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Genes VII Book Reviews from YouTube

DNA, Chromosomes, Genes, and Traits: An Intro to Heredity
Gene Tech Superbolan Review | What is Methasterone superdrol | methasterone side effects & Result
Gene Regulation and the Order of the Operon
Alleles and Genes
You can find other videos related to heredity here in our heredity playlist! Additionally, we have a resource for this video here
What a great video
روعة ❤❤💛💛🖤🖤💖💖💗💗💓💓💞💞💕💕❣❣💔💔🤍🤍💘💘💝💝
Do a video on *Mystery Flesh Pit National Park.*
Some people may need to go back so this is almost every important moment in the video 1:39 2:10 2:13 2:33 2:47 3:05 3:28 3:47 4:05 4:19 6:43 6:55 7:10
this is trash
🙂🙂 awesome fora my boards
Your vedios are cute to learn biology easily ❤❤
Amoeba Sisters are my life savers. They teach me everything i need to know before my original teacher needs to teach, Next Time can you speak a bit slowly please, you were speaking a bit too fast so i had to change the speed to 0.75 but overall i have learnt many things from this video. Thank You :)
What's that
You made biology sweet
3:03 I just love how her voice loses the excitement as she says about the disease part
4:49 * Me watching the video with my dog * My dog after hearing this: I took that personally
very bad
Your cell drawing are cute. They look like a blob
I’m here for science
here cause my teacher said i had to watch it
Just Ordered ECA stack from prince brother he is one of the best coches and guide who is so open on knowledge ,
Bro do we need pct after using superbolan?
Sir price superbolon ka aur buy kaise kre apse
Ok bro . Buy kaha se krna
Sir price...?
Sir price....?
Ptc karna jaruri he sir eske shat
Sir please reply do
How to purchase
Sir mujko chahiye pirc kiya hai
good knowledge... or i can say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing so coach is necessary
Best informer for any supplement ♥️
Will this cause hairfall after leaving it
Thanks for. Information big brother...... If possible... Tell us about sarms( green beast ) btw I've watched all your sarms series
Awesome sir..salute 🙏🙏🙏
Bhai ECA stack or ya add kr sakta hai or clenbuterol bhe muje fat lose kerna hai bhai
Where to buy
UPDATE: If you're studying this fascinating process, we want to remind you that our video looks at basic concepts with the goal of inspiring to explore more. For example, we don't talk about the conversion of lactose to allolactose, the cAMP-CAP conversion that stimulates the RNA polymerase, or the names of the different genes and their individual functions. We also don't mention that there are other factors that can affect the activation of this operon (such as glucose levels). Check out the further reading details to explore more! Also, did you know we have a gene regulation GIF? Find it and more of our science GIFs here
its so amazing..... the way you breakdown each concept and tell it as a bed time was very helpful...keep making videos like this...lots of love
0:49 May chaos take the world!
@Amoeba Sisters You guys did a really good job of explaining this concept…better than my honors bio teacher *also using this video to cram the exam on Monday*
i'm in love with you, amoeba sisters
I'm a minute and 20 seconds in and already grasping this better than sitting in my college lecture
A very systematic functioning for which there needs to be a creator.
why are people lactose and tolerant
There's a certain point in bio lectures where you know the definitions but just want a nice visual and put all of it together. This is the video to watch, thank you.
Thank you so much for these videos. You saved my life :)
سبحان الله العظيم.. الحمد لله
who else is here just for comedic purposes lol
I feel like I was buying the degree from the school, I should have to pay the tuition to the video uploader.
Watching this for school thanks for telling it simply - unlike my textbook.
Very well explained. Thank you
Amazing content
Omg Beautiful😍...
Sending cute appreciative claps for the creator
Your videos are a life saver! Could you also do a video about parts of plants
you do not understand the relief i felt after watching this video
this video sucks i hate science class 0/10
Difference between gen and allele (from what learnt) A gene is a section of DNA that determines a specific trait An allele how the other hand is a variant of a gene, a variety of a gene. (hence, it's just a type of gene). From the video mentioned, the forms of the two genes were about whether they could taste PTC. Hence the alleles just give the variation in which a given trait can be expressed. Similarly, an example of that is car engine. The car engine in this case is the gene (something which makes up the car), the different car engines that you put into the car are the alleles (a variant which determines the trait of the car). correct me if I got something wrong. thx
watch later
Subscribed, you are just awesome!!
I teach high school biology. I love showing these videos to my classes.
How come all of you guys are way ahead of me but I'm learning this in 7th grade... Btw my science teacher is obsessed with your videos...
This is the best explanation that anyone could ever get with such precise animation and simple language ... Fully understood it .. would be watching it again for clearity during revision ... I was looking for such content for my 10th preparation for a long time but was unsuccessful .. now I've come to the right place .. I'm damn sure I'm having a deeper knowledge in this topic than most of my fellow buddies now 😁😀 Subscribed 🎉🎉🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Perfect presentation and perfect animation go on for more ❤️
Not like this channel
Thx bro great vid, love your work :)
I was the only one in my biology class that could taste PTC.
I've been binge watching these for my uni biochem class
yeah, those kids were right your lucky you cant taste PTC, the best way to explain it is its kind of like it meant to numb your tongue.
found out, with rolling my tongue i am Rr, my dad is rr and my mom is RR/Rr
Wow my cousin was born with an extra finger 😮 had it cut off as a baby

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