Godox TT685N i-TTL Wireless Speedlight Flash For Nikon

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Buy Godox TT685N i-TTL Wireless Speedlight Flash (For Nikon) online at Amazon. Godox TT685N i-TTL Wireless Speedlight Flash (For Nikon) . Godox TT685N i-TTL Wireless Speedlight Flash (For Nikon) available in Colours: Black

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Amazon ₹8,490 ₹8,490
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Godox TT685N i-TTL Wireless Speedlight Flash (For Nikon) price at Amazon - ₹8,490 ₹8,490

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The lowest Godox TT685N i-TTL Wireless Speedlight Flash (For Nikon) Price in India is ₹8,490 ₹8,490 at Amazon.
Buy Godox TT685N i-TTL Wireless Speedlight Flash (For Nikon) online at Amazon.
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Godox TT685N i-TTL Wireless Speedlight Flash (For Nikon) Godox TT685N i-TTL Wireless Speedlight Flash (For Nikon) available in Colours:
  • Black

Godox TT685N i-TTL Wireless Speedlight Flash (For Nikon) Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required Yes
Brand Godox
Item model number TT685N
Item Weight 322 g
Model TT685N
Product Dimensions 19 x 7.6 x 6.4 cm
Screen Size 1.89 Inches

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Didi audio 🤷🏻‍♂️
வீடியோ மிகவும் பயனுள்ளதாக இருந்தது மிக்க நன்றி 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 இரா.மனோகர் சென்னை . Very useful this video sir big thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 R.MANOHAR Chennai.
How to set Nikon D7200.. TTL flash 685N....
cool info. so how do you sync the flash with the camera itself, so when you press the shutter button, the flash goes off?
Do they work for Nikon coolpix b500
WOW another on of the nicely done videos... very detailed explanation and very nice clicks.... keep them coming 👍 One request for the future videos, could it be possible to add the settings (in small text on screen) that you have used for the pictures that you have clicked, it would be useful for beginners like me... Thanks again for the awesome video. 😊
Nice video and clicks Seller name , Try to make a video on off camera flash using slave mode Thank u
Check out my review of Raynox DCR-250 https://youtu.be/xpD9XwR0ASk Did you like my new review video? Do comment what you wanna watch next!
Amazon UK links Sony - https://amzn.to/2R9y3tb Canon - https://amzn.to/2Rv0EZ3 Nikon - https://amzn.to/2H3R3om
at 9:05 what exactly are you doing? my tt685 does not show the focal length when i zoom in or out the lens....
for the tt685 and using a power pack, does the power pack provide all necessary power or do you still have to install the double A batteries for the electronics?
Aku juga baru beli flash godox tt685 for Canon, aku juga baru beli ini flash, dan teman-teman lainnya bisa mampir ke channel aku, karena aku ada unboxin flashgodox tt685 for canon ini untuk nambah referensi kalian beli flash baru.
This is a good review for people that already know flashes but not so much for newbs like myself. He blows through the setting so fast you will need to keep backing up to follow what he is talking about. I guess this is what you would expect though from a review as apposed to a tutorial video.
**வீடியோ மிகவும் பயனுள்ளதாக இருந்தது மிக்க நன்றி 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 இரா.மனோகர் சென்னை . ***Very useful video sir, I learned lot from it, looking forward more videos like this keep it up good work, thanks a lot sir big thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 R.MANOHAR Chennai.
nice review very helpful..... thank u ....subscribe
how does the ttl mode work compared to an sb700,800,900... is ti reliable enough?
Does one need to buy a separate trigger if you use this speedlight off camera?
Would this fit an A6400?
Hello..Can you help me? I cant switch my flash to radio slave mode... flash always after z button reset flash...turn off and on...Can i send you video on email?
Olá amigão saberia me falar como posso fazer para a luz do auxílio do foco do flash godox 685s na Sony a73 funcionar
Suitable to use on D3200 nikon ?? Pls advise
tt350 my apologies
I have to buy one of these units wondering which should I get. The 350 or 685 for my g85. I am a beginner in photography.
Hey man, great review! I have a problem with using the TT685s on my Sony a6400 in TTL and high speed sync mode. When using TTL with a shutter speed of 1/160 or slower everything is fine, but when im using a shutterspeed of 1/200 or faster, it seems to always fire at full power, which overexposes the image, flash is set to TTL and high speed sync, and i am able to choose shutterspeeds up to 1/4000, but over 1/160 i just fires at full power, what am i doing wrong?
I have a query......how to make it high sync when using this flash as a off camera using a trigger
Is this lens compatible with nikon d5300? Thank you
rubbish sound can't hear a word!
great video! i like godox products and recently bought their pb960 power pack. question: when one uses godox speedlights with the godox pb960 pack, there is no need for other batteries to power the speedlight? when i use my nikon speedlight with the godox pb960, i still need to install batteries to the nikon speedlight for the speedlight electronics. when using godox speedlight and the godox pb960, do you need to install batteries in the speedlight or can you use power from the godox pb960?
The full output of the flashes aren't the same to compare the recycling time. I suppose it's about one stop difference or more.
So this video is almost three years old... How has it held up over time?
Does the AF assist work with Nikon D5300?
godox flash ttl 685n is it good for nikon d 4?
The Godox X1 will not work as a wireless shutter release with flash... the flash fires and then the shutter opens, leaving a black frame.
910 has strobo mode, which can be used for complex lighting. And you can use Nikon CLS system without any other triggers etc. That's why you pay more.. 3rd party flash system were always around. Godox is just one of them. I had so many issues with godox triggers and flash system not being consistent.
Biased. Nikon 910 is more powerful than 685. It beats godox by a 1+1/3 stop atleast . Full power test is not right comparison. Also you mentioned about heating issue... Whic should not be the case when on external power supply.
I do not agree with this because Nikon engineered their flash to work with the Nikon camera. If you are a Nikon user you should become familiar with the Nikon CLS system , you could control several flashes and the pwr output to each separately, from the camera are the master flash (SB 900, 910 or 5000). Not to mention, NO EXTRA EQUIPMENT to inventory a better yet... less possibility of malfunctions (triggers)! I have know other Nikon photographer to experience focusing problem when introducing off brand equipment in low light situations. Not discourage anyone from purchasing other equipment but, Nikon equipment work very well with Nikon cameras and lens.
Is the Godox ok for use as a fill flash? It seems the sb910 might be more advanced at this.
Nikon had failed in their flash systems, they should have stayed with their SB800. period!
Recycle time is a great update but what about the light power output compare to the Nikon SB910
Is the power ration the same as the Nikon 910?
get rid of the backround sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Does it work on the Nikon D500?
I'm also switching to the TT685N and the AD200. Done with Nikon's Speedlights and all these receivers. They need to join 2018 and sort that stuff out, and the prices!
What about quality of light? life time? thanks folks
I read about HSS issue with Nikon D750 (it doesn't work in TTL mode, only manual)
Multi Nikon speedlight user here ( SB910, SB900, SB700, SB600 and SB80DX lol ) and likewise have been triggering with pocket wizards. However once I invested in Godox's AD600 I've been a convert to their system too. Full wireless control is a boon and way better than Nikon's outdated CLS system. I'll be adding at least one AD200 and a Godox speedlight to give me a full Godox system, no more Nikon speedlights for me going forward. 😀
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Не срабатывает подсветка автофокуса, в настройках включена, может кто-сталкивался? Никон д7000.
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