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General Grievous Reviews from YouTube

General Grievous Sideshow Collectibles Unboxing & Review
Star Wars General Grievous Deluxe 6 inch Black Series Revenge of the Sith Movie Figure Review
Star Wars Black Series General Grievous Hasbro Action Figure Review @dorksidetoys
LEGO Star Wars buildable General Grievous review! 75112
I apologise to all the Star Wars fans. I mistakenly called the electro staff a vibro blade! Sorry folks!
I thought that was an electro staff, not a vibroblade
How would you suggest washing the cape so you don't damage it but avoid the dye transfer?
I owned this figure and it was absolute shit fucking garbage. A disappointing nightmare. It arrived from Sideshow with all 4 shoulder plates snapped off the arms at their hinges and the teeny little grey rods that run through all the fingers weren't even securing them because the parts of the fingers with holes in them that would wrap around these rods were warped and bowed outwards meaning they couldn't even secure themselves around the little rods. I hope that description made visual sense. The molding on the fingers was also awful. The fingers were loose and he couldn't hold anything. His joints were also very creaky and felt either very fragile or too tight to pose for fear of further breakage. A shame too because it's a gorgeous looking piece, but man, they need to redo this one and make it more durable. Not worth the money in my opinion and I bought mine when he debuted new. At least I got a full refund from Sideshow because they didn't have any replacements left to offer me. Oh well... I know folks in the comments are aching to own this piece but to them I say steer far far away and just get the Black Series, the Bandai Model Kit, or the old 3&3/4" Vintage Series figure. Those are superb Grievous figures. The big brick Lego set and the Lego set that uses bionicle parts are also great toys too. But whatever you do, DON'T BUY THIS FIGURE! IT'S NOT WORTH THE COST OR THE FRUSTRATION. Wait for Hot Toys to tackle this guy. I'm sure they'll do a MUCH better job.
General Grievus is an alien!
So happy that the arms can split Would be a shame if they did not
The floppy arm at the start kinda made me go :pain:
He is shorter tran i expected
This will make a fine startition to my collection
That isn't a Vibro-blade, it's a magna guard shock staff
LOL if they charge 500$ for this piece of shit plastic, it's the end of the world. 100$ MAX! 2 months until the arms can't hold themselfs and start falling.
Well, I really hope sideshow could re-issue this!!!
General Grievous, you're floppier than I expected
Hello there
General grievous is underrated
Comment section is wildin’
The fact I’m hearing General breathe while watching this🤦🏾
Honestly for me mere mortal this is to close a whole line, I buy now I am satisfied is like Bison in the Storm Collectibles line, I am already satisfied with a haha.
Hello There
You should do more star wars reviews
It's now 2021, Tom Brady & The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are Super Bowl Champions & the Black series General Grevious figure has broken $100‼
I wined & complained countless times 2 make Grevious in2 a Black series figure & I'm so happy with what they've given us.The detail is awesome & I just love the cloak or Cape with the lightsaber hilt storage.He was totally worth the wait‼ Great video/review as always Shartimus!!!
I wish they'd do another wave with a bigger Grievous so he scales with everyone else
I know just a nitpicky thing but at like 4:07 he says being a robot would mess with your lungs but that isn’t true the true origin of his cough is that mace windu (sorry if wrote mace windu wrong) force crushed his organ sack in his chest and like damaged his lungs (sorry if that is incorrect I learnt this from the 2003 clone wars battle thing)
I really want this figure
Obi wan Kenobi: Hello there~! General grievous: general Kenobi !!!!!!!
Just fine addition to my collection
What's the price
A descrição do Grevious em Pt Br tá muito boa
60% of greivous’s lines were cough cough cough coughy ass cough
how in the world was he able to keep him upright!?!? Even I can't stand him up
My favourite character after Anakin and finally a figure that it makes justice, I love it so much. "General Kenobi"
I am truly disappointed in you that you have turned to the dark side of the force.
Grievous: Confused cough*
This figure is the best but I wish he came with that purple shock stick he uses in fight with oby one on his wheel bike and a head that isn't damage that you could switch out but I love how his arms go together like in the movie 8.5/10
I'm pretty sure the reason he had breathing problems was because in the Clone Wars series Mace Windu used "Force Crush" on his upper chest and stomach area and that's why he had breathing problems and the cough he has. Awesome review though mate!
I need this
Give me that toy please 🙁🙁🙁
He was such a Complete Badass in the Clone wars........then Revenge of the Sith came along‼
stop it greivous...... oh yes jedi
I’m lazy and have low standards... HE’S PERFECT!!!
Im going to get the model kit instead
Ok ok ok can some one please tell me which grievous that's not too expensive like the model kit I should get. I was thinking this one maybe but mmmm I don't know. I am very close to getting the CW10 one though it doesn't have split arms. So yeah any suggestions?
Anger leads to the dark side
i’m not a fan of the model kit just feels cheap & lacks detail especially for the price
Is this general grievous good
5:23 lol
My black series general grievous must have a stuck joint below the ankle to because whenever I try to bend it back it flexes back forward
I think grievous got the corona
I bought my grievous just yesterday and I believe I got a defect, his left hand peg is too big to go in the slot and his top left seems longer to a point the elbow peg won’t fit in without the hand peg lining up but other than that I personally loved this figure as a way to display a character who really deserves more love merchandise wise in my opinion
I know this is late, but i just got the model kit grievous, and you can use the black series grievous lightsabers on the model kit, they fit very well in the hands, and it makes the sabers in scale if your mixing star wars figures from different companies
I got this one like a month ago for retail price, and while I love it I obviously have a few complaints. My grievous’ left arms never want to stick together and both shoulder blades fall off. Also the Cape looks reeeeaaalllllyyyy bad unless you really work with it and spend a bit of time tucking it away.
You just got a shitty one honestly
Dude its impossible to get this character under 100 dollars because its sold out every where
I like the black series more but I think I am going to buy the model kit because it is cheaper on amazon
Which one do you think would be better for a household that has a kid that might get a hold of it

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