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Fundamentals of Fracture Mechanics Book Reviews from YouTube

Basic fracture mechanics
Lecture 21 - Introduction to Fracture Mechanics, Griffith's Analysis of a Cracked Body
Fracture Mechanics Concepts: Micro→Macro Cracks; Tip Blunting; Toughness, Ductility & Yield Strength
Advanced Aerospace Structures: Lecture 8 - Fracture Mechanics
Thanks for this short yet helpful video!
Lol it's a little funny to hear
Thanks for this great video! is Y determined by the second moment theory of a bending beam? i want to estimate the ideal thickness of borosilicate rod under Bending Stress, and to determine how the critical radius of a notch will change with the increasing of the rod radius. how can i simplify it by this theory? thanks in advance!
চমৎকার লেকচার। বাল বুঝা গেছে। বাল আমার।
Hi how is your day could you please tell me how can I contact you if I have question thanks 🙏
Jujur saya belum paham bagaimana memahami teori ini?
annoying audio.
Can anyone explain the difference between the two equations for Fracture toughness equations such that: K = (y.p)/(h.w^0.5) or K= Y. STRESS.((Pi.a) ^0.5)
A highly cross-linked epoxy resin has a coefficient of linear thermal expansion α = 5×10−5 K−1, GIC = 120 J/m2, E = 3.2 GPa, and ν = 0.35. A thick layer of resin is cured and is firmly bonded to an aluminum part (α = 2.5 × 10−5 K−1) at 180◦C. Calculate the minimum defect size needed to initiate cracking in the resin on cooling to 20◦C. Take α in Eqn. 5 to be 2/π for penny-shaped cracks of radius a in a wide sheet.?
Thanks for a clear explnation!. How do we arrive at the crize size ..a for calculation. Ex In FEA , I get some hot spots and I know the magnitude of vonMises stress. How can I calculate the fatigue for such cases?
Is there any more videos on this subject? Iwin's law, Griffith's law?
Is 'a' the initial crack length or the varying crack length. How does the testing machine determining the crack length calculates the crack length, when it plots dA / dN vs DeltaK curve?
It is true that fracture toughness is a specific value of stress concentration factor,though K(Kc) is not stress intensity factor,it is fracture toughness. If the material is broken(a fracture occured) we say that Kt(Stress intensity/concentration factor)>=Kc.
Great explanation, thanks.
Your excellent teaching style is as rare as my frequency of creating a youtube comment. Thanks for the posted video.
Does anybody know how to calculate the geometric factor with a sample of certain width??
It's new science where the terminology are not well defined yet ! A lot of confusion ..
What figure results would be considered a high fracture strength ?
Explained very effectively sir..tq
Who's here for finals
very awesome beats many teachers lectures
Dhanyawad Sir Ji
Good way to explain the concepts amidst many lecture videos online.
Nice lecture
This was incredibly insightful, thank you
Mechanical Engineer here (P.ENG.) ….love the content from your channel!
Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Great explanation.
This is an excellent video, thanks! Unfortunately, in my case the video stopped for an ad which presented chicks doing squats in the gym. Obviously Youtube has a different understanding about cracks, otherwise they would not interrupt this video (which I watched in my work ) to show super asses and boobs
Is there a summary of materials in Indonesian?
Is it habibi's theory?
Youtube threw you into my feeds!!! 😎😎
Superb work. You made it easy to understand. Need more on fracture mechanics from your end to learn.
great lecturer sir I want to ask one question what is the effect of temperature on fracture toughness of material,while going high temperature fracture toughness decreases compared to room temperature test.
thank you very much for the simplification of fracture
nice course
Great video Sir! I want to ask you if you can explain in other videos the Kitagawa Tagahashi diagram and it's relationship to the fracture toughness of materials!
I am working on NASGro software. I want to learn more and more about this, as I am working on NASBEM, I am having very limited knowledge. I want to know more about how to use this software. Can I get any guidance on where I can learn to operate this software? Can we have more tutorial videos?
Thank you for your videos. What do you think about the Maugis' equations to estimate displacements? Are they(Maugis' equations) accurate compared to FEM?
Thanks for the lecture.
can we have your lecture file sir? thanks.
Hi, how can I get the integral j manually with the help of Abaqus?

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