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Buy Godox V860II Ving Pioneering Li-ion Camera Flash (V860IIF ...

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THREE V860 II-C Pioneering TTL 2.4G for C Flash - THREE ...

Godox V860II-C Pioneering 2.4G Wireless E-TTL II Li-on Camera Flash Speedlite Compatible For Canon EOS Cameras Fully support TTL functions, support for TTL ...


Godox V860 II Pioneering TTL Flash Features

  • Suitable For: Camera
  • Type: Flash
Godox V860 II Pioneering TTL Flash

The lowest Godox V860 II Pioneering TTL Flash Price in India is ₹28,000 at Flipkart.
Buy Godox V860 II Pioneering TTL Flash online at Flipkart.
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Godox V860 II Pioneering TTL Flash Reviews from YouTube

GODOX V860II TTl Flash Unboxing and Review In Hindi
In-Depth Review: Godox V860ii Speedlight + Unboxing
Godox v860 II Review and Test in TTL on Sony a6300 and A7R bodies
Godox v860 Perfect flash for you in hindi
Your mic is not working.
Sir can i use this flash for nikon d5300?
Hlo sir. Sir jai flash sony a6300 mai hss chale ga sath mai Xt1trigger a
Sir. canon 200d mark ii external flash not working please help me
Sar tumhi kuthe rahta
Hello sir Godox v 350 kaisa hai?
Kyon mehnat karo bhai... Es video par.. ye to brochure par padh letr
V860II Ye flash ko camera se kaise connect gare ?
I'd setting kya hoti hai.
Flashgun settings kay bare may videos Karoo please
Godox Flash 860iic trigar x1 ki setting batana
Prince kya h iski
Bhai isaki price kya hai ,,,,and nikon 3400 d me chalega kya....
Can i use it with Canon EOS 1300D?
Thanks sir
Dada hss chi setting dakhava na manje photos vagre click karun video banava na sarvanach upyogi padel plz replyn thnx
This flash can be used in canon 700d??
Kya ye flash Sony a58 ko acche se support karega....please reply
Nikon me ye chalega ki nh
Treagar our flesh ki setting bataye . Sir .
For a photographer - you should know that filming Black on Black does not give thte viewer a very good view of the items being demonstrated. It's hard to see the acdtual items being demonstrated. Is there a reason that the flash did not trigger when you took the pic at 6:28 ?
Kyle, Thanks for the info.. and I also have watched some of your others... I have a Nikon D5600 and want a flash. I have been told Godox or Neewer- mostly Godox. I take pictures of inside of homes for my listings (Realtor) but then also personal pictures... nothing professional. I just want a strong flash. I have used a Nikon 700 speedlight flash, but honestly don't know how to use it. I am a bit confused on which to buy. I would like to get more than one flash so I can light areas that seem dark if far away. I have never used a trigger - Is it worth buying the 860ii-N or should I go with the 685ii-N? do you have a video that explains this? or any ideas? thanks
I use a Sony A6000 and just picked up this flash a couple weeks ago. I noticed that the highest speed it would allow my camera to shoot was 1/160. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong??
Can u suggest me a flash im confused in buying godox 860 v2 n canon 470 does godox flash auto bounce compare 470??? Please suggest
Hi Kyle, Thank you for this review. I have Yongnuo RF 603 N trigger (Nikon) already available with me. So, will Godox V860ii N trigger with it ? Please confirm.
Kyle, I have enjoyed your Youtube videos but I'm still looking for one setting. My godox v860ii n is "stuck on Locked" How do I unlock it?
hey, how do i trigger FEB using this product with song a7riv ?
Hi, I just got this flash and it's quite heavy on my a6000 ? Does the hot shoe of the a6000 support that much weight? Thanks...
Purchasing this flash to use with my D850
Nice review! I will buy it for sure. Godox should give u some money for that :))
Does it support high speed sync?
@kyle Did you or do you currently receive compensation of any type from Godox? Seriously asking - I think that's fair to mention in a review.
I use the Magmod sphere and bounce during events but the head of the 860ii does not lock and the head falls forward when I have magmod on it. Has anyone else come across this?
Can I use a good power pack in 2019? I got 3 godox 860 II with square lithium batterys but those doesnt have a fast recicle time. Thank you
XProO is what I have. I want to change the DIST from 1-100m to 0-30m but do not know how. Would you please help and explain how I can change this. Jim, Charlotte, NC.
😍 Not sure what he said 🥰
whats the watts per second?
Only talking is not good
I was here for info. I can confirm that the #trendy #funny #filler #bullshit at the end is truly unnecessary.
What concerned me is the availability of the battery once it no longer works. If the company ever goes belly up then your stuck with a paper weight. That said, it might be worth the risk. On their website they said you can get up to 650 flashes.
hi brother, your video is really amazin, i really need your helo coz im stuck in my little studio, i have exactly same camera and same flash but when i try to set up HSS it only show ones in the flash menu i think when im in M but once i switch to slave it disappears is it normal ? means it is in HSS ? and did you set up both flashes to slave mode or one slave and one has to be set as Master ? and in my camera this is my main problem i can go all the way to 4000 but the Symbol that shows ( HSS ) with flash sign its not appearing in my camera !! it only shows me the flash icon no HSS symbol shown ( my camera is set to Fill-flash mode because i wanna use it off the flash as you did in the shoot so i dont know if thats the problem or i should setup something else ), please help me i will really appreciate you, and i also have 2 flashes by the way so please guide me.
beautiful model
Who is this girl?
nice presentation
Hey, I can't seem to activate the FEB option with the A7riv neither have I seen it in any of the V860iiS videos. Any help please ?
I just bought Sony A7lll with Tamron 24 -75mm f 2:8. I am thinking of buying gordox V860 lol flash. What kind of transmitter is best for it. I am able to shoot TTL, Aperature priority, Shutter priority and auto and programmed mode? Please let me know. Thanks.
If I buy this flash can it work enough with Sony A7II to disable flash mode? I shoot flash on and ambient scenes, so instead of physically turning off the Flash unit's power button on the shoe mounted flash, I need to turn OFF the flash in Aperture mode, and ON in Manual mode. As is, no matter the flash I tried, the Flash mode from Fn settings will not allow me to have NO FLASH ( Flash Off is grayed out in every mode except Auto) when using Aperture mode. I've tried several flashes except this one. Short of using that power switch on the shoe mounted flash (has proper Sony connector) to turn off the flash, I'd like to be able to Select an option of NO Flash when in A mode.. possibly as a U1 U2 setting arrangement.
Dont know much about flashes - how is this vs my Nikon SB-800 or a newer Nikon SB-910?
Great review. Full of valuable info. Thx
thanks for the video! can you confirm that the af assist beams will work with the sony a7r? I know it works on the A7 III but i can't find any information regarding if it's working on the a7r!
GREAT video. I'm looking into a kit like this for my A6000's. Fast forward to 2019. How's that compaired to other flashs with wireless transmiters now?
@6:41 That's what my flash looks like as soon as you place it on top of my camera. TIP: turn off your wireless flash on your Sony A7iii
I have this flash on my Sony a6300 and wanting to shoot a wide-angle group of 30 people.on auto mode. What setting should I use to get brighter colors and sharper look? The lighting at the hall is not so bright and I need some extra lights to brighten it.
I'm new to the flash world, do I need a trigger to work this flash? Please let me know, thanks.
My only problem with the Godox/Flashpoint hotshoe flashes is the hotshoe itself. The small (at least on Sony models) plastic hotshoe seems pretty flimsy and I worry about using it with a modifier (such as the Joe Demb Flash Diffuser Professional). I wish that Godox/Flashpoint would come out with a metal hotshoe...
I'm a beginner when it comes to photography. I've noticed that your video is 3 years old. Can you recommend a better flash for Sony a7 rIII or Godox v860 II is still something 'top'.
Her prosthetic leg makes her very hot.
So this flash is good for a beginner like me? I want a really good flash but not so expensive
I have the V860ii S on a A6500 and notice a greater delay when in TTL than my Nikon outfit. Anyone else notice a delay (~1/4 sec)?
Bullshit reviewer.
Experience and review. Great concept.
Sir apka mobai no kaya hai
Bhai price plz
Thank u sir aapne mujhe call par bhi suggestions diye thanks
Hello sir, it's compatible with canon 200d ii ??? Canon 470EX-AI best or godox v860 ???plz reply
Sir same problem hain 200D mark ii k leye sasti lens bathao....... Its very important Pura youtube search krr liya koye bhi yes subject prr video nhi bna rha hain app bhi banao
This flash light work Nikon d3400??
Sir Canon 200d Mark II main work Karega
Sir up ka fon no kaha mile ga??
NEPAL से हु PLZ SIR PRICE बतादे तेा बहुत अचछा लगता था।कितनेमे आताहै।आँप भिडायाे मुझे बहुत अचछ लगता है।
வீடியோ மிகவும் பயனுள்ளதாக இருந்தது மிக்க நன்றி இரா.மனோகர் சென்னை . Very useful This video sir, , big thank you sir R.MANOHAR ,Chennai.India
Sir I need a detail settings for canon v860
Sir agar flash sony mount ho or trigger canon mount ho to flash fire hoga kya ?
Sir godex ke c series ke flash nikon par bhi use kar sakte hai ja nahi
Is it campatible with D7500 ?
Sir , godox 860 c aur godox 860 n ak sath use kar sakte hain Yan nhi
ye mirrorless camera pr be lg jay ge ?
Sir app ka video appercite kabil hota haa.and your video SA samaz bi accha atta ha .my prob.is Wich lence should be suitable job ki 16.=35=2.8ho for Nikon 750=or 850so ican use. Wedding or traditional photo graphy. And how much should coast approx.reply.thanks with regards you can reply on my what's up.
Sir 200d mark ii me kam karega ye flash?

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