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The lowest Getting Started with Sensors: Measure the World with Electronics, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi Book Price in India is ₹1,337 at Amazon.
Buy Getting Started with Sensors: Measure the World with Electronics, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi Book online at Amazon.
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Getting Started with Sensors: Measure the World with Electronics, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi Book Reviews from YouTube

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Summer vacations mein kya plans hai aapke?
Hi bhai is arduino ko programme kerne wale kaha milenge
Hey, Nyc Project View My Project also They are also very interesting
يتعذر التعليق لا أعلم .
Awesome Prj!!!
Thank sir ji
2022 ECE
hello 2022
sing syeng klao ma ting ke kelau
Understand sir
For Arduino books checkout
Aree chll bhkk bcche bcche ko pta h..
use a fckn hindi title if you gonna talk in hindi, i am fed up with fake titles
love from nepal
entendible, tenga un buen día
Thanku sir helpful knowledge video
were can I get this manual for projects
Very good video, we have learnt how to open a small plastic bags...
Too slow and volume too low
thank you for showing them off and thank you for the asmr
you should consider asmr lol
Good demo.
1:13 "I'm not really sure what that is. But, whatever..." It's called a bookmark. It is inserting between the pages of ancient pulp-based codices to help the reader recall where they left off reading.
There is cheaper sensor kits from china. Are these practically the same thing? The ones from China$18usd vs Sunfounder$99usd?
What will be total price if I buy separately each?? Approximate answers
its great kit, please speak louder next time
I enjoyed your video. Now I just want to buy and I don't have an idea how to use any of them.
I'm gonna assume you figured out the tracking sensor by now, lol. I actually enjoy your mellow monotone, btw. Big box, small price, great value!!
I typed this with playdough
Can photo sensor be used to track sunlight in solar panels ..using audrino or raspberry..? And how effective they are? Kindly brief
What a Mercury switch do... What it can be used for? Kindly brief
Is there supposed to be audio here?
Insightful! But, don't you think the flame detector would be the last thing that it does? I mean, if there are flames that close to your project, any of these sensor will let you know, by their failure!
Welp 😭Does the rotary encoder have weight limit before it stops performing it basic motor functions
Are Raspberry and Arduino able to work together? I know sounds like a dumb question but I am new to this.
Im a total newbie to mcu stuff. can i just connect arduino modules to raspberry pi? or do i have make different circuit design on a breadboard?
I see whinners over you opening each one.. and should have cut it out. if there times is that precious they should get off the computer. Your video sir is THE BEST VIDEO on the 37 sensors I've ever seen. NO ONE has covered it with as much detail on each piece as you did. NOT ONLY telling us what it is , but what and how it's used. Couldn't have been better unless you actually hooked each one to a demonstration ( which would have taken a few hours LOL ) .. EXCELLENT STUFF!!
I watched this at 1.25 speed, and even at that speed god you're so boring. you're kill me man. You have all the charisma of a dead frog.
Thank you for going slow from a newB
In this modern world is
Thank you. A really nice uncluttered description of what these sensors do. Nice presentation, very relaxing to listen to. I can see you are very adept at opening packages :)
Sensors and Modules Kit
I can't watch this whole video
Awesome content! please consider syncing your channel to LBRY, a bunch of us are leaving YouTube over mass censorship and its threat to science. Would love to follow and support you!
People in the comment section are so unoriginal. You parrot what everyone else says, yet you still had the time to come up with a comment and post it. 🤦
Boring to watch a great content.
I find these sensor kits useless because I do a lot of recycling and I've got pretty much all of the sensors and then some just from stuff that other people throw away, for anyone new to Raspberry Pi or Arduino these kits are useful to learn how it all works. However these kits aren't very practical either because you can hook up only one module at a time, there are exceptions but if you want to make something useful out of a kit like this you can forget it, these are not made to be used in a dedicated application. If you are a bit more experienced I recommend you to recycle a few broken TV's, I've got WiFi, Bluetooth, IR module, Button arrays and a sort of joystick from only one Samsung tv that had a broken display, I even made a very bright LED panel from the back-light that I can use to shoot videos and all that for free, it only took me some time to take it all apart. Best regards, Ricardo Penders
god you took for ever to open the box lol I was waiting for the Raspberry Pi and it didn't come with one, sat through this whole video. Still a good video
How much it cost?
nice video well done types of sensors
God, who wants to watch 10 mins of slowly unpacking ... You really are in love with your own voice ... :)
Include the price for this box in the description as well =) Some people (like me) are careful about wich sites to surf into. For example, I don't like Amazons privacypolicy and their use of cookies/trackers, so I have to DucDuckGo for the price instead, which is an annoying extra task. This is meant to be taken as a tip for future videos, and not a complaint ^^
PIR sensor missing
I hope that this course helps people who are just starting their journey with Arduino or have some brilliant project ideas in their mind but are clueless about how to program an Arduino. This course will begin with the basic electronics concepts and then gradually teach about Arduino Programming. Arduino's programming language is derived from C++, so this course will also cover essential C++ concepts. During my time working with Arduino, I have seen many people building great projects and product prototypes using this piece of hardware. Artists, designers, and even chefs who had absolutely no idea about electronics, sensors, and programming coupled their creativity with electronics and came up with fantastic work. So this course is also an attempt to encourage people, regardless of their background, to start building stuff that they have in their mind without thinking that they don't know enough to begin. Certainly, this course is not the end to the world of Arduino. For making some projects, one may need to know advanced concepts such as EEPROM, interrupts, communication buses like SPI, I2C, etc. But before moving to that, one needs to familiarize themselves with the basics. I look forward to seeing the projects people come up with after finishing this course.
Voltage is not EMF sir There is a difference between Voltage and EMF.
thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu for this incredible course it was awesome i really appreciate ur hard work!!
Just wanted to say thanks for your effort. Its a very informative and helpful.
What can you make with this? Is it just for hobbyists? Whats the end goal?
Wow. This is an amazing resource for a newbie like me. Well done 👏 and thank you. 🇬🇧
Y Speech is ugly.. but: Go on ! Indien-man
Can we get certificate ... Of completion of this COURSE?
brother For simulation purpose tinkercad is not working in my pc
My dad just loved using static electricity to put birthday balloons on the wall... he would rub the Balloon on us kids hair! Haha♡
Nice #bharat_electronics_lp
Nice #bharat_electronics_lp
Arduino Starter kit:
Thank you sir
Should I keep the aurdino board connected to the PC . while testing these codes based on serial.port(9600) I'm not getting any results while running coade over my aurdino 2.0 IDE so please help me in getting out the resultant..
I seeing that almost c language and ardunio ide look like same. What is the difference between thoes.?
Thanks a lot for your help
Wireless electronic notice board using gsm program code

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