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Buy Fujifilm X70 Digital Camera online at Amazon. Fujifilm X70 Digital Camera . Fujifilm X70 Digital Camera available in Colours: Silver

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Fujifilm X70 Digital Camera price at Amazon - ₹95,820

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The lowest Fujifilm X70 Digital Camera Price in India is ₹95,820 at Amazon.
Buy Fujifilm X70 Digital Camera online at Amazon.
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Fujifilm X70 Digital Camera Fujifilm X70 Digital Camera available in Colours:
  • Silver

Fujifilm X70 Digital Camera Specifications

Technical Details
Device interface - primary Touch Screen
Batteries Included Yes
Batteries Required Yes
Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Brand Fujifilm
Continuous Shooting Speed 8.00
Has Image Stabilization No
Includes AC Adapter No
Includes External Memory No
Includes Rechargable Battery No
Includes Remote No
Item model number Fujifilm X70 Camera Silver
Item Weight 862 g
Material 16.3 MP APS-C sized X-Trans II Sensor w/ EXR Processor II
Max Resolution 16 Megapixels
Max Shutter Speed 1/4000 of a second Seconds
Min Aperture 16 f_stop
Min Focal Length 18 Millimeters
Min Shutter Speed 1 second Seconds
Model Fujifilm X70 Camera Silver
Optical Zoom 1 X
Product Dimensions 17.8 x 17.8 x 9.9 cm
Screen Size 3 Inches
Supported Image Type JPEG
Total Usb Ports 1

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Fujifilm X70 Review 2019 (+ Free Photo Sample!)
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Shout out to Kevin Mullins, this is his video on the X70: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tZ1dZNhvb4&t=780s
hi i love the looks of this camera. i currently own an iphone 11 pro - may i ask if the x70 is better than the iphone 11 in terms of image? honest question here
What is with the accent? I am Indian and I don't sound like that. STOP this generalisation and making fun of accents is not in good taste.
Lmao your accent fluctuations are like part of your brand, I've come to expect them. Also just heard about this camera and was super excited when I saw You, Matias, and Andrew & Danae had all done reviews. And yes I put you at their level, just keep pushing out this great content and you will have ALL the subscribers.
How’s the auto focus speed? And has this camera ever had any software updates? Thanks
X20 is great too with zoom...I want zoom for street and travel...you cannot run into everyplace jamming camera into people's business...bring back X20 with updates
Awesome! Please, can you share your X70 settings?
I sold my X70 because the video was trash. That said, I kind of miss it. I just hope Fuji will eventually make an X70S or X80, adding the new 26mp sensor from XT3/4 as well as the X Processor 4. WOuld be epic to have this same form factor with great 4K30P or even 4K60P video. That would make it the ultimate vacation camera.
All the good points you said plus the flash sync up to 1/4000 which can fill the light on harsh lighting condition with the beautiful leaf shutter. Add the wide angle converter and with the tilt screen, star/milky way photography is pure fun. Thanks
How's AF in this camera and c-af!?
Have an x100f and I love it but I’d love to add this camera as my everyday throw in my pocket for street photography. Great video! Subscribed!
Just bought one in silver, today changed out the lcd, which had a couple of deep gouches. Cheap and easy to do. LCD is around 18 USD. You DO need double sticky tape though. It's love at first sight with these cameras.
Great video… I have to ask, why do you start talking in an Indian tone every now and then
As an owner of a Fuji x70 I def agree! thanks for the video
nice video Haris...
I bought the X70 when it first came out and absolutely love it. It’s everything I want in a small, high quality camera and then some.
just now bought one:-).
Love classic chrome, no need for edit, nothing
Thanks for the video. I own a X70 but don't understand the limitations of the Exposure Compensation dial. I have noticed that at certain manual settings, such as setting a high aperture, the dial stops working. I can't find information on this issue. Is this intentional? What is your experience? Thank you.
Thanks! I am really interested in getting myself a x70. How would you compare x70 and xf10?
The thing with fuji noise is that it doesnt ruin an image, it just adds character like 35mm film.
I bought a new x70 in 2019, primarily for travel, and I was really happy with it (past tense because, well, travel...). During the past months shooting inside the house, mostly my cats, I am using my husband's Sony A7iii and I am blown away by how strikingly clear the Sony shots with continuous animal eye AF are compared to my old x70 (also using AF). I still look forward to traveling with my little x70 again, and I guess this is a perfect opportunity to practice using manual AF.
Hello! I am thjnking about getting this but wonder how does this compare to the iPhone ? I have an iPhone 11 - should i get this.?
I love this camera, and took my most popular photo ever with this little gem
Brilliant video and camera Jay. I can't wait to add it to my collection of Fujis 😉🙃
zone focusing made the pics look soft
Im interested to buy a used x70 but i dont know if it is still worthy in 2020 since it has 17 megapixel or should i buy xf10 with 24 megapixel? Can u help me to decide that.
Bought my X70 new and have loved it ever since. I use it anytime I travel and when I feel like taking street photography. It’s a great camera.
Great review Jay. Does it have WiFi?
excellent video thank you !!! much blessed!
I bought my X70 for over three years ago. Experimented with my workflow over the years with raw-files converters and other programs, I think I finally find my workflow. Since I bought the latest iPad mini 5 I import raw-files for develop in Photo or Affinity Photo. I´m almost blended about the sharpness and colors every time. The camera itself its very compact, maybe too compact for my fingers. I sometimes struggling with controls both on lens and camera because they are too thin. Otherwise the tiltscreen is a must for me, mostly in low hight photos, and 28mm (eqv) its not for my like, soon as you tilt it is difficult to compose. As a 35mm shooter with my OM 4 decades back I really thinking about the X100V as a replacement.
I think Acros is available in Capture One.
I love my x70. Fuji quality that fits in your pocket. I do wish it had ACROS though. Great for documenting family life. I take my x70 out more than my xt2. Thanks for the vid. I enjoyed it . Cheers from Australia.
This is the camera I wanted to buy brand new. I picked the X100F since the X70 was discontinued.
I had an X70 and sold it, then regretted it ever since. Luckily I found a brand new one a couple of months ago in my local camera shop so I jumped on it! So happy to have one again for all your reasons mentioned. Could this possibly be the camera with the highest ' sold then bought back again' rate?! Lol. Great vid, cheers.
I use mine almost every day! I’ve thought about buying a used x100f, but the x70 is just so convenient.
The X70 taught me the basics of photography. I bought it when I knew nothing other than the fact that a large sensor is a good thing. In the beginning I shot in automatic modes but always things happened I didn't like. Then I started to learn about aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Therefore I think this camera is quite good for smartphone shooters like I was who want to know what “real photography“ is like. For them it's also ok that it hasn't got an EVF. The drawback is that it does many things worse than a smartphone. I think that is the reason why it was not as much sold as Fuji wanted.
The X70 was my entry into the Fuji world, and I absolutely love that camera. Now that I also have an X-T20, I do like using the EVF, but being able to flip up/down the screen with one hand and take a quick snap with the X70 was awesome. Mine's currently up for sale though as the X-T20 is fairly compact, but now I'm having second thoughts :/ Great video about a great camera!
Nothing wrong with old cameras Jay, I recently bought my second X-T2 at a great price. As you say, sometimes it’s nice to have a small camera that you can keep in a pocket, but to me not having a viewfinder is a deal breaker, not to mention that I shoot jpegs (yes, i know) and when I’m using it for street photos I really like the acros simulation, so that’s another negative. Nice video and thank you for continuing to make them in English (or Spanish if you like, I do both LOL).
why i feel the speaker is stand in front of a picture or screen or something,not only bokeh,but the color feels separate,why is that ,is there fill light ?
The f/stop and focus ring is an issue but using the back focus button and touchscreen in manual focus can really speed things up.
Another cheese head full of himself
hell there any idea what will happen to x70 user when its get discontinued? i mean for firmware updates?
I can appreciate all aspects being reviewed when you talk about this camera. Do we really think that the person getting this camera will use it for high burst action shots or video? This is 1st and foremost a street stills shooter. Great for candids and portraits with the personality and texture of film simulations. Yes the Sony RX100 series or even Canon G7X series can offer a lot more in terms of tech features...but the out of camera jpeg experience from a pocketable Fuji like the X70 is sublime. In addition, if you learn about your camera, and get the light/settings right, that APSC will reward you more than any 1" sensor (or smarphone) ever will.
They probably didn't put an EVF or ND filter to prevent cannibalizing the X100 series
I wanted one of these - however the price was prohibitive for me. I street shoot here in Chicago. As of 2/2/2018 - you can’t find new ones in the US.
Here is a reason NOT to buy this or any Fuji camera - the now infamous "Lens Control Error" that appears on several of their older products. This well-known issue arises as a result of a poor design by Fuji. There is a ribbon-cable inside the lens-barrel that gets pinched by the movement of the lens in and out, and it eventually tears. It is just a matter of time - happens to them all with use. Since Fuji ignores this issue I advise voting with your feet and NOT buying their products. They need to acknowledge and take responsibility for this massive issue affecting tens of thousands of users out there.
You're from Alberta? I love it
he sounds like kermit the frog ,sorry ,great review though
did you notice the white rabbits at 1:44???
Great review. I needed to know more about this camera to help someone use it and he covered all I needed to know.
hello i need your adivce you think it's worth upgrading a x30 with the x70 ? will it be night and day difference ?
I like your reviews but why the hell you always test these cameras next to garbage bins... seriously I literally noticed it in most of your review videos.
Ricoh cameras are branded as Pentax in most parts of the world and it's very hard to find a store that stocks them
What would you recommend more this or the lx100?
I was looking into this camera and was wondering if it was good for new users. Im not a crazy camera person but I like taking pictures on vacations or special events etc. Would you recommend this camera or something else in this price range?
I apologize in advance for the silly question... but I've had this camera for almost a year and I can't figure out of there is a zoom feature or not. Can you help?
is there option for external viewfinder ?
What is a " price point"?
Beautiful video. It really is an excellent advert for the camera, and love your voice, narration and the beautiful photos which themselves speak a thousand words. A review which respects the camera for what it is and appreciates it's capabilities. No camera is perfect, so we should remember that sometimes we can get too demanding about what we are using and forget that we need a little human effort to get the best results. Overall, nobody could possibly be disappointed using the X70-unless a viewfinder is a must. It would be wrong to dismiss the camera simply because of that in this instance.
I wish I could buy the x70 anywhere😢
You really are a great photographer. I ain't good but I can feel it when I see some of your photos.
i am using fujifilm x-a1 with 27mm f2.8 and i like the combo very much.
Fuji’s colors are just simply amazing
Superb little camera, but mine is broken beyond economical repair. I'd buy another in a heartbeat if they were still in production, but instead I went "Panaleica" DL7 instead.
Gonna record some thoughts about this tomorrow, finally, if I get chance... Finally 😅 naturally it won't compare to your video at all but I figured it was now or never
Are all the photos you show us directly from the camera or post editing? Sorry i am a beginner
Can you give some tips on jpeg settings simulations to get most out of mobile editing like snapseed?
I bought one recently because of this video 🖤
Beautiful review as always. The cheapest I could find the X70 used in Australia was 450usd... So I decided to buy the xf10 instead. This camera gets so much hate because of auto focus speed on reviews. It seems great to me. People complain too much - it is an APSC camera that fits in your pocket for 350USD brand new! I’d love if you reviewed it, but then again, I’m sure you’ll love it, like you love the x70!
do you have one for sale by any chance or know someone ?
Plus it charges with a micro usb. So to android users this is awesome.
I love this camera so much. Since the death of my xpro2 it has been my only camera and i find its fixed lens refreshing. No more fiddling with lenses at gigs in the dark or wishing you had brought a different one. Its a camera, it takes pictures, it does what its supposed to and it does it well. Everything else is a swiss army knife.
I like all those photos!!
Mattias, thank you for another great brief review. Your photos are always appreciated as part of your review. 👍
How about video?
Hi Mattias, what's your opinion on X-T100?
Five reasons why I subscribe to your Chanel 1. your in depth knowledge of cameras. 2. your dog 3. wetting my apatite for another camera 4. your dog 5. I love you tube and cameras and your dog
It‘s difficult to get this camera nowadays, I am looking for something compact and not too expensive to take with me daily, could you suggest some equivalent?