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Giannini Guitars GN-R PK Maple Fingerboard Acoustic Guitar, Pink ...

Giannini Guitars GN-R PK Maple Fingerboard Acoustic Guitar, Pink : Musical Instruments.


Giannini Guitars GN-R PP Maple Fingerboard Acoustic Guitar ...

Giannini Guitars GN-R PP Maple Fingerboard Acoustic Guitar, Purple : Musical Instruments.


Giannini Guitars GN-R N Natural Finish Acoustic Guitar

Giannini Guitars GN-R N Natural Finish Acoustic Guitar (Brown) · Material: Plastic, Polyester · Battery Operated, 2 Battteries · Non-rechargeable Batteries · Age: 3 ...


Giannini Guitars GN-R N Maple Fingerboard Acoustic Guitar ...

Giannini Guitars GN-R N Maple Fingerboard Acoustic Guitar : Musical Instruments.


Giannini Guitars GN-R N Maple Fingerboard Acoustic Guitar ...

प्रोडक्ट की माप, ‎68.58 x 111.76 x 10.16 cm; 3.4 किलोग्राम. प्रोडक्ट का मॉडल नंबर, ‎GN-R.


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  • Key specs are not available.

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Giannini GN-R Acoustic Guitar Reviews from YouTube

Giannini Guitar Project 1970s
Giannini Guitar Demo
Giannini Craviola Classical Guitar - A Brazilian Rosewood Beauty - Luthier's Review
Giannini Performance GF-1C acoustic guitar
I'm 17 and I have a Giannini from 1979, it was my father guitar. It was in a wardrobe at my grandparents house for 35 years or more. I "restored" it by myeself and now I play it regularly. Not a top class guitar but it plays really nice
Giannini do Brasil
I have my late father's Giamini guitar, model 104, serial no.2/68, date of manfucture 1900
I have an 60s giannini number 523
Thanks for posting , I bought one for $15 with no strings or case ,busted Tunners , I think it was leaft in the rain too ,ha ,ha rough shape & after some work like u we got jam this epic Laminated Rosewoods , real pine wood neck and brass frets
Pretty good shape for setting in a closet for 20 year's sounds beautiful amazing playing me friend Awesome video thanks for sharing my friend blessings to you and your family.! Have a beautiful blessed Wednesday.!
Florentin you returned old Brazilian guitar to Life! Very nice!
Like ok
The guitar still clean tho
Wow sitting for 20 years .
Amazing as usual. All that you play sound great. NonnaGrace
Awesome guitar! 8:30 nice Ode to Joy :-)
Awesome guitar OLD IS GOLD
20 years! lol. good to see dat baby in shape! ^_^
Look amazing your guitar dear nice color
Great job restoring the Giannini Guitar. Liked and enjoyed till the end
Very nice
Very nice always nice to look and find good things in the closet
Very nice playing on that ol beast. That should make some kid a nice guitar to use. Good Job.
So lovely, Thank you for sharing I have a Giannini from my dad many years ago he gave it to me and said a friend of his made it . It needs some repairs also.
nice vintage guitar demo. Thanks for sharing.
Just got a GN60 amazing sound my favorite now and from such a small body!
beautiful guitar I have a similar model! Rescued the piece
That's amazing! It seems to be exactly the model I got as a young boy when I started to learn classical guitar which was my magic entrance to the music world! I will never forget how much easier this guitar was to play with compared to my very first one where my fingers almost bled. It is now more than 30 years old and it is really worn out and 6th E-string has similar but worse issue like yours (buzzing). I was going to ask my local guitar guy if he may give it a service to bring it back to live. Wondering if this makes any sens (besides the nostalgic element)
Just wondering, how much did you get this Giannini for? I saw one exactly like yours used at Guitar Center for about $150, but I wasn't sure if that would be reasonable.
I have a ‘74. Love mine.
Hey sorry to take a moment of your time and I am very serious about this question I played guitar since I was 9 but just this Christmas my ex-girlfriend gave me a Giannini Acustic guitar and I have a few ?s if you ever have the time please contact me at jeremystuthard420@ I really appreciate your time thank you Any can hit me up to answer these ?s
I have one 1976 model it is wonderful and gets played a lot. I am looking for a hard case for it. Thank you. This guitar is mint.
I have a 1971 like this in mint condition. Serial number 0001
Thats a interesting shape. Do you think it may be influenced buy the shape of the Oud or Lute?
I have the exact same model, with the same mustache bridge and an identical yellow and red label. Mine has serial # A/1275 whereas yours shows A/1270. I have always wondered if it had a solid top, so it's reassuring to have you attest to that. Very warm, not super loud, but perfect for bossa nova comping. Do you have specific evidence of it being from 1971? I can see no year on the label, and research has come up empty on that front. Thanks for your video!
what are the dimensions sir?
Bought one for the old lady, had it through the nineties and early '00s, was in good condition but had awful action. Sounded pretty sweet, but was kinda cheaply built. Very unique, but there are better guitars out there. We bought and sold it for around 150 bucks American. Most impressive rosette; hundreds of little pieces of wood in a checked pattern, that was nice. Surprised to see one in your hands!
Hey Derek! Greetings from Brazil! Amazing project! Congratulations!
Awesome! I'm an Army cadet, and after I get out I want to be a luthier- and have already started collecting. When I was in high school, I bought a new Chinese Craviola and LOVED it (I'd seen Linda Perry of 4 Non Blondes play one, and loved it). I recently saved up enough and bought one of the old 70's steel string models (Serial #1), and love it. It needs some work done on it (I adjusted the action a bit, but the bridge is lifting, so I will need to have someone look at that), but it is a beautiful guitar. Mine didn't come with an original pick guard, so I bought a big piece of pick guard material and traced one out and put it on. My favorite guitars are my Gibson Star and my Starburst, but this one is tied with my Buck Owens. Love this guitar. Thanks for the video!
I remember those selling for around $100 back in the early 80`s when a local music store was closing down. They really were junk back then and it appears they still are.
God. Lombok guitar chanel. Helllo
That wood figuring is amazing. I don’t think the sound is anything all that special or unique personally. I don’t care for the shape either. It’s a nice instrument though, not trying to be negative or hateful. It’s just not for me. Can’t wait to see you work your magic on it though regardless.
very cool guitar Derek. Some of the old 70/80's cheap Yamaha's (g45-65 from memory) are super rewarding to strip back to bare wood and give a Tru Oil finish, my first real project. Just don't sand that plywood too much ;p cheers
Giannini were famous in the seventies for wasting breath-takingly beautiful Brazilian rosewood on veneers for cheap guitars.
Tive uma de 12 cordas nao mantinha a afinaçao nem fudendo madeira bonita. So isso
That looks pretty sweet. You mentioned letting your neighbors know you work on instruments. My neighbor across the street saw me taking pictures of a guitar I was listing on Reverb. She said “my late son used to build mandolins”. Her son was John Sullivan who made incredible boutique mandolins. She let me borrow one he made for his parents. I cleaned it up for them and learned a Chris Cornell song on it before giving it back.
I've got a Giannini Les Paul clone.solid guitar and plays and sounds great.
Surprisingly few cracks given it hasnt been taken care of whatsoever, in who knows what kind of humidity
Good morning Derek! I own two Giannini guitars, one is a classical guitar, the other is a Giannini Craviola 12 string. The classical is one of my daily drivers, I usually start my day with that guitar. The 12 string I used to play all the time and it played beautifully for years, eventually I installed better tuning machines. I have had it now since 1981, the action is no longer what it once was, the top has warped and lifted which has made the action too high to play well. These guitars that are in better condition, I have seen them priced for around $1600. Mine needs work to play well again, I would like to have it repaired some day. Tom Petty used to play one like it, and I do recall seeing Jimmy Page playing one. I have been trying to find a good luthier in my area to do the repair work, we used to have one in town, but he moved more than ten years ago. The classical is one of my favorite guitars to play, as was the 12 string years ago. I was surprised to see you with one in your video, since most of the videos I have watched of yours are of you putting custom finishes on Telecaster and other guitars. Thank you for posting this video! Please have an excellent and awesome day!
sound very good this guitar
Tenho um desse

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