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Fundamentals of Nuclear Science and Engineering Book Reviews from YouTube

Nuclear Physics Book Recommendations
Nuclear Physics: Crash Course Physics #45
Best two books on Nuclear and particle physics ||
Books I Use For Research in Theoretical Nuclear Physics
Bro i am from india and i wants to made a nuclear bomb after completed 12thstd which course is best to study about bombs and refer some books for me
that is not nuclear physics , that is nuclear eng
These are pop-sci books . You need serious texts with utmost rigor , like the ones of .... K.S Krane , B. Cohen or S.N Ghoshal.
nice collection! I also have some of them.
Very nice books
I got the introduction to radioactive mineral collecting and mineralogy of uranium and thorium in hopes of learning how to identify different minerals but to be honest, I'm more confused after reading them than before 😅 Anyway, these are great books worth having a look at!
Do you plan to make a novel device like applied science did when he made homemade electron microscope? If so it would be fantastic for the audience and your reach! It seems you do have a great taste for science and are disciplined enough to read so you must have an idea or two for such novel projects. Looking forward to it!!
How did you read all of them? Especially topics like these which do require going over a certain section or two over and over again?
how do i make a bomb
Please continue to make more videos on nuclear physics topics and do it in a crash course manner. It is the perfect way of doing online learning and the way you do it, nothing like it on the internet. Excellent work to your team.
Lol, at 0:50, it says "In 2020, CERN opens a cosmic portal and unleashes C'thulu, who runs for office and wins", also "neutrinos have mass and it's a massive deal."
Good one but it a little bit faster
Why does alpha emission usually happen for large nucleus
5:46 What are Superman, Lois Lane and Lex Luthor doing in a Nuclear Physics video?????
I am so inspired by Dr. Somara. As a woman of color in the chemistry field, she motivates me to be proud and confident about my science.
Don’t listen with headphones. This women is so damn hard to understand. Had to rewind to try and make out what the hell she was saying.
To all the people telling her to breathe - 1. There is a 3 dot icon on the upper right corner of your screen, click it. 2.Then you'll find a Playback Speed option. 3. Choose your desired speed. 4. And know that this channel is called "Crash Course". Hope this helps =)
I'm still watching it..But you've Atomic no of Oxygen = 18 at 4:08…?
Welp this is easy even although im too young to study this also my age is 10
E-energy M-mass C-cuet of light
The intro states one fact that may be true, at 0:50 there is a fact about Cthulu, and judging upon the current circumstances, they may be right...
It's much better coming here with some little data, explains much much better
Wow this helped with my homework
never knew that anyone could actually make physics sound boring
Nuclear physics by D C Tayal
What's your view on "Satadal Bhattachary Nuclear and Particle Physics:: An Introduction"
The book you showed, particle physics a primer, can a guy who finished high school will be able to fully grasp the concept of the book?
How can u buy all for self learn. All book super costly in ama and flip. How u afford it. I searched krane nuclear phy. It's showing 4400/-
I like Particle physics a primer. Could you upload this book pdf format ? Amazon can't ship this book my country.
sir plz sujjest statistical mechanics books for beginner
Is the Bernard Cohen book good for Beginners?
Which book is best for beginners in particle physics?
Bhaiya plz next topic on modern physics plzzzzzz 🤗🤗
Hello, want to a question.. Do you own all these books you show on your YouTube channel or you issue it from library. (Please don't get offended I don't mean to be rude or anything)..
Are you a university student and if so, what year are you in?
S.N Ghoshal is best for Nuclear physics.
Astronomy and astrophysics books plzzz
Next video on Astronomy and astrophysics books 🙏
Modern physics
High energy
renormalization it's an old book and still up to date
peshkin ok foundamental Baal foundamental too and didatical Schwartz it's the reference book
Would it theoretically be possible to send iron into criticality in any known/ theorized conditions?
These books are not very good. The good books for QFT are Zee, Parisi, and condensed matter ones.
One question which is pretty straight forward Does a charge constituent CONTINUOUSLY OR REGULARLY emitting VIRTUAL photons or only when any other charge comes into its range..
new short book: "MATHEMATICAL PSYCHOLOGY bachiri" amazon 3$
Can you tell is nuclear physicist also do research in astronomy like nuclear astronomy
I'm an electronics engineer but your videos make me want to major in Physics
I'm getting Schwartz for my 15th bday !
I'm surprised that you didn't mention the Nuclear Physics Bible (Bohr & Mottelson, Nuclear Structure Volumes I & II), but I guess you're on the higher-energy side of things
Thanks a lot
Intro to quantum field theory A course in field theory Quantum field theory and the standard model Renormalization Quarks & leptons
I haven’t read the last one on renormalization but read the first three. Schwartz is very good unless you read the chapter about path integrals. After reading this chapter path integral remains just a fancy sign. Showing how it works in quantum mechanics and then “by analogy” adopting it to field theory is NOT enough. Very few books really dig into this. My personal favourite is Itzykson Zuber “QFT”, it really explains what is going on.
When i first got introduced in QFT I read QFT in a nutshell which gives a nice introduction into the ideas of QFT.
Damn her appendix is dummy thicc
Thankyou bro! I found that white colored quantum field theory textbook on Google Play! Which means one can read a sample for free before they buy, at least. I love Google Play besides the fact they dont always have every textbook I am looking for. But they had that one!
Schwartz is really good! It's the only QFT book I could find that starts without the expectation that you've seen anything in QFT before.
I'm gonna recommend a book which is for me a little gem of a book: - Quantum field theory by Srednicki. Another superb book and more pedagogic: - Gauge theories in particle physics by Hey and Aitchison.
Quantum field. Wtf is a quantum field. I know quantum means smallest size you can get to because there is no such thing as infinitely small. Like a photon being the quantum aspect of light. So going back to a quantum field, What is a quantum field? A field of what?
Dr Andrew

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