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Geologic Columns of the Leading Edge (Open File Publications, No. 7) Book Reviews from YouTube

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great sir ,
Very good sor g
I'm completed MSc geology but there is no jobs in india ,only recommendation people got jobs, Govt have only limited jobs this sector , its right
It is very useful to me. Thank you sir
Very good basic knowledge sir g kindly uploaded such kind of more video thanking you sir g
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Thank you sir.
in which software shp file will be open?
how download administrative boundries block, tehshil, village level
i am unable to do extract by mask with this shapefile? why?
can we do that on districts
Thank you for the great help but I am facing the issue during the download. The error says - please validate the items as per output area bounding box. Kindly help me sort this out, it would really mean a lot to me.
Nice video
how to download geological map in shapefile for whole india
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Dear sir, how can we download soil data from this portal Kindly help me
Can we do change detection of various years for example of 2012 & 2018 of same area (geomorphological units) pls reply
Grids are shown in the there any ways to remove them
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