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Buy Fujifilm X100T Digital Camera online at Amazon. Fujifilm X100T Digital Camera Fujifilm X100T Digital Camera Colours: Black
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Fujifilm X100T Digital Camera Features

  • APS-C 16.3 mP X-Trans C mOS II sensor w/EXR processor II newly developed electronic viewfinder allows for highly accurate manual focus
  • New classic chrome mode expands film simulation modes to 11 modes full HD movies
Fujifilm X100T Digital Camera Fujifilm X100T Digital Camera Colours:
  • Black

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Fujifilm X100T Digital Camera Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included Yes
Batteries Required Yes
Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Brand Fujifilm
Continuous Shooting Speed 6
Digital Zoom 1 X
Hardware Interface AV
Has Image Stabilization Yes
Has Self Timer Yes
Includes AC Adapter No
Includes External Memory No
Includes Rechargable Battery No
Includes Remote No
Item model number 16440680
Item Weight 440 g
Max Resolution 16.3 Megapixels
Max Shutter Speed 1/32000 Seconds
Max Vertical Resolution 3264 Pixels
Min Aperture 16 f_stop
Min Focal Length 35 Millimeters
Min Shutter Speed 30 seconds
Model 16440680
Model Year 2014
Optical Sensor Resolution 16.3 Megapixels
Optical Zoom 1 X
Product Dimensions 12.7 x 5.2 x 7.4 cm
Removable Memory Secure Digital card
Resolution 16.3megapixels
Screen Size 3 Inches
Supported Image Type RAW, JPEG
Total Usb Ports 1

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i use this cam in fall 2020
6 years and now
I find it amazing that the video was posted in Sept. 30 2014 but they are mentioning in the video that the protest took place in 2017. Maybe I will buy a Fuji X100T and see into the futrue too. I'll be photographing the stock exchange boardsfor tips
Man. I’m watching this as the current ANTIELAB protests are going on in HK. This protest is so tame compared to those today
Watching this from a hotel room in Hong Kong, in times like this, made it a bit difficult to … focus on the camera. Keep on fighting, Hong Kong!
Maybe the best DRTV video ever. Miss this so much!
It makes me nervous when people just carry around the camera like this, without a wrist strap or anything.
I wish i could buy this
Brilliant. And your music choices are always great - which never interferes with the V.O./narration.
Please review the xt100!
out of curiosity. what bag is Kai wearing?
What's the name of the song they used for the background music?
after this video I don't know which one I should buy x100s or x100t help me
Can Sony A7 III as much to shoot as this one with a manual lens?
do a review on x100f
What a peaceful demonstration. Nothing compared with g20 in hamburg
I've got an x10, this has no zoom. come to think of it I hardly ever use the zoom anyway on my x10!
Cooler than a penguin's appendage.
1:52-55 ".and the People, ~~~!" Hahahaaa.I would get the f*ck out too!
Wow, incredible shots here. I think you convinced me to buy this one! Nice work
Felt the same after many years with the x100t - I even Like the colours more than on the „f“
I've had my 'T" for over 4 years. It's a love story still in the writing.
I've been eying this style of camera since the x100. i witnessed the second coming x100s and still not impressed. I'm sure they are great cameras but in my opinion, there is still something missing to get me hooked into buying one of these. My main concern is the price at $1500 brand new is way too much money for such a small camera. So i pass it, now in 2021 there's the x100v that just came out recently and it has better focusing, a new redesigned lens, and a little tweak here and there but still don't wanna spend so much money. But then one day i was walking in the mall and i saw a second-hand x100T for just under $400 still looking new with only 1600 clicks, and i bought it. Since then this camera is always in my hand could not let it go, i keep shooting and shooting, it's fun to shoot with this small camera. I never regret buying it, great image quality, very robust and compact little camera. I guess they say good things come to those who wait. So yeah i will keep it till it dies and probably will replace it when the x100v goes down in price, maybe in 5 years' time. Love what you have and don't waste your time procrastinating, go out and shoot guys. Cheers!
Can’t decide between this and a 35mm lens for my Sony. Love how compact this camera is for documentary work.
Eh I like my leica better
I always wanted to buy x100f, bought xe3 instead
Good review! I almost bought a XT-100. but I went with a Nikon d5600 instead, previous nikon experience was the only reason But Fuji-film and Pentax are the other brands on my short list of cameras! Great shots too!
Great video!
Thanks for the effort and sharing. How do you use the T’s AF? Center point and recompose? Or do you move the focus point? Thumbs up.
I used to own the original x100 and loved it. Both RAW and JPG images were great. I sold the camera because the af was a little too slow to capture my 3 year old toddler at that time. Last year, I missed my x100 so I got myself a x100f but I didn't like the images from it so much. After watching your video, the x100t might be a better fit for my use. Some say color doesn't matter these days since you can easily post process but I'm not very good at it. Do you see much of a difference on color between the original x100 and x100t?
Can you use the back wheel for iso?
Thanks. Just broke my S and this is helpful
Great review. Thanks
I have a X100T. I bought it when it first came out on the market in 2015. I have no plans to upgrade with the 'F' or the 'V' as it performs really well for how I use it. It shoots amazing 16MP photos. I keep it in a small, soft-padded case, which I take with me most of the time in the car. I have many other cameras, but the X100T is an excellent combination of size and quality of photos. I shoot in aperture priority mode and the auto-ISO feature allows me to get the shot without fussing with buttons and making adjustments.
I agree that this camera is quite sharp at f2.
thanks for your review, looking your beautiful fotoes now I’m decided! I will buy one for my family fotoes, Thanks!
I just ordered an X100T. As it is used and a couple of generations old it was just too good to pass up. I agree that it isn't a jack of all trades but when it came to price I couldn't think of a sharper "every day carry" camera. And the more I see about the X100T, it looks like a poor man's Leica and I am not saying that as a negative.
I didn't enjoy photography until I got the X100T, it reminds me of my old Canon XT.
Still using the X100S. I'm slow to upgrade and to be honest it still produces fine results, but I have to admit that I'm Really GAS'ing for the V. Will probably wait until the price drops a little though. Heck, for that matter the IV is probably a pretty big step up from my S but that new, sharper, lens on the V is what keeps drawing me to it. Decisions.Decisions.
Hey Mattias, Do you still own the X100t?
Do you use auto ISO
I don’t need a new camera, I just need to move to your town ;)
my fear is cannot do ~professional stuff with the fix lens. Is not my actually job but i do get some money taking photos of people
Love them. Had all of them. T is underrated one cause sensor didn’t change between S and F.
Same review for X100S ? ;)
affordable is debatable :D
Are your photos taken with X-T100 16 or 24 MP ?
1. Skin tones 2. High-speed flash sync 3. ND filter 4. Small size 5. Looks Wish it had: 1. IBIS 2. Faster auto-focus 3. Better movie mode 4. Better mic 5. Flip LCD screen
Does anyone know what this song is? Please:((
I know the vid is super old but does anyone know what the camera strap is?
I am actually looking at the original x100 atm. There are some going on ebay for under 300 and I want to know if this is something I can get into. If it is THE camera for me, I might even get the t or f
Excellent view
hello sir, which is better in color and sharpness? this one or the leica x1? i can buy any of them right now for the same price and im really torn which one should i get.
He has every camera, and loves them all.
The X100T is about 700 used now from Adorama. What do you think about it for that price?
Hi Mattias, I found a used x100s at a very good price $350, should I buy it? I love the image quality, my budget is $400 is there a better camera at that price? Thank you :)
Would like to know Mattias on the images you have shown. Were they sooc? Or you had quite a post process to them? Kind of leaning buying a second hand. My comment may be outdated though, but I am more of a previous model buyer. Thank you and regards (subscribed, your reviews are clear and concise!)
I really love your channel! I have only a question for you think that the fuji X100 is still a catch nowadays or is to old and it's better spend some more money and take a more recent version? thank you very much :)
ur voice is so calm,,keep good work man.
well this review aged well :))
This was probably the first review I’ve seen that shows the inside of that evf and compares the ovf and evf. Thank you
From time to time I watch an x100t or x100f review, due to GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). Every time I ditch the new models and stick with my original x100.
Are these JPEGS or processed RAW files?
this review was better than many others
full manual? is hard to use the manual? cause im use to auto with dslr lazy bump to learn the aperture all
Possibly the best review of the X100 line Ive watched so far, with well observed criticism and valuable final verdict. Theres way too much hype but also uncalled for hate surrouning the X100. How ironic it takes a tech guy and not a full-time photographer to give it a fair trial. Thanks.
Nice :)
Are the sample images unedited?
You don't really get this camera, do you?
I'm glad you understood the true meaning of this camera at the end. Just carry a spare battery or two. :P
Nice point of view. Thx for this
I'd get this camera for the aesthetics alone I m pathetic I know. I m sorry.
Nice honest review. Cheers
love it
Excellent review. As a Canon 5D mk3 shooter, I've been looking at this Fuji for a long time as my travel and street photography camera, but I think I'll wait for the next version at this point
How did you edit the photos?
bought one of these the other day. its fiddly and too smal. my DSLR's blow it out of the water it certainly isn't worth the price and to be honest i wish i hadnt bought itl
What part of Canada are you from? You have a heavy accent.

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