Generic Yellow : Mountain Bike 27.2/28.6/30.4/30.8/31.6 * 450MM long aluminum Alloy seat tube Bicycle seatpost Price in India, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online at Amazon.

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Buy Generic Yellow : Mountain Bike 27.2/28.6/30.4/30.8/31.6 * 450MM long aluminum Alloy seat tube Bicycle seatpost online at Amazon.
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Generic Yellow : Mountain Bike 27.2/28.6/30.4/30.8/31.6 * 450MM long aluminum Alloy seat tube Bicycle seatpost Features

The lowest Generic Yellow : Mountain Bike 27.2/28.6/30.4/30.8/31.6 * 450MM long aluminum Alloy seat tube Bicycle seatpost Price in India is ₹4,152 at Amazon.
Buy Generic Yellow : Mountain Bike 27.2/28.6/30.4/30.8/31.6 * 450MM long aluminum Alloy seat tube Bicycle seatpost online at Amazon.
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Generic Yellow : Mountain Bike 27.2/28.6/30.4/30.8/31.6 * 450MM long aluminum Alloy seat tube Bicycle seatpost Reviews from YouTube

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How To Find The Right Size Seat Post For A Bike
How To Ride With A Dropper Seatpost
Cheap Suspension Seat Post from Amazon
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I had no idea there were even different sizes that close. Also very glad to have come across your channel and see you working on bikes that don't cost 5000 dollars, as it's actually relatable to what I have. None of the stuff many content creators make videos on looks like anything I've had on my bikes past or present, and it's hard learning everything from scratch.
i go by feel
Mil gracias.
May I know the setpost size of an emmelle intense MTB?thank you
Hi RJ. I have fitted gears to a cheap bike. The rear one works fine. But the problem is with the front derailleur. It won't shift to the bigger ring. I have tried with four different Shimano shifters. It's like all the shifter are working fine on Ist and second but while trying to shift to third the shifter is not getting locked means the shifter refuses to get on third. I have changed the cables. All shifters are new. I am only concerned about the shifter and couldn't understand why it's not locking at third. The local bike guy says the distance between frame and front chain ring is the issue as its a aftermarket fit. Please extend your expert advice.
Hello i am hoping you will help me by replying so i have Shimano Tourney Sl-TX30 gear shifters and i want to replace them with the same model (because the old one is broken) can i change it without taking the cable out from the drealuer cuz i dont want to interfere with the settings can i change the shifters with the same model with the old cable like without taking the old cable out (it isnt really a old cable cuz i just bought the bike and it is in new condition)
I have a dought! Can we install frame sliders in cycles please tell it will be helpful 💝
Mm i buy 27mm seat post and Dont know
Hi, came back to your videos for doing some maintenance on my 45+ y.o. bike. Sorry to see that you had an accident a couple years ago, fx of vertebrae are serious. I hope you have recovered and are not having too much pain after this. Your videos are always the best, you have a good ability for explaining bicycle repair for the "rest of us". Seriously thank you so much for doing your videos, you make "it" look easy and it gives us confidence to try. THANKS AGAIN
I love this channel
Hi rj what's the correct Grease to use on bikes? Thanks
Hi, RJ. I have an old Dawes. Needs a bit of work (new wheels and some caliper brakes). Frame is good quality steel. Roughly, how much is it worth. I think the frame alone is worth something, right?
RJ my handlebars keep slipping, I think I'll drill/pin them with a m8 hex bolt, any advice?
Hi RJ, love your videos! Good pace, Good shots, Just the right amount of detail but what I really love is your work on REAL bikes while other How To's are either very amateur or (majority) work on high-end new bikes which are outside of the reality of many riders/ DIYer's. Thank you!!!!! Some suggestions: 1-explain how to clean the outside wall of rims (where rim brakes rub) that are old and need more than just a good wipe with alcohol (they need steel wool or something like). I'm not talking about rusty rims just black brake junk and slight scoring/wear. 2-You like soaking in lacquer thinner but it stinks, gives some a headache and damages paint if splashed. Maybe a comparison of other good cleaners to soak in so we have choices (like your early rust dissolver comparisons). And last, of all, can you post the links to amazon where you get your bags of the two most common wheel ball bearings. I can't find the ones you seem to use. Thanks and keep up the GREAT work!
Helo RJ i really need your help My bike is always slightly goes to right when im riding, is it the fork or the frame that not centered? please help me and give me some advice RJ Thank you
Hi pls make a video on front and back wheel not parallel
13" frame size is pretty small. So, a new teenager or smaller adult would be interested in this size of bike. Still waiting to see videos on those four auction bikes from a year ago. Best regards 👍
Thank you kindly. This video saved me a lot of problems...
Your videos is entertaining
Essentially a computer chair seat post for a bike. But I feel this is really useful even if you’re not a hard rider.
Hi papi Yogi!
Whenever I put my weight down on mine, the post sticks through the seat and into my bung hole. Wife says I should take it back, I told her no.
Can you run a 27.2 mm dropper + shim safely in a 30 mm seat tube (old Kona)?
It will become instinctual really quickly~ i bet!
I remember buying my first bike as an adult and seeing this video, it was a hard tail basic xc bike and I said well some day I am going to ride something like the men of the video is riding. It’s been 5 years and today it was my last ride on my hard tail, it has been a beautiful journey that I am never going to forget. Hello dropper post and front and rear suspension, we are going to enjoy this one.
As usual, great info, no nonsense straight up info you need to know and can use! Great job💪✌️
Thanks! 😉👍
Hi, I am planning to use downtube shifter (like) device for my bike. I have 2x360 Nuvinci hub and double crankset on the front. I had 3x9 before and an XT shift lever, then I adjusted the stopper to reduce it to 2s shifter. I didn't want to buy 2s shifter and still don't. My question is: How do the seatpost dropper lever works? Is it capable to do Lo-Hi positions or does it work in press-release principle and returns to same position when untouched?
Can you hatch your eggs with this one?
I have a rochshox dropper,and whenever i sit on it,it just goes in,like a shock(not all the way in,and it comes back up when i get off it),plus when i lift my bike holding the saddle it comes out,is that okay,or should i get another one?
That ike looks just.. amazing... its so unfortunate that thay cost that much...
I have Trek Roscoe 8 and drop post didn’t hold when riding. Everyone know how can I fix it? My local trek retailer is closed cause flu 2.0
My 400mm bizango seat post can drop 250mm into the tube. Would I be able to fit a 170mm dropper (274mm insert including actuator) with 30mm left below the collar? So 244mm inserted in the frame. Just curious as the measurements say yes yet I've read someone saying you can't even fit a 150mm post. Maybe they're just assuming a full insert.
Just have your seat lower than you would on a road bike..... And stand up.....
annoying music way too loud
I love my dropper post
I'm new to this, please help, wean the Dropper Post is fully extended, it should be on the correct height, or should o leave some margin to adjust to a higher position? Thanks.
Why is the channel called CitizenCycle when he rides a glorified E-Scooter.
Actually good cheap suspension sit Post 🤟 the price here in the Philippines is only 600 pesos or 12 usd
Did you try adjusting it?
I ordered alpha vector cycle In outdoor website the seat post is not fitting properly that's y I'm looking to change the seat post , this seat post is suitable for alpha vector 91 wonderer 700c bike in outdoor , please help 🙏 I'm from india ,
I see the bikes you showed and in India, we don't see any attractive designed ones like these.. if available, will be expensive !
Any updates on the seat post? 10 months ago, dang Brian you be blowin' up. Ride ON!
Just got one of these .. it’s going to take some getting used to , Because I’m not all that tall and sit low on my bike . Now I feel like I’m sitting super high 😂
Another chinese crap from amazon
I got it for $15😋
I use the Redshift and love it. Def up there in price but so is the quality.
I got one from Amazon too. It does okay, But I think I'll invest in a more expensive one.
I bought a cheap seat post I can’t notice the difference between the none Suspension post
Do the sleeves come with the seat post for different sizes?
These suspension seatposts do absorb some road noise and jolts from rough pavement but they are not really great for longer rides. Because they only move up and down in a vertical plane, they alter the distance between the saddle and the cranks as they move (as if you are constantly raising and lowering your seat). This is not good for an efficient pedal stroke and can cause knee pain and injury. A much better design is the parallelogram, which has 4 pivots that allow the seat to move in an arc (down and back). The distance from the seat to the pedals remains constant so there is no strain on the knees. If you tried the two styles side by side you would immediately notice the difference. While there are none as cheap as $30, you can get a very good one for about $70. Its a one time investment and priceless when you consider how much healthier it is for your knees and how much more efficient your pedal stroke is.
Sometimes these seatposts wear out fast, where they dont keep the seat straight, they get play in them which can be annoying for pedaling
Dude looks like a white Kountry Wayne lol
The spring post I bought was slightly loose. I made an adapter from a Coke can. Works very well.
Thanks for the review. I'm going to give it shot.
Nice bikes!
Hello..just wanna ask..hows your seatpost doing in 5months😅

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