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Garmin Fenix 6X Sapphire Fitness Tracker Features

  • Material: Carbon-graphite
  • In-box Contents: 1 Watch, 1 charger and Manuals
  • Dynamic pacepro (software update will be available in 2019 q4) feature helps you run smarter over various types of terrain
  • Navigate your world with multi-gnss satellite reference and outdoor sensors
  • Sync your favourite streaming services, and listen to music without your phone
Garmin Fenix 6X Sapphire Fitness Tracker Garmin Fenix 6X Sapphire Fitness Tracker Colours:
  • Grey

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Garmin Fenix 6X Sapphire Fitness Tracker Reviews from YouTube

Garmin Fenix 6X Sapphire Review : More than you know!
Garmin Fenix 6X Sapphire : Unbox, Setup and Camparison
Garmin Fenix 6x Pro unboxing - hands on, Maps, widgets, menus, Battery & comparison to Fenix 5x Plus
Garmin fēnix 6 Sapphire // Unboxing, Setup, Widgets, Activities, Maps, and more!
Hi Jabber, thank you for the nice review. Want to buy a Fenix 6, just cant decide between the Fenix 6 Pro and the Fenix 6x pro. Mainly size wise. Cause since corona and not being able to try the wathces on, I am scared that the 51mm Fenix 6x Pro would be too big on my 7 inch wrist. Thats why I am at the moment more on the Fenix 6 Pro side. What would you say? Thanks in advance and keep up the good work :)
i love your watch tan line haha. great review!
Why not bluetooth download? Because it takes forever. 90% of smart phones support hotspot function nowdays. Enable it. And if your cellular plan allows it. Vola my friend you are downloading music to your watch from your phone. Kinda. Through wifi. While using your phone as a router. And probably downloading it from internet anyways . . Yadi yada. Technicalities. Anyways . Good job with a review. I guess it's time to upgrade from my Garmin f 3 HR sapphire. I tell ya . It had some rough life. But man do these people know how to make a reliable tech.
Hey man i know its been a while, just got my fenix 6 solar pro, but i got a problem in syncing my garmin to iphone for my notifications specially my sms, WhatsApp fb etc :(
Great Review! Thank you. Which watch face is this?
Just be carfull buying this watch now there is a bad batch going around with faulty screens, where when back light comes on it turns blue n contrast is terrible i had to send 2 back in less then 2 days
If this watch sale for 350 dollars, they will sale millions of them.
One needs The electric Hammer to go along with this beautiful watch.
“Any watch that’s called a super watch or a fitness watch should give you more stats than you know what to do with”. Hilarious
Great Review looking to get this watch
Regular dudes are the best. From one regular dude to another.
I’m thinking 2021 there will be the Fenix 7 - prob expensive in comparison but Fenix 6s sapphire reads very well - battery life, ability to play music without phone, has map options, run dynamics with foot pod (still not sure if this required as you tube review not highlighting this) & the sapphire scratch resistant screen - the 945 is all plastic and the 745 although newer has the coach training built in but the shocking battery hence making the watch features worse. I’m thinking the Fenix 7 will prob include this run coach option and be better to wait for with fantastic battery and the health monitoring features too? The forerunner 920 I have is old now but still works great - just wait for new release 2021?
In September 2020, I bought Garmin Fenix 6x Sapphire and made an overview. Two weeks later the watch began to make an annoying rattle sound during vibration. I contacted a shop and the watch was replaced in 1 month. At the beginning of November, the new watch began to make an annoying rattle sound during vibration again!
How about the map? Any radar for our location provided? The watch can detect the surrounding temperature and weather by itself?
Great review. Quick question that I have not been able to get an answer on from Garmin. What is the tip-to-tip measurement (length) on the 6x sapphire + bands?
I have 6 pro love it a great watch, so is this review :-) Could you please tell me which watchface is that? Oh find it under the video, nevermind.
The reason for connection to wifi to download music is because even fast bluetooth is slow. You should however be able to do just fine with your phone if you enable personal hotspot. I have same hotspot name/password on my phone as at home then it's very easy just take various devices on the go without having to reconfigure.
You sound like Bill Burr.
Ordered one today. I bought the coros Apex Pro recently, but its just not robust enough.
Love the look of the fenix watches but I was disappointed by its performance. My last Garmin was the instinct. Love that watch and still use it. Anyway I tried the fenix tactix delta solar. I feel like the watch never really worked right. Non stop connection issues, which I’ve determined as normal. I’d walk ten feet away and the watch would disconnect. What’s the point of a smart watch that doesn’t let you know of notifications. My Instinct would never have these issues and it’s bt range was awesome. I’d easily say the Instinct has 3x times the range. I also had the apps connect and ConnectIQ especially freeze up. My Spotify never worked at all and I couldn’t get the other music apps to download without locking up. I tried multiple things that others have done with no success. the fenix 6 just has awful BT range and issues. The watch is just to expensive to not perform as well as my $250 Garmin at the minimum. I had to return it. On a side note badass looking watch and build quality.
new bezel's color "carbon grey" is different from the old "slate grey", right?
Its an investment Guys/girls, This will last you around lets say 8 years. Thats just over $100 a year or 9$ a month for 8 years. Dirt cheap for what you're getting.
Hello, This garmin shappire, the visel is the gray or black dlc version Thaks!
Cheers Mate!
potential subscriber but, 4 commercials in 14 minutes
Anyone know the durability difference between the sapphire glass and the solar glass?
I was debating a delta but now that the watches are $150 off (excluding the delta) I’m think the 6X sapphire or even pro thoughts?
Fuk it I’m getting it
What about 6X pro ? is it worth to spend extra money to get dlc coating and sapphire glass ?
Hi! Please answer me! Are there any smartwatch, which I can find via my smartphone, when i lost it?
Have you ever tried the Heathered bracelet?
Dude, you just open the box and add pops up! And you do unboxing, what will happen on real review? Any decent guy on YouTube or as i calling Scrap Yard of Society ?
Does the watch show the distance from an indoor activity (cross trainer or indoor bike) when you manually enter it in the app after the activity?
Can you delete the ski maps and golf courses on the watch? Like to know as I'm getting one, next week. Live in Thailand. Cheers.
I just purchased a Garmin Fenix 6X pro watch that did not turn on. After sitting on Garmin's chat support line for 30 minutes, I learned that they have no idea how to turn the watch on either. I asked to return the watch, which I bought from the Garmin website and got the runaround that I didn't try their troubleshooting tips. I tried everything they asked. I just want the watch to work as advertised.I'm sincerely disappointed in how Garmin handled this situation. "Tom" who is probably not really Tom, was a complete jerk to me in our chat session. Not once did he offer any helpful information. Instead, he asked me two questions again and again, "Do you want help troubleshooting or would you like to return the item?" Never did he offer an exchange or repair even though my watch is only 12 hours old! My advice, avoid Garmin at all costs!
Is it touch screen
Is it possible to replace the battery in case of ?
I have this watch already. But i have a question, does it support Bluetooth 5.0 wireless headphones? Because on manual it says it has 4.2 Bluetooth, but i would like to buy headphones with 5.0 Bluetooth. Would it pair or no?
can anybody help me? I have never had a watch, and I want one and I can not decide, hunting, fishing, freediving and soccer which would be ideal for me?
Checkout my other Channel - dedicated to everything HomeKit and smart Home - have got touchscreen as well ?
What price did you pay for this thanks
Love the review May even consider separating from my Apple Watch after this!
How much cost
Excellent watch
Grate video. One feedback, when you are comparing 2 products on the same video, keep the same position, dont change them from left to right.
At the beginning of November,  the new watch began to make an annoying rattle sound during vibration again!
Too much info in too short a time, You move from one item to another so quickly. Stopped the video half way and couldn't remember most of what you said.
hey!, thanks for this great review! i just subscribed.
Hello could you tell me that the settings you have given brightness to the display in percentage?
Nice smartwatch nya.
All these are free. And optimised for Garmin devices Great for hiking etc. The link below, just choose your tiles and your away, this map is good for street routes, but has contour maps, I'd suggest just uploading the transparent contour map from here Next link below is to Frikart Brilliant map My map of choice, very detailed Transparent contour and trail lines/ maps built-in etc and transparent trail maps to overlay on other maps. / This one below is a great map to. You can change the map type to "small" for your watch. Just follow the instructions Ps. Remember to rename your map's before you upload them to your watch, as you need to distinguish between them Any more help, Just give me a shout by replying here. All the best. and happy sporting : -) An additional link below for biking maps.
i like the watch. big jump from 5 series but.first day or day 1 I smacked the door lock with my wrist couldnt believe the damage just from this 1 hit leaving 2-3 smaller scratches on screen also missing the 6-7mm paint on a ring. didnt have that kinda demage on series 3 and 5 together. always making a jokes with guys who bought other smart wathes saving the money telling them garmin is the boss. otherwise everything goes well, im spendidng a lot of time outdoors privat including my job which is similar or very close to my hobi. screen is great i love it thats a big improvement, data goes faster and overall feel is better and battery life is arround 2 weeks which is good. lil bit more hardware protection for this money the answer is yes, would i change this watch for another answer is no bcuz i love it. this is my personal opinion. thank you.
Wish it wasent so huge and bulky!
Hi Buddy, is the Fenix 6 compatible with Polar speed/cadence sensors? I have been using a Polar GPS watch on my racing bike for several years. In March this year, Polar stopped supporting the online software which allowed me to upload my runs and then see, second by second, my pulse, speed, cadence as well as other stuff on a map of my ridden route. Polar made me an offer of 15% off to buy a new watch. I won't be buying Polar to protest on their arrogance. Am thing of the watch shown here, would appreciate your feedback. Thanks
I follow your channel closely, thanks for your quality videos! . I want to buy a sports watch this month . I run, I go hiking in the mountains, I also have a mtb . my budget is around 7-800 usd . What would you choose between Coros Apex pro, Fenix ​​5x plus sapphire, and fenix 6x pro? 2 reasons for choosing please . Thank you very much!
Is there a 6x face out there with time, bat, day, date, AND YEAR?
Good intro, great video
Still worth it to get one? Fenix 7 may be around the corner?
so it will track jumping out of a plane, but not SOCCER? GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE WHAT A DUMB DEVICE. also, way too much going on, way to many buttons. no thanks lol what a waste
Good video! Fenix 6 serie is best watch serie what I know. Everything is good all so better than the Vivoactive 3. I think Fenix 6 Shapphire is my nexts watch. But I am 14 years old and I want to buy the Fenix series watch OMG
what watch are you wearing on the video?
Need an advise fenix 6 pro solar or saphire? I'm not an endurance person.
I hope the Fenix 7 has LTE or 5g
I thought this was an “unboxing, setup” type video. It is NOT for someone who has never had this type of device before. You go through things WAY too FAST. I’m more confused now than before. Maybe you can change the title of this video. If you have had a Garmin before, this could be helpful, but not to newbies.
Hey there! Question for you. Between the Fenix 6 Pro and Apple Watch 6, which would say has the more accurate HR and GPS? Not a hard-core athlete, but these accuracies are important to me. Thank you!
Have you noticed any difference in back lit display quality? I took a look thru the Garmin forums and I see people reporting blue screens or washed out blacks.
does a watch face that is black pull less power than I white one? I guess my question is, black background truly not lighted and thus saving power or is it lighted but the screen is projecting a black color thus lighted and burning battery?
Love the video@ GARMIN JR. APP be downloaded on the fenix 6? Thankyou!
Does Sapphire have a pro version? Or is it always built in in every sapphire fenix (i mean wifi, music storage etc.)
Hey Des I’m a big fan of the channel, thanks for all the great information you provide. I had a question, I’ve been considering a Fenix 6 Sapphire for a long time but am now considering maybe the 945 instead. I mainly run roads and a little trail running, and road bike. Occasionally hiking while camping. The Apple Watch isn’t quite getting the job done especially on camping trips. If you could only get one for all activity and all day wear(including business attire) which one would you recommend? Thanks
Straight to the point review
How you put on the fenix 6 pro foot pod on it
Is there any way to go from one activity to the next without having to stop and start? E.g. when I go to the gym I use the rower for 5-10mins to warm up, then weights/strength training and then stretches. On my old Apple watch I could just hit the "+" button to go onto the next activity without stopping but I cant see an option to do that on this watch (I have the Fenix 6s). Any help would be appreciated.
Its pretty frustrating how Garmin hold back software features just to make you pay more money. An example is this watch, an already very expensive watch, can only show 6 data fields in activities but the 6X Pro and 6X Pro Solar can show 8. Correct me if I'm wrong but the screen is the same size and it runs the same software. Is there any reason why this couldn't show 8 data fields? I bought the 6S base model because it was $400 NZD off at a local shop and I'm stoked with it but I find it kind of insulting that they only give you 2 pretty lame watch faces to chose from in a watch that normally retails at $1099 NZD. Don't get me wrong, I like the watch but I think its very expensive if you pay full price and considering the base model only has 3Mb of storage space, 2 pretty lackluster watch faces, no maps, no music storage etc. It seems like a bit of a price gouge. Can someone explain to me why Garmin watches are so expensive? An apple watch series 6 is $350 NZD cheaper and has 32gb of internal storage, a waaaaay more powerful CPU, can do hands free siri, has a much more attractive OLED display etc. The only downside is battery life and I suppose the Garmin watches are more accurate with GPS? Is that why they're so expensive? Honestly, if someone could enlighten me I would be appreciative.
Hey man; I’m putting together a short, informal huddle with my coworkers at REI about our fitness watches and your videos have been wonderfully informative. I’m definitely pointing any interested coworkers towards your channel. I appreciate what you’re doing. Keep fighting the good fight :)
Hi, just wondering about the Indoor Track mode if it can be used for condominium carpark running? I was using the regular Run Mode with gps and the map didn't look right. I guess no gps in carpark but just gonna try Indoor Track mode if it works ok.
Awesome review! I always look for accurate-objective reviews before acquiring something. I hope you get more views in the future. sincerely, a fit geek!

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