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Buy Godox AD 200 Pocket Flash online at Amazon. Godox AD 200 Pocket Flash . Godox AD 200 Pocket Flash available in Colours: Black

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Godox AD 200 Pocket Flash price at Amazon - ₹22,330 ₹27,990

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Buy Godox AD 200 Pocket Flash online at Amazon.
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Godox AD 200 Pocket Flash Godox AD 200 Pocket Flash available in Colours:
  • Black

Godox AD 200 Pocket Flash Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Battery Cell Composition Lithium Ion
Brand Godox
Item model number AD200 Pocket Flash
Item Weight 998 g
Model AD200 Pocket Flash
Package Dimensions 26.1 x 19.7 x 10.2 cm

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Godox AD200 Pro Flash Review 4K
Godox AD200 Pro Flash Review | 4K
Outdoor photoshoot with Godox AD 200 flash tutorial in hindi
Outdoor photoshoot with Godox AD 200 flash tutorial in hindi
its god ox not go dox
Looking to use this for night time train photography. What is the range of light that it will put out.
You kinda sound like Steve Carell
Not using light modifiers tells me all I need to know of your lack of experience with flash/strobes. Lame.
I love pockets! I have 3 pairs of pants with huge pockets that are mu "photography pants". And, I have a vest with huge pockets; I like the led head for shooting animals and small children that don't like flash, and people who are prone to problems with flash..
Thanks for the review Dustin!
Thanks for the review. A minor point. Godox is actually pronounced as God Dox. The Chinese name is God + Ox in Chinese, literally meaning holy cow.
Curious to know if you looked at the Godox AD-B2 and how you liked it? Thanks!
Is this light Godox 200 pro good enough for food photography ? I mean to take Action shots Crisp and sharp ..like dusting , splashes and all ..etc currenly what Im using is Godox SL60W Continuous lighting , its just not good enough , splashes and dusting look blurry
Hi, is there trigger available for Olympus?
I just got a new AD200. I cant get the bare bulb head to go on. It gets stuck half way. Anybody have this same problem?
Very helpful and as always very informative 🙏🏻 Thank you!
Seems can save some money go with non pro version.
I always appreciate your reviews, Dustin............they are easy to understand, complete, trustworthy, and without prejudice.
I got my kit today and it came with this weird white flexible USB stick. You wouldn't know what that would be for would you?
Ad200 is my go to light for all shoots I do on location, it literally never disappoints! Check out some of my shoots to see!
How is your battery doing for the Godox Ad200? Is it still working?
Can it be triggered by canon 600ex via 2.4ghz? If not, is there one like it that is compatible with canon's RT ?
Is this flash compatible with all digital cameras? All i need to do is to buy the right radio for each camera, right? Thanks for the video
Thank You.
Hi sir I have godox v1 and ad 200pro. My question is if I use high speed sync on both of these, how much power do I lose? And if I buy a variable ND filter, which stop number is the best option for me to shoot at day time 2-5stop or 6-9stop? I'm interested in freewell variable nd filter. Is that filter provide me better quality for shooting backlight?
how you break sync speed
Missing 123 click
So nice
непонятно для чего жеч вспышкой 1\1 на выдержке 1\2500 , чтоб модель ослепла чтоль ))) запросто можно занизить выдержку до 1\250 и снизить мощность импульса вспышки , энерго потребление плюс здоровье модели )
I just got this Godox AD200 and did a shoot this past weekend. The photos are on my Instagram.com/MarcVisuales. Thank you Manny for the review.
What size modifier are you using here? The output with HSS is excellent!
Shipping and price from Godox Very good
Great Gear for the $$$$$$$$$
Great sir 👍..
I just emailed you
Awww bring back princess. I watched the video twice because of her🥰🥰
instead of carrying a backpack on your back, hang it on the counter, maybe then you won't need an assistant
may i have the music on this video?
what is 1/3200
beautiful work
Sir, I want to buy Studio background, Just suggest me.. Please
Sir Wich one is better? Ad 200 or ad 300
Good morning sir.. your videos are diamond 💎💎💎💎... We are from rural area... Please make a video on offline flash setup and how to control flashes... Sir this will help to rural areas photograher if current is not available.... Please sir... We ❤️ your presentation and easily understand sir
Amazing review!
What a great review. Proper photographers working to the highest standards - much more useful than the average 'vlogger' channel. Subscribed.
Happy New Year Sir ! a quick question if you please ... will the ADB2 accept a AD200 and a AD200pro at the same time on it ? or do we have to specifically have 2 AD200 or 2 AD200pros on it at any given time ?
Sir , you are using two flash what flash is at the back ? And how do we use that? Please reply me I am confused about using two off camera flashes
How to on modeling lamp in ad200 pro
very clean review :) greetings from Norway
AD200 supports Canon, Nikon and Sony. The AD200 Pro also supports Olympus and Pentax. Its why I got the AD200 Pro for my Pentax. My go to strobes for my canon are the Interfit Honey Badger Unleashed. Better and cheaper but they don't support Pentax hence buying the AD200 Pro for my 645Z.
at last someone who understands lighting... this guy on youtube shooting in a gym with a large softbox so I asked if he was shooting portraiture and he got really mad...
Dear Mr.Radhakrishnan i am planning to buy lights, if you ask me whats the purpose? its just for home and small functions for a 100 - 150 member crew not more than that. Now i am bit confused as in which one to go for AD 200 pro or AD300 pro
There is just no way one can not love you sir. Thanks for the beautiful video! :)
Just by watching your videos am getting more and more passionate into photography. Thanks for the great content sir.
Best AD200 use example video. Thank you! Which adjustment is made for the short flash duration? Is it a matter of using a low flash power like 1/128th etc setting as opposed to full power?
Super sari 👍 like but have no I have
Does the H200R round head works on AD200 pro? Read in one B&H Review and some sites that it doesn't work. Then what's the round head that will work on AD200 Pro? I want to use my AR K1 Kit.
Congratulations sir! This short film is very tasteful, meaningful, spectacular! Teachable for all video professionals!
thank you
लोग बाग फ्लैश तो अच्छी से अच्छी खरीद लेते हैं पर उनके अंदर दिए गए सारे ऑप्शन की जानकारी नहीं होती है तो एक वीडियो आप ऐसा बनाएं जिसमें फ्लैश के सारे फंक्शन के बारे में डिटेल से बताएं
Sir godex ad200pro ke andar bahut opshan hote h usko kse or kab kab use kare uska vidio banaye
sir ad200 me usb slot kis liye hota h ??
Isse achchi image mai apne phone se niklta hu.....Mi A1 se
Sir please let me know that will this softbox be a good pair with ad300 pro
Flash pr receiver nhy lagta kia
कुछ flesh को इस्तेमाल करने के बारे में भी बताते ।
👌👌super duper
750d Nikon video 🙏🙏
Sir, kya high speed sink nikon d5300 me possible hya?
Please post the amazon links of the products..!!!
godox AD LED AD 200 Portable Fold-able Umbrella Flash Light Stand Photo Video Studio Lighting Photography Stand- 8ft #1 Best Seller in Camera Flash Shoe Mounts Kya is stand pe fit hoga Please reply I wanna start a cooking Channel and I'm very confuse 🙏
Pictures are not good👎👎👎👎
Can we use high speed sync with Nikon D5600
Sir octa me grid availabale hai
ap khudko samajhte ho kya?? ‹(°_°)›
Nice sir
Can i know model no of triger
Spectacular sir