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German National Socialism and the Quest for Nuclear Power, 1939–49 Book Reviews from YouTube

The Extraordinary End to the Nazi Nuclear Program
The Entire History of the Cold War Explained | Best Cold War Documentary
WW2 - OverSimplified (Part 1)
L51: Nationalist Response to WW2 l The Demand for Pakistan l Modern History by Dr Mahipal Rathore
I knew very little about this so thanks for another great video. Love how you can pack so much information into so short a time, without it seeming rushed or unclear. Just love your style!
Pertaining to your video tho, see: Denver airport murals. You'll notice in the last Mural, the nazi soldier lays dead at the feet of the new world. Indicating the end of all Reich's.
Thanks for watching! 😊 Remember to *Like & Subscribe* if you enjoyed the video and *click the Bell Icon* to never miss an upload. *Timestamps* can be found below: *Timestamps* 📽 Intro: 0:00​ Marx 1:50​ The Rise of Communism 2:50​ The Second World War 5:55​ A New World 7:39​ The Atomic Bomb 10:04​ The Truman Doctrine 11:20​ McCarthyism 12:23​ The CIA 14:03​ The Marshall Plan 15:01​ The Berlin Blockade 16:16​ The Cold War Comes to Asia 18:13​ The Korean War 21:10​ The Nuclear Arms Race 24:07​ Khrushchev 27:22​ The Third World 33:00​ The Suez Crisis 36:50​ The Berlin Wall 39:10​ The Cuban Missile Crisis 41:23​ The Vietnam War 47:34​ Mao’s China 52:10​ Détente 55:31​ The Space Race 59:40​ Nixon 1:02:46​ The End of Détente 1:06:54​ Reagan 1:12:24​ Gorbachev 1:17:53​ Failed Reforms 1:21:30​ The Fall of the USSR 1:23:05​ Epilogue 1:26:10
A bit less focus on the Soviet side then one would want, but otherwise it's a wonderful documentary. And I do mean it in the old sense, when we didn't need to put super duper before anything to present our opinion in a way people would understand.
I write this comment to sincerely relay my thanks for this best cold war documentary. Indeed, making the bestest cold war documentary must have been a task with a high volume of required necessary research to complete and structure out in a comprehensive way. Managing all that to a very respectable degree like you've done truly proves your ability to create documentaries and just how much best they are. It is therefore not an exaggeration to say that this best cold war documentary's quality has a significant rift between the second most bestest best cold war documentary. Sincere thanks and hope to you from me.
"After the end of World War II, the world was split into two -- East and West. This marked the beginning of the era called the Cold War."
The cold war never ended
This has to be one of the best things I've ever seen
This by far one of the best historical documentaries ever. I'm well versed on 20th century history but i learned a few things i didn't know previously. I thoroughly enjoyed this.
Georgia guide stones
Nicely done thanks.
This cold war we are in today is more dangerous as an American I vote for war against Russia and China long time ago this world not happen but I didn't vote for the weak leadership in offense
For the correction of fact that Britishers not give freedom to Indians we snatch it by cutting their throughts
if there's anything to be learned about history it is that history repeats itself and always will and the reason for it is distrust and hatred. We are about to enter World War III and the only thing that ever changes is technology we can kill far more people far easier so the death toll will go up again. Welcome to politics the keepers of Democide
The best documentary on not just the Cold War, but most of the 20th century history. Brilliant.
I miss the Cold War, life seemed easier then compared to the craziness of today
Excellent!!! I learned a lot about the times I lived in. So much I didn't understand about the cold war until just now. Thank you for sharing this interesting and well put together documentary.
Saving the world from communist oppression with capitalist oppression..
Fantastic stuff, well crafted and riveting.
Indonesia is not getting the Independence from the Dutch. We take the Independence from Japanese Empire when the empire got weakened. Indonesia had already fully functioned government a year later. What USA did was forcing the dutch to acknowledge Indonesian Independence and stop doing agression against Indonesia. Dutch didn't grant us any Independence since we didn't get our Independence from them.
67 if your still watching this in 2022
I’m getting all of my education from you and I tell it to teachers and other kids. I ask them if they think I’m so smart.
I think hitler had a mental disability because of inbreeding that’s why he started a war and more
Wait is Churchill’s computer a a……. PEAR!?
i will b chill
6:14 I never knew that procrastination was a genuine diplomatic strategy
good research done here and very accurate.
I think I was 20% of the views
How many people died and suffered because of what appears to be extremely childish behaviour? 70-85 million.
Need to support polish Germans 😭
Me using this to study for my history exam
could you do a winter war video please maybe you don't have to tho.
Switzerland is always just 11/10 neutral
this is why i love history
"So hitler kind of shot himself in the leg, just the leg for now"
Please Pin UAE: *grabs popcorn* Switzerland: *this is boring I’ll join in the next world war*
Thank you for making history fun and educational
Don't forget that just as Hitler or Mussolini, Churchill was also a bloody tyrant who conducted many genocides, famines and war crimes.
Watch Dr Mahipal Rathore's Free Class Series on Unacademy here: Call Dr Mahipal Rathore's team on 7825860265 and take your UPSC CSE Preparations to the next level.
Watchi Mahipal Sir's lecture is no less than watching a web series... Full of curiosity for the next lecture always.
Thank you sir...😊
27:55 Sir on wikipedia it shows jinnah was born in karachi ??
Best teacher ever 🙏🏻 Thankyou so much for your contribution 🙏🏻
Revision done👍
Thanku sir🤘
please tell why rehamat ali kicked out from pakistan
Muslims never fought with us. They always betrayed us.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Sir please share the story of Chaudhary Rehmet.
thank you so much sir
Why ali can't live in pak????
Yes sir please make video on rahmat ali....
The way you teach modern history is just mind blowing.. I dnnt even need to revise it again and again as bcz of you I remember it more as a story.. A Very thanks to you sir ❤
Sir marathon session de dijie
To be honest Jenna's two nation theory is right.
Another Great Lecture.
From where you done your P. HD
Gandhi felt in love with Britishers

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