-3wnzz3m
Hi there, whats the Flash sync setting while HSS, is it on Rear, Slow or Fill Flash? Because while using the SLOW and FILL FLASH mode there is a shutter delay of 1 second. Noticed this issue on A73 , A7r3 with same flashes. ( Note : there is no Shutter delay with REAR Flash option )
Do these problems go away after the godox update?
If you’re in continuous (af-c) the assist beam will not work. You’ll need to switch to af-s. It also will not work when used off camera with Sony for some reason. Also, exposure comp for entire scene or ambient only is very useful for aperture priority mode. Entire scene will darken or brighten the exposure of the scene and the flash. Ambient only will only darken or brighten the exposure of the environment’s natural exposure and the flash exposure will stay the same. Only ambient will change.
Ok so first off I have the Sony rx10 and I use wireless and on camera. I currently have the Sony HVL-F32M and the HVL-F20M. I use the HVL-F20M on the camera to trigger the wireless of the HVL-F32M. If I get the Godox v860ii will it work with my setup I'm already using? Like I want to use it as another wireless flash.

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