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GloMinerals GloEye Shadow Trio (Copper Sheen) Features

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GloMinerals GloEye Shadow Trio (Copper Sheen) Colours:
  • Brown

The lowest GloMinerals GloEye Shadow Trio (Copper Sheen) Price in India is ₹3,654 at Flipkart.
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GloMinerals GloEye Shadow Trio (Copper Sheen) Specifications

Eye Shadow Traits
Quantity 3 g
Shade Rio
Eyeliner Traits
Brand glo-minerals
Brand Color Rio
Color Multicolor
Model Name Shadow Trio Copper Sheen
Organic Yes
Quantity 3 g
Model Name Shadow Trio Copper Sheen

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GloMinerals GloEye Shadow Trio (Copper Sheen) Reviews from YouTube

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I have used this product for years and love it. If you applied it with a sponge rather than a brush, you wouldn't need a concealer.
Thanks for the great review. You must be so happy to of found something that your skin likes at the moment
I have to tell you I absolutely love you! You have a great personality and I love your make up looks. Could you do a Sunkissed brightening make up look one day? Thank you and keep them coming!
You’re fast becoming a favorite of mine! You’re chill and not perfect and I love that!!
Love this!!!
Also, I’ve used L’Oréal Voluminous mascara for twenty years and love it. In the Bare Minerals Christmas collection mom jonyc152 ordered for us, Lashtopia was included. It is super conditioning, but I can hardly put it on without getting it all over my eyelid. 😭 I like it though.
Lovely makeup look! True beauty!
Love this video!!! So funny to watch 😉 You're shining like a star... Regards form Germany 😊
Love it!
Absolutely love this look - gorgeous and fresh 🥰. Loving the eyes and lips - feeling like Sephora might be getting a visit today lol Love that Glo foundation base but...... it’s more $$$$ than my high end- $64cDN😳😬. I think maybe my Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue might do the same thing? Thoughts? I really love the look that your Glo created so any other suggestions? Maybe they will have a sale 😊🤞 Thank you for sharing - I never miss any of your videos! Have a beautiful weekend 💕🎄 Tammy Roy 🇨🇦
That is a perfect foundation on you; really like it :)
Hello my gorgeous friend! I can’t tell you how gloriously happy I’ve been to see you popping up all over my notifications! This is what I’ve always wanted to see from you. Videos EVERY DAY! I’m sorry I’ve not been around much but I’ve been dealing with some major health issues that on most days leave me unable to do much except watch videos. Even being able to type out a comment has been a task but I wanted to tell you that even though I may not comment I’m still here, watching and liking every single one of your videos and supporting you always. You are still and always will be my fav lady on here and that will never change. I wanted you to know that I’m still your biggest fan and I’m so excited and happy to see you so much more on here. I’ve always said you are the best and your personality is so wonderful and your sense of humour always makes me smile and laugh. I hope things are going splendid for you and that all your dreams are coming true. I know you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. I may not always comment but please know I’m always gonna be here to support you. Just love you and your channel shaz and always will my dear friend. Hope your feeling happy and healthy and that you have the most wonderful Christmas. You deserve it! ❤️❤️❤️💄😘🌲❄️☃️
Hi Shaz What a beautiful look .... you are glowing just as much as your personality does xx
Love getting ready with you sweet shaz! So fast! I find when I use my fingers it goes sooooo fast!!!! You look beautiful and your skin is glowing! 🥰😘😘😘
Really nice and quick Look! Thank you for the inspiration! Regards from Switzerland🥰
For a quick look its fab. Really nice you look stunning, beautiful radiant fabytandosis. My quick look today, hmm im lazy but i did a more decent one this time lol. XxX💕❤💞
Having had a bit of a poo day today, a dose of Shaz always makes it so much better and joyful again 😁. Absolutely love this look on you, it's so fresh and glowing! 😍
I love watching you, you are so real. Merry Christmas from Texas
I love this! Thank you so much for these great ideas. Happy Holidays!
Love the trueness of your videos ! It’s how I get ready every morning quick and out the door. Merry Christmas from western Massachusetts USA 💕☃️❄️❄️
Glo beauty camouflage conceiler is by far most worst and expensive conceiler due how awful it is. It's too cakey extremely DRYING not creamy at all over it in your face ( I'm only 30) it literally shows off ALLL THE UNSIGHTLY LINES and coverage wise it barely covered a single freckle let alone scar that I actually got it for. Laugh lines extremely visible with even little dab... this is crazy for such overpriced $40 pot of conceiler. Very dry did in say that, I mixed it with my moisturizing lotion and I even tried starting to gym I looked like all life was sucked out of my Face. I feel like other conceiler including store brand that doesn't make me look like a morgue makeup on me ashy and dry . My face looked 10 years older ...i for shade natural I should of maybe sent with golden but it likes even lighter in my non tamed grave at the moment. Deffinitely can't use underneath eye as it causes extreme creasing and shoes I'd etcetera little expression line. I just used the conceiler on top of my destiny moisturizing lotion to see how well the coverage and only dabbed in impery as I don't like to wear much makeup. Made my skin dull did not blend nicely with my skin even though she match was ok just the texture made my chin eye and marienettey lines lines all so much more pronounced. I hate this usless $40 conceiler can do much better even Bobbi Brown is gold cimpared to this
Am I the only one who really, really enjoys the background music? :-P so relaxing and cute! Very Serein too :-D
I haven't tried Glo minerals yet... The coverage looks great!!! Need to check them out xoxo
Aww this was so cute, bless your heart making the video when your weren't feeling your best! Btw I added you on Snapchat a while ago, don't know if you've accepted he he :) sent you a few too!
That lip color is so cute. I love this makeup look.
This is a great video serein! You do the best tutorials, always so simple and easy to recreate!
We used to sell this at the salon I worked at a couple years ago!  I do like their face makeup.  I was never huge on their eyeshadows, but what you're using looks like they've revamped them.  But I agree with all you're saying about it being good for acne prone skin and any skin that has problems.  When I used their face powder it was amazing!!  I have yet to see anyone else I follow do a video on this line.  Nice review/tutorial!
Great review! Love your lip color, what are you wearing? Hope you will get better soon!
I've never heard of Glo Minerals before, there is a UK site but I can't see the Luxe Liquid foundation on there? It all looks really nice though and blends smoothly :) love the eye look you created with the shadows. Hope you're almost better now? 
so pretty!! i love them! they look so good!
great review as always!:)
Very pretty!  Hope you feel better soon!
You have amazing eye shape. I heard amazing review on that foundation. Do you think that the yellow tone of the powder would conceal a little bit a reddish skintone ?
I love the review and tutorial! you look really nice here and I agree that a lot of youtube makeup is not exactly practical for everyday. What lipstick is that please? (also hope you are feeling better now)
Great work Serein!!! I hope you are better now
I love your reviews....that is all ;)
Omg.. this makeup artist is SO condescending to the girl getting her makeup done. 🙄 yes she’s younger, more beautiful.. Get over yourself.. your shit stinks too..
I have PCOS, not terrible skin but some blemishes and some discolouration/scarring (no pitting). My dermatologist recommended this brand. Would you recommend the mulled powder or the liquid foundation for my coverage? I have been using liquid but the brand I’m using is clogging my pores and giving me blackheads. What would your recommendation be? Great video!

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