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Gemini 4: An Astronaut Steps into the Void (Springer Praxis Books) Book Reviews from YouTube

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I started this series after hearing about it when you reviewed the first book. I haven't started this one yet because it isn't at my local bookstore yet. Thank you for introducing it because I love it. I love your music .
You had me at The Expanse! I decided to skip this series since the third book isn't scheduled until 2025, but I did get Shards of Earth!
Great music🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶👍
Just saying that the 4 lessons are the title of some of the chapters. Great summary for a great book. Love It!!
wow!! hatsoff to chris
Earth is flat, nuff said!
thank you
this is such a great book and a very inspiring person
very interesting
No need to worry about acting humble, I am the most humble person there is! wait a minute....
Please tell me the name of the song at the end? Thanks
I honestly loved this book, I usually read fantasy and fiction, but I genuinely loved Chis' book. I learned so much from it.
great book, great chanel, thank you..I posted you on my fbook
I\'m not sure but ,if anyone else trying to find out survival ebook try Ichordo Survival Medical Fixer (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my co-worker got excellent results with it.
One of the most underrated books out there. An inspirational autobiography by a man of true excellence. A part that I found very enlightening was near the beginning when he said as a kid he always thought of what astronauts would do and tried to emulate that. So instead of eating sweets, he'd eat broccoli, instead of playing games, he would read. To become successful, you must learn from successful people, that's what they say anyway. The man is truly something else. Excellent video my fellow Australian brother, your summary is concise and encapsulates all that there is to his fairy-tale-like life. Keep on hustling hard :)
Very well done, loved this summary!
I don't mind long videos because I don't have the attention span of a rodent.
Really interesting review, the lesson were counterintuitive, but once you explain them it all made sense. Thanks, man!
the pics in the end were fun, but i still think the videos are too long overall :))))))))))))))
I love the new music and text! I can tell a lot of work went into this video! I learned tons and watching it was very enjoyable. Thanks :)
heard about this amazing book. thanks for the review very enlightening!
cant wait to watch!!!
Ok I'm on chapter 1 of death and like 1.50 is cheap for an apple here in japan even when they are in season and its isn't even the apocalypse. Yeesh.
Well that's a weird description of rhapsodic 😅 just a little warning the 2nd book is definitely more slow. Loved the four Horsemen men series and I'm still in void and looking for recommendations
I have a hangover too :)
I totally relate to what you are going through even if I'm at a different point in my reading journey. This year, I outgrew a lot of my fave urban fantasy mysteries and I'm on the lookout for new guilty pleasure (pun intended) book series!
I full heartedly recommend the Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole, each book is a different couple and it has all the things you seem to be looking for! My #1 Paranormal Romance series for sure! Also, love your make up, I will be picking up Pestilence now!
Just finished Death and I’m in the trenches right now T-T it was so good and idk what to do with myself now. Please make a video about the series, I’m definitely going to keep a lookout for it!!
Sometimes you gotta go Fantasy! Yes, interesting video on recs!! Death!?! Okay I am intrigued 🤔 👀. ❤!
Do you have any slowburn recs that are like Mariana Zapata but not? 😂 I’ve read all of hers!
Have you tried grace dravens the wraith kings series?
Can't wait to read "Death"!!!!!! I am so excited!!!
I need to find a copy of deal with the elf king 👀
New subscriber!
that cover of Death! 😍🤩
I am here dying to read Death ASAP. I am gonna keep it cool on my expectations. I am confident I will love it. Lmao on you roasting Rhapsodic (T_T)
Oooo I'm reading through the horseman series right now too! I'm on "War". I'm normally a historical romance reader but I'm loving the apocalyptic setting! Will look into the others!
Finally someone who has my same thoughts on Rhapsodic & The Bridge Kingdom. I only have read Pestilence & will def read the whole series soon. I don’t think my reccos are similar to the four horsemen but these are my fave faro books that gave me hangovers. Fortuna Sworn By KJ Sutton The Black Witch By Laurie Ann Frost (audio is on Scribd and Julia Whelan is the narrator)
16mm release prints.
I bet I could launch into space with today's household items
So so cool
2:48 9:41 12:10
Outstanding video. Two great astronauts who made up an all University of Michigan crew. McDivitt went on to command Apollo 9. White tragedically died in the Apollo 1 fire.
beautiful. the greatest thing of all is the absence of modern annoying music
I just want to know why the earth spins in opposite directions on the same orbit.
The right stuff
Um dia serei eu ali!!!
The video was interesting to view. Thank you NASA.
Where did you get that pic for the thumb nail?
I'm immediately taken to a small living room, the black and white tv with the rabbit ears is on, my dad, lying on his tummy resting on his elbows, is captivated by the awe of it. My mom, half sitting on the arm of the couch, holding a dish towel, is only able to commit half of her awe, the other half she had committed to her two daughters, ages 9 and 6, nine years before. Given that it was June, my sister and I were probably whining, nagging my dad to take us to the community pool for an evening swim. But he was stuck in that awe, deaf to us. For this was the man who took us to the small, one terminal Sky Harbor Airport on a Saturday evening for the privilege of parking on the runway's side to watch the huge airplanes take off and land. Those commercial jets, weighing multiple tons, having the capability to defy gravity and become airborne... the awe of it!
Jjj Suscribanse ami canal
Nice information

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