GM Full Chamios Inner Gloves (Men)

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  • Inner Gloves
  • Men
  • White

GM Full Chamios Inner Gloves (Men) Specifications

Age Group 11 - 15 Years, 15 Years & Above
Color White,Grey
Full Fingered Yes
Ideal For Men
Left Hand Gloves Yes
Material Cotton, Leather
Right Hand Gloves Yes
Sport Type Cricket
Type Batting Gloves
In the Box
Number of Contents in Sales Package Pack of 2
Sales Package Sport Glove

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Mountain Bike Fit And Body Position Clinic | Ask GMBN Tech Special
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In my country...looks is more important than i built my bike specific on my body and the trail we have...brutal uphills...
Great video and very informative thanks for posting!
What you can tell about saddle you guys use? I guess it's a Ergon SME3? Looking for new one for my enduro bike, choosing between SqLab 611 and Ergon SME3. Any advice?
For longer distance riders this Jones H-bar can give you many options to find the right position for comfort yet still has great control, it's an option anyway
My issue is numb hands. I'm not death-gripping the bars so I have to assume it's the angle of my hands that's causing the issue or I'm putting too much weight on my hands. Not sure how to resolve the issue without swapping bars to higher with more sweep.
For park days I found my hand and index get really painful from continued braking. Not all bikes come with adjustable brake lever. Any ideas on tricks to help with that issue?
Can you do a video on oval chain rings
Nice to get a video on riding comfort, I hear so many new(er) riders complain about various / numerous aches and pains ... yes when you're first getting in to the sport (or any new sport) a lot of this comes down to body conditioning and things will improve the more your body gets used to it. Women I know particularly have difficulty finding a comfortable saddle and riding position. I myself have been riding for a long time (20+ years) and generally have my setup pretty dialled-in, that said it doesn't hurt to check it from time to time ... and don't be afraid to try new things and play around with your settings, the more you do and ride the more you will understand what feels right for you. The other issue I find is that there's such a huge range of different components available now that claim 'ergonomic' design that it's really a shot in the dark when buying a new saddle (for example) if it'll be a good fit or not. Regardless of claimed ergonomics it mostly comes down to an individuals body, we are all different and it's a case of finding what works best for you. This can however prove to be a very expensive experiment, buying lots of different grips, saddles and shoes (etc.) looking for your perfect fit. I recommend visiting your local bike shops for trial fittings instead, even if you choose to pay for a 'professional bike fit' service (more typical with roadies) you will no doubt save money in the long term.
Shimano also has wide options
Nice tips Neil !
I kept getting pain in my palms until I got a riser for my handlebars no pain now.
Can we give Neil some shit? 14 hrs for 100 miles??? Seems a bit much... Lumberjack 100 in under 10 hrs here...
sounds to me that at about 5:15 Neil is suggesting that cleats should be straight. I've had mine pointing outwards (slightly more on the left side) and been more comfortable since I watched one of your other videos...
if you want to know where your sit bones are get a piece of cardboard, the stuff with the wave between two sheets. put it on a hard surface or chair and sit on it. you'll be left with two dents ( hopefully fatty ) these are the sit bones. measure the distance and get a seat to suit. They will be sore the first few times you use them properly, all that soft sofa your entire life but it will improve over the first month of regular riding. longer rides after a break of a month or more can be a reminder you're a lazy soft arsed sod too.
I never understood how can someone use those foam grips... I ride XC myself and tried ony someone's bike those grips few times, but man. I don't trust it. I think my hand is going to slip every second. And it is also very uncomfortable.
You can also roll your bars.......oh, wait.
What happened to the audio at :48
i missed the bike games or the challenges
We like to help here at GMBN Tech so keep your questions coming in for next week by emailing [email protected] or using #askgmbntech 👇
Hi fella how can i covet my 160 rotors to a larger size thanks in advance.. bert
Great information everything being said, is correct !!., Thank You !. Keep Up good work !. 👍🤓🤙🎖
odd looking duck.
I am 6,25 ( 1,90) . Whats is better to pratice enduro descend, a XL with 490 reach and 635 stack or a L wich 460 reach and 640 stack? ? I used to ride a XL 475 reach and 630 stack.
great info!
thank you, doddy. literally, if i think about it, i know most stuff from you.
How tall are you?
Fantastic info! After many years of ridding, a dozen new bikes working with several bike shops, no one has ever provided this much concise info. Where were you 25 years ago? (don't answer)
The video is too long not to have time stamps
1:43 NO, i was waiting to see doddy crash. like if u know what i'm talking about
This person and all the other guys who are fitters will guarantee to wreck your health because they have not yet accepted that we are nor designed to sit on something that resembles 10 inches of rounded off 2 x 4 up on edge. That should be obvious and especially so if this piece of 2 x 4 has some sort of groove to go with its rounded off edges. Consider the outcome. Mile after mile. Rut after pothole after stump after stone after crack after whatever. If they could speak would your urological and neurological vessels be screaming “Give us more!” Traditional and/or modified conventional single platform bicycle nosed or horned bike seats cause prostate health issues such as elevated PSAs and prostatitis. They create strictures in the urethra, damage the internal pudendal artery, and cause pilonidal cysts on the tailbone.  And while single platform bicycle seats without a nose may relieve some pressure from your "naughty bits" and perineum, they continue to exert pressure on your tailbone and the prostate. These seats also cause a long list of female specific tortures.
@ 8:37 looks like you are hammering on the left brake lever & knot skidding out. I just got my first 29er with hydro. on it. Can I adjust my like that @ 8:37 I need to do longer rollie Stoppies. I've been on V brakes since '94'
I'm 74 year old rider (and not much of a techie), but I really enjoy the lengths you guys go, to make biking more understandable (and enjoyable). I HUGELY enjoy GMBN TECH. Please give a shout out--with the host's name. He's great.
It's not manual it's a willy
Very informative vid. Ty
Do you need a spacer on top of the stem or is the cap enough that the holds it in place? I want to bump mine but there’s only one spacer on top (3/8”) which will be nice
I'm curious you guys always talk about Crank Brothers and I know there are sponsor.... There is a brand called times it's very similar to Crank Brothers but yet you mention Shimano style... Just curious if it's because of conflict or if there's another reason..... I race with time pedals on my BMX but they came from the mountain bike world .... And some of them do you have a slight adjustment but have the same float and function as the Crank Brothers
i rode a hardtail with a flatbar 95cm from floor to top of the grips. i put way to much weight on the arms and hands. riding longer than 20 minutes was a pain. put more spacers in, shorter stem an a riserbar. over all top of the grips is 10cm higher and i can ride for hours now
super helpful detail Doddy