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Garmin Forerunner 745 Carbon-Fiber GPS Running Watch, Detailed ...

PERFORMANCE CONDITION. While you run, Forerunner 745 analyzes pace, estimates heart rate and heart rate variability for a real-time assessment of your current ...


GARMIN Forerunner 745, GPS Running Watch, Training Stats ...

GARMIN Forerunner 745, GPS Running Watch, Training Stats, Essential Smartwatch Function Smartwatch (Black Strap, m) ; Charge Time. 60 min ; Battery Life.


Buy Garmin Forerunner 745 Smartwatch (Black) Online At Best Price ...

Effortlessly combining style and functionality, this Garmin Forerunner 745 Smartwatch will be a perfect pick for all active people.


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Garmin Forerunner 745 Features

  • Swim, bike, run, tri — do it all with preloaded activity profiles.
  • Obsessed with stats? This watch is too. Get Vo2 max, training load and more at your fingertips
  • Get daily workout suggestions just for you, based on your recent training
  • The right tunes are essential. Sync your favourite music right to your watch
  • Have enough juice for any race. Get up to 6 hours in GPS mode with music
  • Material: Carbon-fiber
  • In-box Contents: 1 Watch, Manual & charger

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    Garmin Forerunner 745 Specifications

    Charging type via Cable
    Expected Life 7 Days
    Warranty 1 Year
    Weight 47 grams
    Wireless Connectivity GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth
    Display Screen
    Pixel Density 283ppi
    Resolution 240 x 240 pixels
    Shape Circular
    Size 1.2 inch
    Touchscreen Yes
    Type Transflective LCD
    Features & Trackers
    Activity Trackers Yes, Activity/Inactivity, Calories Intake/ burned, Distance, Exercise Intensity, Heart Rate, Relaxation level, Sleep quality, Steps
    Alarm Yes
    Durability Water Resistant
    Find My Phone Yes
    Music Player Yes
    Notifications Yes
    Sensors Accelerometer, Compass, Gyro, SpO2 Sensor
    Stopwatch Yes
    Water resistant Water resistant Up to 50 metres

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    Garmin Forerunner 745 Reviews from YouTube

    Garmin Forerunner 745 In-Depth Review // Running, Cycling, Strength Training, and more!
    Garmin Forerunner 745: Long Term Review - 8 Months Later
    Garmin Forerunner 745 Review After 100 Days
    GARMIN Forerunner 745 Review // The BEST multi-sport watch yet?
    What software do you use to view the detailed heart rate etc?
    Solid video! Answered pretty much all the questions I had about the watch. Looking forward to having this much data about my own condition. 😃
    Amazing content Des Keep going at it!
    I’m still new in running and swimming. Should I go for 745 or is there any recommendation for a newbie?
    Can you giveaway this watch to me??
    How do you think this would track for ice hockey?
    Hi Des, pretty helpful, thanks! I am a gym dude only cares about weight training. I have also checked your review on Coros Pace 2. My budget is anything below $400, but I don't mind paying a little more for some great stregnth training features. What I don't want is to spend more if the $200 Coros Pace 2 can meet all my needs. Based on your opinion, which is the best smartwatch for a weightlifter? I would highly apprecite your opnion; the smartwatch market is too overwhelming!!!
    Sleep widget on the 745??
    Are you wearing watch on your feet aswell?
    Des, you're a monster. Keep it up bud!
    Thanks for make the review straight forward and keep it simple Des !! I ordered yesterday the 745 based on your review and from Dc Rainmaker 😁 I have the 645 and before i had the 245 ,I think i made a good choice . Don't need the maps and the 36 hours of battery life of 945
    Very good smartwatch for an experienced athlete, but I´m just starting to run again. What would you recommend for running with GPS and some music?
    Save yourself lot of and get FR945. 745 is super cheaply built. The middle button fell off and garmin did nothing to help except ask me to return this to best buy.. luckily BB took it back as they had extended policy for the holidays. I am glad because 945 ended up being a lot nicer.
    Does it have jump rope detector?
    What software/programme are you using to compare the different Heart Rate sources?
    Thanks for the review! Wondering for someone getting in to triathlon training (full Ironman next year) and who only wants to use the watch for workouts (wear an Apple Watch the rest of the time) would you suggest this or the Garmin 935? Thanks
    Help guys! Just for my 745 today. I can’t sync my Spotify songs into my watch. It keeps failing. Help please. It says unable to download certificates or sync failed
    Anyone here owns the 745 and mind to share how happy they are? :-) Especially with battery life. Thanks alot
    Hi Des, first time viewer here. I appreciate that you addressed the GPS and heart rate accuracy. The rest of the review sounds like a reading of the manual, to be honest. It would've been much more productive if you talked about points of contention, like the price and comparison to other models, especialy functionality-wise. There are models on the market that do the same things as (or more than) the FR 745 and have a better price-performance ratio.
    Forerunner 35 or Huawei Gt2e ?
    Hey folks! Her's also a companion post to this video, which goes into even more details:
    If i cycle, and not have a power meter but have a kalenji HRM from Decathlon, what performance stats can i still get from the watch? Thanks!
    DC, do you give Green signal to those who want to use it for cycling training ? ANT+ powermeter, HRM connectivity being the main concern. If u hv other option, cheaper than the one that is being reviewed...I'll be glad to know.
    Do you know if you have to start an outdoor ride In order for your cycling V02 max to be calculated? I just got the device, paired with my cinch pwr meter and wahoo roam but don’t see a v02 max estimate even after starting a ride.
    What about the hardware/ chip sets? Should it not have new hardware(sensors, gps, cpu)? otherwise why not just release a new software update. Does it not have newer hardware than the 945? After all, 945 was released back in 2019. The pricing difference cant just be software features.
    Couldn't have asked for a better guy to guide me through my gps watch selection process. Thanks man
    The Firstbeat method of lactate threshold detection used in Garmin devices relies on the fact that your respiration rate — how hard you are breathing — can be detected through analysis of your heart rate variability (HRV). Since the garmin forerunner 745 does not give respiration rate during workouts will the lactate threshold detection be worse than compare to 945?
    I'm testing a 745 but, damn, 3-4 days of normal usage (1,5 hrs of running with GPS, custom but light watchface, some notifications...) it is very annoying for me... Probably I'll replace it with a 945 :S But I'm sad because I really love the design and the GPS accuracy.
    Great review. What are your thoughts on 745 vs instinct solar?
    Since I´m a big fan of not having my phone with me during workouts I´m very compelled getting the 945. Unfortunately the 745 with its 5mm lower diameter just fits my wrist a lot better. Now I´ve heard rumours about a 955 being released this year. Since you seem to have a good grasp on gamin: do you think they will be able to match the size of the 745 and still keep the offline maps or will the 955 have about the same width as the 945?
    Ray, what other watches did Garmin add ski power to? I can’t seem to find an updated list anywhere.
    Really good follow up review the 745 does look very nice I prefer the bigger 945 and use the lava red Garmin quick fit strap, just need that training load face.
    Not to beat on a dead horse here, but I was hoping to hear something like: I am not a Garmin product spokesperson, and I think the battery issue is something Garmin just has to address as a responsible corporate citizen for the good of so many consumers out there. A little too much to ask?
    Thanks for the detailed review!
    Ray, could we expect NEW garmin devices this year?
    Great vid! As usual 😉. You mentioned that the advanced sleep tracking is still gonna roll out or re-roll out. Do you know if the advanced sleep tracking will roll out to other models aside from fenix, 745, 945... Lower end models.... Like the 245? Thx in advance!
    Can I assume that given this will connect to a power meter (Tacx Neo and Cinch in my case) I can do cycling v02 max ? Also assume no issues with a wahoo tckr HR ? Thanks in advance.
    Whenever I watch a DC Rainmaker video, I learn a new thing about watches.
    I've recently had to warranty my Forerunner 745 for the third time, all for the same issue. Garmin claims they are all stand alone issues. Otherwise it was a great device, but I am done dealing with it so I'm switching to a different device. I really did like the training load watch face, the main reason I picked the 745 over the Fenix 6S.
    For fxxk sake please stop talking with your hands. Have a look at other YouTubers on how to do videos.
    Would you mind sharing some insights on compatibility to wahoo ecosystem? (elemnt bolt, tickr, kickr...) Big thanks for this great content!
    Great intro
    Thank you so much for the TL:DW notice / conclusion upfront. Watching the whole vid regardless but that is just such a genuinely nice thing to do.
    How to update vo2max?
    I tried 245, 945 and 745 and all three had piss poor GPS tracks which caused unstable instant pace. The laps and total distances are all on par with each other but I need instant pace it's the only feature that helps me run better. My FR10 GPS is very accurate and rock solid I can always rely on it to report correct pace during easy runs and intervals. The 935 also has great GPS.
    Amazing camera work! I would love for you to do a video once on your work flow and how you go about getting those angles
    Do you have the slave I ucs?
    Very nice vid. 745 is on his way to my (very small) wrist any time next week, let's hope courier service is fast :D Upgrading from a wa-aaa-y too old Polar M400 and the triple generation jump+company switch I'm sure will be mind blowing. My only doubt still stands on the battery life. Not a fan of notification or training with music in my ears (maybe will throw some PulsOx here and there when temps increases or for some altitude training)... So are the 16h training and 7 days "standing still" marks reachable?
    Hey man! Thanks for this. I am just getting in to triathlon and want to do a full Ironman next year. I will always be an apple guy and won’t wear this all day only during my workouts. But I wanted to see if you recommended this of the garmin 935? Thanks!
    Wooow Matt it is an incredible intro!🤘. I have a question maybe a strange one. If you have the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Ti, Forerunner 745 and the Fenix 6S Solar Lt Gold which ones would you sell and which one would you keep. I hope you can help me because I don't know what to do 🤷‍♂️.
    Add watches to the items needing upgrades... currently the 920 now 🤦🏽‍♀️ - will check out more vids to see what direction we may go in the future. Good info here to start. Thanks, Matt!
    Awesome video Matt! The intro and b-roll blow my mind as always :P!
    For me was Garmin Pay one of the reasons why I chose / stayed with Garmin. Actually I opened a bank account in new bank because of Garmin pay support. But with Music I have the same story as you :D I thought I would use it every day, but I did not use it neither during one run. For me is reason faster battery consumption.
    I use both Garmin Pay and music on my 945 and really love both features. For syncing up music I configured MusicBee and it happens automatically on connecting my watch to PC.
    Matt, I bought this from your link a while ago. I have 201 activities stored and it’s been great! I put a screen protector on it on day one. Thanks for your videos!
    Yeah the intro was fabulous. Very sharp man. Keep it up!
    Garmin baby Garmin! Haha my favorite brand! I love my Fenix 3!
    What in the Sam hell - that intro is fantastic! And great update review all around. Great work - great video shots - thank you for posting.
    Do you know if there is a way to link your training plan directly to the workouts on the watch? That would be cool
    What do you think to the new 745, the best choice in the Forerunner range?
    I got my 745 today for 300€ i can t w8 too get out thx dude for you Review
    Beautiful colour! Great watch! Good review!
    Why does your fave have the little white lines all around it (like 945) but in other photos of 745 they're missing
    I’d like to see the sleep widget you talk about. Also why has Wiggle got so expensive all of a sudden? You’re charging the same price as my local Indy running shop but with no delivery hassles or postage returns for warranty issues. They were delighted to get my money last week😘
    So, can it astimate power on acount of all the data? I didn't hear the baterys autonomy. 14h? Great video btw 👍 Thnx
    How accuracy this watch in in open water swimming ?
    Very good review enjoyed this!
    Nice review. Is it actual red or a deep orange?
    Excellent review mate! I'd be running out to grab this if I could afford it. I do think the vivoactive 4 will do the trick for what I want though, so hopefully I can grab one of those at a great price instead.
    By far, the most down to earth and practical garmin 745 review I've watched. Your speaking and demeanor is concise, informative yet relaxed. Thank you.
    Thanks, great review, question which one do you recommend 745 or Fenix 5 Plus Titanium this one 30 USD more expensive.
    Hello from Germany. Does the heart rate monitor scratch easily?
    maybe a dumb question but does the watch connect to bluetooth headphones?
    Helpful, to-the-point video. Thanks for making this! Couldn't help but envy the '8h 49m' of sleep reading though...
    your eyes are not aligned. is it fixable?
    I think it would be nice to watch a smartwatch review that isn't about reading the spec sheet that everyone is doing but rather, why would I want this particular watch. Which features would you expect in a smartwatch in this price range. For instance I personally am specifically looking for a soundless vibrating alarm and some more everyday problems where a smartwatch would be a nice addition to help me throughout the day. This is a sports watch so how did it help you doing exercise? Eventually, in which situations is the watch a better solution than the phone?
    Can I listen to spotify without bring my phone with me?
    Hi there ! Nice video! I got a question though. I run a lot, and I like to run at new places like when I'm on vacation. If I do a run of e.g. 25km, it is difficult to remember by heart which route I chould take. I'm interested in the FR 745. So my questions: 1- Can you load your own routes on the FR 745? (I think you need to create them using an external device?) 2- If the answer is yes to question 1: How does the FR745 guides you to follow the route? Does it only show the path (without topographical map like on the 945), and an arrow of your position and orientation on this path? Does it give directions? Do you have experience with this and is it easy to follow an own created route? Thanks a lot! Pieter
    A really good review. The best I've seen. After seeing this one I have decided that the 745 is the one for me.

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