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Generic Techniques in Systems Reliability Assessment: 5 (Nato Science Series E:) Book Reviews from YouTube

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thank you will give a try
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thanks for this vedeo is indded helpful, my question is if you download a review article, should you mention them as authors or you add your name instead
Nice explanation Sir.Effective and informative video
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perfectly explained what I was looking for! Thank you!
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thank u so much bro
Any company who uses hirevue sees its potential employees as merely pawns on a chessboard, not human beings worthy of even the courtesy of meeting them. Beware!!
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I've finished my digital assessment 2days ago but I was asked the similar 3 questions from this video so it's a thumbs for me
Thank you for your videos! I just did a hirevue interview today, I'm praying it goes well :) Will update if any news comes
thank you, I learned a lot to face interview
Great content from the creator. As for these companies, people can just make up answers to these questions like why ask them? Questions should be about your ability to do the job not personality traits. People can say certain things that the employers want to hear, thanks to videos like these, and say or act a completely different way on the job. Startup idea for anyone interested: build a website listing jobs for employers who skip these silly questions and computer games and just ask if you can do the actual job. I've even go a name for you, CYDTJ? (can you do the job?) .
this is the most straight-to-the-point answer I ever found!!
I just dont like the hair around his mouth
How would learning to code in Python make you understand how databases work?6:15 What kind of research is that? It's so fluff, and you'll present yourself as a major red flag.
I just made the interview and these questions are out of topics sorry
Amazing video
I hate interviews cause I can't answer truthfully without feeling fake af.
I wouldn't say that I didn't "get along" with anyone. Sure, there are people that gave me headaches sometimes, and I'm sure I gave them a few headaches to. But at the end of the day that never hindered us from working together efficiently and getting the job done.I feel like we had a mutual understanding that sometimes we all have bad days and bad moments but that doesn't mean we can't get along. That's why I feel like I've never had things be sour in a relationship with a coworker, to the point where I couldn't work with them.Well unless you count quitting from stress in my first job. Worked overtime and was called in almost everyday. Had several nightmares that I was working and being yelled at even in my sleep. I couldn't do it. But even in that situation, I quit because I was basically a slave for them, not because the people I worked for were intolerable.
More danger and expense for the US.
If NATO turns into sponsor position for any tpyes of terrorism-related actions, the foundation pillars of NATO will be degraded deadly!
Here's how America will react after Finland is destroyed by Russia after joining nato
"Never trust a woman who has had sex with your enemy"
It is a threat if someone is planning to attack so technically, hes right
Brits are allied to the Russians !The fine Finns should join but only when the Fnglish leave Nato !
Omg someone take freaking care of Putin!!
Meanwhile Machiavelli spectates...
The hottest leader by far.
The Brits declared even war on the fine Finns eighty years ago!This all to assist the Russians.The Swedes surrendered even German internees to Russia !What can we expect fro these countries?!They are all traitors !
Sky and land
Well .. democratic country is suitable to join NATO .. so USA is really not suitable to join .. why ? Texas shooting 21 Children died .. Is US gov is a real democratic gov How this gov could ignore Americans people s request for gun ban for many years .. no action taken , no realResponse indeed now many Americans realised that they are living under dictatorship government .. only dictatorship would ignore nation s need and request .. no matter how sad the people felt
Meanwhile, food prices in Finland continue to rise. Most noticeably, coffee, meat, and fish have risen in price. For example, Paulig Colombia cost a little more than 6 euros a year ago, and now it costs more than 8 euros. In winter, a kilo of salmon cost 39 euros, and this is in a country where there are a thousand lakes and logically the fish here should cost less than chicken. A liter of gasoline is approaching 3 euros, while a couple of years ago it cost one and a half euros. The price of electricity rose from 7 cents to 13 cents per kilowatt according to Helen. There is a lot of expired food on the shelves in stores such as K-Market and S-Market due to the fact that people cannot afford to buy food in the same volume as before. I see plenty of food with an approaching expiration date which is reluctantly being sold with a discount. According to the logic of sellers, it is better to throw the food into the garbage bin than to lower the price. Whenever I'm shopping in S-Market or K-Market I observe that more and more Finns are looking for food with discount labels.In short, the Finnish government is American puppets ready to conduct a self-destructive policy against their own people just for the sake of a pat on the shoulder from Uncle Sam. Seeing how the Finnish government is destroying all bridges with Russia for the sake of "friendship" with the United States is very upsetting. The opinion of ordinary Finns and people living in Finland is not asked or counted whenever an important and life-changing decision is made on the highest political level. Finnish government didnt people ask if they wanted refugees flooding their country and taking their jobs, they didnt ask people's opinion when they imposed sanctions against Russia, the effect of which the Finns already clearly feel on their own wallets, and they did not hold a referendum when they decided to join NATO. Well, isn't that a violation of the principles of democracy, freedom of choice, and speech?The people are kept in unawareness and are not told what such an anti-Russian policy and promotion of Russophobia can lead to. Local trolls from Ilta-Sanomat and other Finnish MSM are doing a "great" job by feeding their audience with a daily portion of Russophobia, blowing up the issue of the Russian threat and the need to join NATO, imposing one point of view on the Finns, and censoring any other point of view. The Finns, by the way, have blocked access to Russian media (RIA Novosti, RT, etc.). A clear sign that they are afraid of the truth because Russia has not blocked Finnish MSM!Actually, all the sources of information on the basis of which articles are created and posted on Ilta-Sanomat are either Ukronews (masters of absurd propaganda and fake news), American and British fake news like CNN BBC, etc., or the Russian third column and liberals. In other words, the main sources of information for Finnish news agencies such as Ilta-Sanomat are those who have been caught more than once in misinformation and fakes. Actually, the Finnish media are now doing everything they can to form the opinion among the Finns that Russia is an enemy and there should be no cooperation or business with it. They diligently encourage citizens to spare money on everything, eat less, use less water, and walk instead of driving to justify government actions and sanctions implied on Russia...Finnish trolls from Sanom Talo working hard to ignore the economical problems in Finland, crime rise, unemployment rate, and refugee crisis. It is very convenient for Finnish politicians and elites to keep people unaware of these issues by not raising them and covering them in the articles and instead focusing on the war crisis in Ukraine and Covid vaccines. What is really surprising to me is that Finns seem to be fine with getting brainwashed daily about the war in Ukraine and "evil" Russia, and getting almost no information about how things are going on in their own country, what will be the effect of breaking business ties with Russia. No professional analysis is made before these self-destructive actions are taken by the government.They also blame the entire economic crisis on Putin. The correctness of the actions of their government is not even called into question and for general discussion. Was it Putin who broke the contract with Russian Railways on "Allegro"? Was it Putin who refused from cheap Russian gas and energy? Was it Putin who disconnected Russia from Swift, depriving people living abroad of the opportunity to send money to Russia and perform operations with Rubles? Was it Putin who broke the contract for the construction of Fennovoima, on the project of which more than 100 million euros of taxpayers burned down? Was Putin who closed the airspace to civilian airlines, as a result of which Finnair suffered huge losses.
Dumb move Finland
Yea Because, you dont have months.
NATO is clearly the cause of this war. If the organization expands to include Finland and Sweden it could be in the end of the world. As a Canadian I say shame on my government for participating In arming Ukraine. Is only killing civilians who do not deserve to die.
Both countrys need to stop supporting terrorist organisations like pkk before entering nato
Good for Finland and Sweden Japan want to join NATOkonichiwa NATOThe highest-ranking uniformed officer in Japan's Self-Defense Forces attend a NATO Military Chiefs of Defense meeting for the first time last Thursday
dude.! I'm no expert or anything! n I'm in no way in favor of war! but in my stupid opinion n for what I hear, president =Putin was not planning an invasion-attack on Ukraine. the reason he's doing that, it's cuz Ukraine wants to join in! n cuz he feels threatened that the one's that he... for whatever reason considers an enemy keeps getting closer n closer. so again, I'm totally against war! but if was in charge of making that decision to join in, I would think twice before taking the risk of having someone bomb the 'beep' out of my country. even president Zelensky should sing for peace n call it a day! instead of getting a lot more innocent people get killed! and realistically this could actually get a lot worse with the start of Ww3, n yes maybe in the end there will be a winner, but only after hundreds of millions of innocent people have died paying the price of this nonsense!but then again, what do I know?

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