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Genetics: A Beginner's Guide (Beginner's Guides) Book Reviews from YouTube

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3:02: "Many scientists believe that the explanation for many genetic problems lies in the genes". Well, that's brilliant.
Too much extraneous info for a mislead title.
Ang galing
Very informative!
1. read an article and record yourself 2. add semirelated animations in the background 3. call it a "documentary" 4. ??? 5. profit from ad revenue
This is awesome! Thanks!
Have you seen the Folio series? They're beautiful, illustrated, hardbacks. All five books. Great vid, Frood! 😁
Heart ship space of gold, too much coffee? Ha ha
I love the radio show more than the books
The best version by far is the original BBC recordings. The cast is perfect and the radiophonic workshop was so imaginative with the sound effects.
Which edition is best to purchase when wanting to avoid American English changes? I have read there are some books that certain words were stripped in favor over the American English; so annoying. I would prefer hardback and will go with paperback if its maintaining its origionality.
I couldn't understand what you were saying. Sounded like Tewalday, not Towel Day!
My favorite book of all time! Laughed out loud while reading, it's so smart, outrageous and funny. For me it spawned a whole new genre of entertainment, the scifi phylosophy comedy.
Correction at 6:16 not "Heart ship space of gold" but "Space ship Heart of Gold"
Have you ever heard the earlier audiobook read by the author?
Perfect introduction!!
Hello may I know which edition to get to have these covers?
The Heartship space of gold ? 🤔
Happy towel day!
Ok I randomly clicked on this video on the 25th of May 🤯🤯
The latest Movie was such a Disrespect to the Franchise. Amazingly so.
That tea is making me nervous. Please don’t spill, yes?
You were supposed to pour the tea iiinto the milk, so as not to burn it! "See page ? In the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy"
So glad that I stumbled upon you! My English student requested a conversation on Hitchhiker's Guide and you provide plenty of interesting vocabulary and conversation starters as well as a different pronunciation than my student usually hears! You talk about it all with enthusiasm and I'm sure that my student will love your work and we'll have a good lesson.
Love this !! Gonna start reading them soon.
I guess I don’t have to read these now lol good video tho as I read em 20 years ago.
Thank you. Amazing video. Hello from Brazil
I stopped video and disliked because of spoilers.
Just discovered Twelfth Night, and it's my new favorite among his comedies.
You did a wonderful job young lady. I enjoyed your summaries. I am 72 and I have never read Shakespeare or seen one of his plays. I am getting ready to watch the National Theater's posting of Tom Hiddleston in Coriolanus and I am treating to learn a little something about Shakespeare. Thank you for the lesson ! 👵
This is really good, this needs more tension
thank you for sharing the info!
More accurate title “Shakespeare plot spoilers.” Good info though.
I heard that there were 38 plays. Is there one the people disagree was a play by him or something?
why'd you have to tell us everyone dies at the end?!?! wft?! does reading shakespere have to do with knowing the ending beforehand?
Really well presented, concise explanations from a very confident presenter with genuine enthusiasm for the plays. As a Shakespeare numpty I look forward to learning more... this seems a great place to start.
Great explanation.
I don't understand why lines like "Excellent well, you are a fishmonger" or "And now remains that we find out the cause of this effect, or rather say, the cause of this defect, for this effect defective comes by cause.Thus it remains, and the remainder thus. Perpend." from Hamlet are not quoted more often :D Also, Shakespeare's sonnets >> his plays :-P
nice guide! And these editions Dx Oh my they are so pretty

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