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Fujifilm X100T Digital Camera Fujifilm X100T Digital Camera available in Colours:
  • Black

Fujifilm X100T Digital Camera Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included Yes
Batteries Required Yes
Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Brand Fujifilm
Continuous Shooting Speed 6
Digital Zoom 1 X
Hardware Interface AV
Has Image Stabilization Yes
Has Self Timer Yes
Includes AC Adapter No
Includes External Memory No
Includes Rechargable Battery No
Includes Remote No
Item model number 16440680
Item Weight 440 g
Max Resolution 16.3 Megapixels
Max Shutter Speed 1/32000 Seconds
Max Vertical Resolution 3264 Pixels
Min Aperture 16 f_stop
Min Focal Length 35 Millimeters
Min Shutter Speed 30 seconds
Model 16440680
Model Year 2014
Optical Sensor Resolution 16.3 Megapixels
Optical Zoom 1 X
Product Dimensions 12.7 x 5.2 x 7.4 cm
Removable Memory Secure Digital card
Resolution 16.3megapixels
Screen Size 3 Inches
Supported Image Type RAW, JPEG
Total Usb Ports 1

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Fujifilm X100t Digital Camera Review, Fujifilm X100t 16 Mp Digital Camera (black) fujifilm x100t price in india
Fujifilm X100T Hands-on Review
Fujifilm X100T Hands-on Review
Fujifilm X100T Long Term Review
Fujifilm X100T Long Term Review
5 Reasons to Buy a Fujifilm X100t
5 Reasons to Buy a Fujifilm X100t
6 years and now
I find it amazing that the video was posted in Sept. 30 2014 but they are mentioning in the video that the protest took place in 2017. Maybe I will buy a Fuji X100T and see into the futrue too. I'll be photographing the stock exchange boardsfor tips
Man... I’m watching this as the current ANTIELAB protests are going on in HK. This protest is so tame compared to those today 😂
Watching this from a hotel room in Hong Kong, in times like this, made it a bit difficult to … focus on the camera. Keep on fighting, Hong Kong!
Maybe the best DRTV video ever. Miss this so much!
It makes me nervous when people just carry around the camera like this, without a wrist strap or anything.
I wish i could buy this
Brilliant. And your music choices are always great - which never interferes with the V.O./narration.
Please review the xt100! 🙏🙏
out of curiosity... what bag is Kai wearing?
What's the name of the song they used for the background music?
after this video.. I don't know which one I should buy x100s or x100t?? help me
Can Sony A7 III as much to shoot as this one with a manual lens?
do a review on x100f
What a peaceful demonstration. Nothing compared with g20 in hamburg....
Miss these type of reviews, the new style kai is a shadow of himself. All about stupid go pros or dji phantom bullshit.
I've got an x10, this has no zoom. come to think of it I hardly ever use the zoom anyway on my x10!
Cooler than a penguin's appendage.
1:52-55 "...and the People, stayed.....Ahhh~~~!" Hahahaaa.....I would get the f*ck out too!
Thanks. Just broke my S and this is helpful
Great review. Thanks
I have a X100T. I bought it when it first came out on the market in 2015. I have no plans to upgrade with the 'F' or the 'V' as it performs really well for how I use it. It shoots amazing 16MP photos. I keep it in a small, soft-padded case, which I take with me most of the time in the car. I have many other cameras, but the X100T is an excellent combination of size and quality of photos. I shoot in aperture priority mode and the auto-ISO feature allows me to get the shot without fussing with buttons and making adjustments.
I agree that this camera is quite sharp at f2.
thanks for your review, looking your beautiful fotoes now I’m decided! I will buy one for my family fotoes, Thanks!
I just ordered an X100T. As it is used and a couple of generations old it was just too good to pass up. I agree that it isn't a jack of all trades but when it came to price I couldn't think of a sharper "every day carry" camera. And the more I see about the X100T, it looks like a poor man's Leica and I am not saying that as a negative.
I didn't enjoy photography until I got the X100T, it reminds me of my old Canon XT.
Still using the X100S. I'm slow to upgrade and to be honest it still produces fine results, but I have to admit that I'm Really GAS'ing for the V. Will probably wait until the price drops a little though. Heck, for that matter the IV is probably a pretty big step up from my S but that new, sharper, lens on the V is what keeps drawing me to it. Decisions...Decisions.
Love My X100S more than My X100F both are fantastic but the 'S oh men on my personal opinion has more character.
Really enjoy the long term reviews. I have the F and enjoy it very much. I too thought of upgrading, but I heard the V get warm when taking pictures. I also like having the D pad more then I would a touch screen. I wish the F had a tilt screen, but I can live without it.
Thank you for a review that is mostly photos. Reviews like this are less flashy, but they tell you the important story -- what kind of work can this instrument produce? I have a T, too, and it is great. One need only be comfortable living with the focal length's imposed perspective; everything else about the camera is wonderful.
Two years later: x100f Long term review
love it
I like your video. It’s good to find, and be satisfied with, the camera that just makes you happy to be out there making photographs. I’ve got the X100F and, like you and many others here, I have no complaint about the lens, nor do I worry about the autofocus. I do occasionally wish it had a tilt screen, but never bad enough to make me long for the V. Because for that I’ve got my old X-70, which, much as I like the X100F, is still the first camera I’d grab if my house was on fire. But once I got that one to safety, I’d run back in for the F.
the Mark 5 is better sorry by
Hey Kentucky Man! Great insight into this camera. I'd love your advice on something. I am trying to decide between a hardly been used/close to new X100F for 770 USD or a used X100T for 445 USD. The prices may seem less because I'm based in South Africa and I've converted them, but I was hoping you'd be able to give me some more insight or weigh in on whether the extra money for the X100F is worth it. I shoot mostly video with a Panasonic GH5 and I'm looking for a fun dedicated stills camera for street photos - nothing too serious. Should I go with the newer, more expensive F or the cheaper T and save the money? Cheers!
I have been looking for a relatively small camera with 35mm (equiv.) and fast aperture (f1.8-2.8). I have used an OMD EM10 and 17mm f1.8 for years. While it was a great walkaround camera, I always hate the 4:3 aspect and I sold the lens after the body stopped working (which is now my paperweight). Then I found the used X100T with a good prize. (The new X100 series was so expensive so I totally forgot about their existence.) Every aspects of the X100T seem perfectly fine to my needs. After reading many reviews from many sources, I believe the camera could have its place in my camera bag. My only concern is that, with a camera this old, will it work properly? Not in term of IQ, it is more than good enough. I mean, will the camara just stop working because of it age? All of my past compact cameras (and my bittersweet OMD) stopped working after 5-6 years while my DSLR still work like new after almost a decade of torture and 150k of shutter counts.
What a great, heartfelt review! I actually just bought a used X100T a week ago. I'm used to Sony so this is my first time to use a Fujifilm... and you're totally right -- I found the one. I am by no means a professional. I use cameras to document places and moments to the best of my abilities.I just wanted something that I can bring with me everywhere -- something that doesn't occupy 50% of my purse, something that doesn't strain my back or my shoulder. I found someone selling a 4-year-old X100T for $460 (is that a good deal? haha), and so I decided it's a sign that I should try Fujifilm now. And if it's a dud, at least I didn't pay full price. But needless to say, seems like the X100 series is seriously worth every penny. The camera was still working perfectly even after four years! The seller was even quite emotional letting go of it but due to unforeseen circumstances, he had to sell the camera. I can see why it would be hard to let this go though. I've owned this for literally a week and I've grown so attached to it already. This is really the one.
Great jpegs, especially the sqaure format fine Bland and white. Add a raw file with it, and you'll find the raw doesn't look like the jpeg. I sued to think raw would simply be no compression. It isn't. It's a type of log look that needs work. If you shoot raw and no jpeg to go with it, you have no viewing sample to know what your raw is until you run it through Fuji's odd little Raw Convertor software. And then you'll find your highest setting raw pic in a 16 meg camera is a 10x16 at 300 d.p.i. Not much if you want to print stuff If I want to print a shot that's not friends, casual, I want the image to print as a 20x20. Forget that. But, the first day I shot with my XM-1 and chose B&W and Fine jpeg, I got stuff that looked like I was the ultimate master of the zone system. Crazy amazing. And I've worked in photo since 1970. This was straight out. It was an uncanny day.
Great video. Waiting for my X100T to come in the mail a few days from now and seeing the sample photos you provided made me very excited!!! I noticed you have a B + W UV filter on yours. Is that a worthwhile purchase in your opinion?
Slow the hell down! Red Bull much?
Good boy, Pablo, I like you.
off topic - you're very handsome, Pablo, and I really love your Streets of London series. I find it very beautiful in the colourful palette of attitudes, experiences and approaches to life people have and how genuinely and authentically they're answering all those fundamental questions you're asking them. That's definitely your charisma! Thank you for providing such content.
Great review and insights
Despite the demise of basic darkroom skills as a barrier to entry, I am so grateful that iPhones and zoom lenses continue to ensure that most people will still never learn to use a camera or to take a good photo.
What is that odd black cube in the camera's accessory shoe?
So no one's going to mention the fact that Danny Boyle is in the background at 4:41 of this video?? Great review by the way!!
Did you lower the resolution whilst shooting with this camera as all the examples shown look out of focus / blurred?
6:50 song is “cuando estoy contigo “ by armando manzanero . Is anyone was wondering:)
Really enjoy your videos! Question: WHAT is that device in your camera's hot shoe that looks like a little box with an "eye" on it? It's *VERY* curious and I haven't been able to figure out it's purpose.
The very vlog that got me into fujifilm cameras
Does the x100t use film or sd cards
can share your photo preset it look so nice !
Hi guys,is that a Gopro on your camera?
Excellent video
Why did you get camera that does not allow you to change lenses?
2:55 😱
Tbh sick video and good presentation but please invest into a gimbal for selfie recording when walking. Be the single biggest upgrade to your videos
This camera can no zoom, so did you take a picture at 3:39 "within a measurable distance"? It feels close.
Have you given any thought on getting the X100F?
Hey Mattias, Do you still own the X100t?
Do you use auto ISO
I don’t need a new camera, I just need to move to your town ;)
my fear is cannot do ~professional stuff with the fix lens. Is not my actually job but i do get some money taking photos of people
Love them. Had all of them. T is underrated one cause sensor didn’t change between S and F.
Same review for X100S ? ;)
affordable is debatable :D
Are your photos taken with X-T100 16 or 24 MP ?
1. Skin tones 2. High-speed flash sync 3. ND filter 4. Small size 5. Looks Wish it had: 1. IBIS 2. Faster auto-focus 3. Better movie mode 4. Better mic 5. Flip LCD screen
Does anyone know what this song is? Please:((
I know the vid is super old but does anyone know what the camera strap is?
I am actually looking at the original x100 atm. There are some going on ebay for under 300 and I want to know if this is something I can get into. If it is THE camera for me, I might even get the t or f
Excellent view
hello sir, which is better in color and sharpness? this one or the leica x1? i can buy any of them right now for the same price and im really torn which one should i get...
He has every camera, and loves them all.
The X100T is about 700 used now from Adorama. What do you think about it for that price?
Hi Mattias, I found a used x100s at a very good price $350, should I buy it? I love the image quality, my budget is $400 is there a better camera at that price? Thank you :)
....I watch reviews on camera's...Mattias causes enough emotion to buy the one he currently reviews...dangerous : )
Would like to know Mattias on the images you have shown. Were they sooc? Or you had quite a post process to them? Kind of leaning buying a second hand. My comment may be outdated though, but I am more of a previous model buyer. Thank you and regards (subscribed, your reviews are clear and concise!)
I really love your channel! I have only a question for you...do you think that the fuji X100 is still a catch nowadays or is to old and it's better spend some more money and take a more recent version? thank you very much :)