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The lowest Generic Red : Bicycle stem riser 31.8mm hollow aluminum short stem bike stem riser Price in India is ₹1,613 at Amazon.
Buy Generic Red : Bicycle stem riser 31.8mm hollow aluminum short stem bike stem riser online at Amazon.
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Generic Red : Bicycle stem riser 31.8mm hollow aluminum short stem bike stem riser Reviews from YouTube

Wake Best Bicycle handlebar review
Usapang Bike Stem - All About Bike Stem Explained
Chinese Carbon Fiber Drop Handlebars TOSEEK Should you buy?
Actually he is correct overtightening a stem would make dents on the wake handlebar or even other handle bars will make weak points. I made the same mistake before when I overtightened and made a dent on my steel bar knowing what was problem in researching I knew that what I did could have killed me. 5:44 Straight Facts, heck even in the automobile world overtightening isn't a thing because they know what are the problems if it was overtightening
Sir is it worth it? Even it is kinda cheap? Got order wake handle bar from lazada (online shopping here in the phils)... Been using control tech and truvativ for my bikes... This time i will build a budget bike for bike to work project. Thank you for your reply. Hope to hear it from you. God bless
The problem with Chinese bars is quality control and no reputation to maintain, mine came with a 2" groove down the outside,
I have wake 780 mm bars on my gambler . No problems after 1yr hard riding
It's like 500php/10euros here in Philippines
i thought you said it was it was the best?!? LoL
Please hig me back sir"
lol i use the bar and debrand it
My wake bar was had uneven bends, one grip was almost a cm higher than the other ... the wake stem had sharp burrs that would score the bar or steerer ... I don't use them so it was money wasted
waste of metal and youtube server ram worst mtb parts ever id feel safer ramming a twig into ,my stem
Hand they broken yet because everbodying saying it will snap
Is those bars well made for jumping?
Bro is this worth it? I have an old mtb and replacing both stem and going to buy handlebar. My riding is just road no trails. And I maintain my vehicles responsibly. I am getting price about 40$ for the bar and paid about 11$ for stem
Be careful they bars are lethal
I bought an all-aluminum bike that mysteriously came with a 720mm steel handlebar... for me, the Wake was a no-nonsense "upgrade."
Great video man ! Thankyou for the in depth review god bless. Your channel will blow up soon.
Well done. That’s a great price for decent bars. 👍 good looking too.
I almost went with those bars. Great review bud
one of the things to remember about breaking parts is that some parts will be effected by the wight of the rider, and the forces created by this big weight difference, so stem, handlebar are components like this, I don't know what these stems and bars have been tested to, but the established brands will offers bars that can handle any rider riding hard. having super stiff product all over can be an issue too, having the right amount of flex, stiffness in the right places is needed, so engineering, software simulation, fatigue testing, impact testing is necessary.
Nice review. I like Wake products. I have a Wake stem on both my 29ers.
⚡️ Anong stem setup nyo? 🚵‍♂️🔥 Post nyo sa comments! 👇🏾
first time ko kanina mag disassembled ng mtb, nasira yung stem😭
Pwede bang i negative position ang stem kahit yung stem ko ay possitve position
Kailangan po ba magpalit ng fork pag magpapalit ng stem?
80mm -17 o 90mm -17?
Dol pwede ba ibaligtad ang stem stock?
Pwede po ba naka positive stem sa drop bar? ride safe po❤️
boss pede bako mag palit ng stem naka quil stem kase yung sakin
Sumasakit ang kamay ko idol naka niga17 ako 80mm
Mas ok saken idol ung adjustable stem. May blog kaba na pinagtabi mo ung 29er na meduim sa 27.5 na meduim frame din
Isa polang ba ang size nang stem kahit anong size nang bike
Salamat sa tips idol ... watching from malaysia keep safe
Hi po, Pwedi po ba pa suggest? Kasi yung hieght ko is 5.5 at ang frame ng bike ko is 15.5... feel ko kasi maliit siya.. chubby pa naman ako HAHAHAHA. Any idea po or solution na maging comfortable ako sa ride ko?
Taga bacolod ka lods?
Sir ian, trident po ang stem na nakalagay sa foxter evans ko, balak ko palitan ang handle bar , ano ba ang pwde ko ipalit low rise hb or straight? Ano ba ang advisable?
am,sir magpapalit ako ng stem,dun sa mounyain bike ko na sinayung letter L ang stem e papaltan kosya nung pahaba lang kaso diko alam yung sukat ng fork para sa stem
Anong size ng stem standard..?
Ok lang ba yung wake short stem sa 26 frame na suspension fork sir ? Kahit may angkas ka sa likod ?
Sayang dat nag negative stem nalang ako e bat kasi short stem nabili HAHA
Best thing you can do is drop those drop bars and also any mountain bike bars you've got from the same manufacturer, my son hit a pothole whilst one-handed taking a drink last week and the left sidebar snapped completely off both him and the rest of the Gang couldn't believe how he actually managed to stay on and they were riding over 20 mph.
Taiwan? Or china?
Are there any field report about OG EVKIN Handlebar after used for more than 1 year ? Especially on Carbon Handlebar ?
What's the length of this carbon fiber aerobars?
I'm using the same design not toseek tho but a brand less Chinese carbon. And been using it for 2 years and almost 3 I have used it going 80kph and full sprints many times.
1 year update?
Had a Toseek carbon fiber handlebar on my MTB, for 2 years. I fell into a small drain last year, bent my XTR crank, broke my Ergon GP3 grips but the damned handlebar is unscathed.
Good review. Whats the reach on these bars been struggling to find that measurement..
Hi.Thanks for the video. I'm about to purchase one of these Toseek bars, but I have a question about the measurements. Your bar is 400mm as measured from the center of the drop to the center of the other drop. But that measurement, especially with this bar that has an unusual shape, is not important to me. I spend almost all my time on the hoods. And I need to know the measurement from the center of the hood area to the center of the other hood area. Or, alternatively, from the outside of one hood to the other. My motivation is to have my hands in a direct line from my shoulders when I"m on my hoods. I have a 58cm 2014 Felt Z85 bike that came with a 440mm pretty standard shaped aluminum bar as measured from the drops. On this bar, my arms splay out a little as they reach the hoods. My instinct tells me this is not ideal. While the control might be a little better in this position (something you briefly hit on when you mentioned your narrower bars being a little twitchy) the comfort level is not great. So I want to go a little narrower up top. But the Toseek bar with it's non standard shape seems to be quite a bit narrower at the hoods than at the drops. On your 400mm bar can you tell me the measurement at the hoods? I will use that measurement in determining whether I should go 400,420,or 440mm.Thanks! Keith
what groupset are u using when you record this?
Toseek bar here got delam on the first week. Still solid but I won’t put my life on it.
Thanks for the info and testing. Just like the bars, I feel like you video could be half the length -- just a suggestion: cut out stuff that's not relevant to the bars. A comment on durability and build quality would be very useful.
How are the bar? I want to buy one same but I’m scary it breaks easy.
What about the TOSEEK CARBON STEM? Any thoughts huhu
This is a rudimentary, very non-technical review that doesn't address necessary safety and strength criteria to determine usefulness. If a bar is too light it means it's thin...requiring EXTREME care in directional carbon layup to maintain strength. Cheap carbon bars are NOT a "no-brainer" if not safe. I only use carbon bars, but being an engineer, only after much scrutiny. This is a borderline dangerous review in its simplicity and lack of attention to critical factors. Sorry to be so prickly, but we're not talking about bells or bar tape here.... Please also note also that "adventure" is not a noun.
What are your opinions guys on a toseek carbon seatpost? 👀
How are the bars holding up?
Been on the fence about picking up these exact bars to help with road buzz on my road bike. Thank you for posting your thoughts think I’m going to order myself a set since my bar tape needs replacing seems like a good time
Hi bro! How was the handlebars doing? Was it durable under harsh conditions?
HINT - To install the cable outers in these bars first thread the cable through as that’s easier and then thread the outers over the inners using the inners to manoeuvre out of the hole.

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