Fujifilm X-T2 Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only)

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Buy Fujifilm X-T2 Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only) online at TATACliq Amazon Flipkart. Fujifilm X-T2 Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only) . Fujifilm X-T2 Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only) available in Colours: Grey

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TATACliq ₹75,951 ₹139,999
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Fujifilm X-T2 Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only) price at TATACliq - ₹75,951 ₹139,999

Fujifilm X-T2 Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only) Offers and Coupons:

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Fujifilm X-T2 Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only) price at Amazon - ₹80,000 ₹139,999

Fujifilm X-T2 Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only) Offers and Coupons:

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Flipkart ₹114,995 ₹139,999
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Fujifilm X-T2 Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only) price at Flipkart - ₹114,995 ₹139,999

Fujifilm X-T2 Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only) Offers and Coupons:

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The lowest Fujifilm X-T2 Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only) Price in India is ₹139,999 ₹75,951 at TATACliq.
Buy Fujifilm X-T2 Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only) online at TATACliq Amazon Flipkart.
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Fujifilm X-T2 Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only) Fujifilm X-T2 Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only) available in Colours:
  • Grey

Fujifilm X-T2 Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only) Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included Yes
Batteries Required Yes
Batteries: 1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)
Brand Fujifilm
Hardware Interface AV
Has Image Stabilization Yes
Includes AC Adapter No
Includes External Memory No
Includes Rechargable Battery No
Includes Remote No
Item model number X-T2 Body
Item Weight 100 g
Max Resolution 24.30 Megapixels
Min Shutter Speed 30 sec Seconds
Model X-T2 Body
Optical Zoom 1 X
Product Dimensions 19.6 x 24.4 x 13.2 cm
Screen Size 3 Inches
Supported Image Type RAW

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Fujifilm X-t2 Mirrorless Digital Camera (body Only), Fujifilm X-pro2 Mirrorless Digital Camera Black (body Only)
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an excellent review, beautifully made. makes me love my xt2 even more.
what type of lens are you using in the video? i know you said something about not being able to Nikon or Sigma.
A great video, brother !!! I like your presentation, lucid speech which is easy to understand and the clippings are simply superb. Planning to get an used XT2 soon and thanks for the crisp and informative review about the camera.👍👍👍
Amazing quality of youtube video...beautiful, a reference, subscribed just due to that. thx.
Seems so long ago now that all sorts of adaptors & accessories are available. Still a great cam.
X-T3 w h e n
Great review on one of my favorite cameras. Thanks!
It's a dinosaur get the X3 and put this in the museum
Excellent, really excellent piece. Beautifully shot, edited, written, etc. I’m a Fuji X-E1 user (3 bodies) and looking to upgrade to a better body for at least 1, plus am doing a lot of video, so the XT-2 looks like it will fit bill. Your review was really helpful, thanks.
It is Fantastic camera X-T2 Still in Fancy , Excellent Result . MEERA PHOTO FILMS PUNE MAHARASHTRA INDIA Kamalakar Moreshwar Bokil STAR RATING VIDEO.
Hello! I bought the body of the X-T2, I would like to know which lens you recommend me to buy. It is for portrait and passages. Travel in general. Thank you very much!
So shall I switch from my canon 5D Mark3 to fujifilm XT2? Because I am not satisfied with canon, mainly in it's bloody focus system. I really need a mirror less camera with fast and accurate focusing system with the same speed and accuracy of Nikon D500 or D5. Is XT2 having such a speedy focusing mechanism? Please give a reply on my doubt.
do you think there will soon be a successor to the xt2 ?
How is the XPro2 it’s bigger brother?
Make a tutorial about color grading. The intro looks amazing!
I like the still photography features (I have no interest in video)
Sweet, time to buy
Super nice video! I was impressed of the picture quality at the end of the video. What camera have you used for that?
I am looking to defect from Canon and I like what Fujifilm is doing in the mirrorless world but there's a few things stopping me. I really like the dials on top that are much quicker to use than scrolling through menus. It reminds me of using my film cameras, which I still use. I like the absence of the AA filter over the sensor for sharper images and the ruggedness of the body but without a canon lens adapter, it's a deal breaker. I have a ton of Canon EF and FD lenses that I'd love to be able to use so I don't have to start completely from scratch. It's also a safety net in case I find that I'm really don't like mirrorless. I can always just start using my DSLR again and sell the mirrorless. I'd also love for Fujifilm to come out with a full frame so that when an adapter is made, I can shoot at the true focal length of my lenses and forget about crop factors. If they make a full frame and an adapter comes out, Fujifilm will have my business
F-log to sd card and 120fps coming in next few weeks via update so that eliminates many of your negatives about the camera. If only the brand I'm invested in done that... come on canon
Off topic—- Fujifilm xt20 with 18-55mm lens and shutter count is 1k? Is that ok????
Which one better between a7,a7ii and xt20? Thx.
Hi, I want to star with photography and I have three options to buy a camera, which one would you choose? thanks in advice, 1. Fujifilm X-T10 with XC16-50mm, XC50-230mm, and 7 artisans 55mm F1.4 lenses for 650 dollars. 2. fujifilm XE3 with Fuji XF 23mm and the Fujinon Super EBC XC 50-230mm for about 1000 dollars. 3. Sony A6000 with 16-50 mm, 55-210mm and a zeiss 16-70mm for about 950 dollars
Which Lens are you using in this video?
This is not a review. It's a comparison video.
mirror less cameras are too small .
I have an XT20 and don't miss the swivel screen at all. I use my excellent Pixel 2 XL if I ever want to vlog, not that I do much vlogging. I prefer to hold a smaller device for vlogs, Not a biggie at all!
What model domke camera bag is that?
The lack of IBIs has put me off the Fuji X range-But then again, I am becoming very confused after watching so many post about so many cameras-ARGH :)
good review
Perfect review length dude. When you are looking at something you dont want a 20/30 min review that could have been condensed to less than 5
Any thoughts on Fujifilm X-T20 vs Canon M6?
, I do portrait photography... I want to purchase a mirror-less camera. I would like your best advise for purchase, I have been researching for a few weeks, I am getting confused on which to buy. The M5 does not seem like it will be ok for me, I do couples, families and kids. A lot of moving around people, inc the fact that I may want to do video of kids. i have 1400.00 to work with, and need to able to buy many diff types of lenses I assume, and it need wifi capabilities. I am a Nikon user, at the present time, dslr, 3300 with a 50mm and like it, but I also travel to NYC to learn some street photography. What's your advice for me? I have asked some other sources on You Tube and have had no return answer as of yet? thankyou Concetta Read more REPLY
Cool video
I'm thinking of buying the xt20, but what I really wan't is the xt2. I had to ask myself "will I take better photos with the xt2" and the answer is no.
Amazing review!
What do people think about this camera over the X100f?
I wish this camera had flog
📷 Fuji X-T2 on Amazon http://help.tc/xt2 📷
You probably never read this comment as it been over 3 years since you made this video, but I have bought a used Fuji X-T2 for less than $700 from KEH. When this camera first came out I was not in a position to buy it. But for the price, an upgrade from my Fuji XE-1 and I do not know how KEH sold me a camera that looks new, I am very happy this purchase. I watched your other Y2 on how to use the camera too. So thanks for your work creating these videos.
Freakin jogger
there is no way these 2 are not being pay by Sony for this video lol
Even in 2020 still reluctant to move over from my canon 5d3 ...have been playing with fuji xpro1 .. not sure about buttons and menu system .. still find canon more user friendly and buttons to hand
Wow...5 stars...phew I'm so glad cuz I just bought it to start out with..!!!!
A poor review. We don't know what they really think of it. They hedge the bet. After critiquing the works, they speak of Amazing camera. Fun to use. A serious camera is not ,"fun to use." And the footage of sports, the dog and kids was jerky and clunky. Can anyone make up their mind in this. The camera also crashed. Why ? What a dogs dinner of a review.
Always like the Northrup videos. Well-researched, plainly spoken, points made clearly, easy to watch. I also like their interplay.
Finally I see an unbiased review of the Fuji XT2. Most of the other reviewers seem to be bought by Fuji.
Thinking of replacing my XT-1 with this camera. Not a video shooter so not really keen on spending lots more on the XT-3. Really helpful info in this video, thanks. I’m almost convinced but if you think there’s a better camera on the market for a similar price, I’d be interested. Got to think of lens costs if it’s a different brand.
Is this camera weather sealed?
You're pretty, is that nice enough?
This video isnt really a review. But rather a comparison to cameras that cost 2x-3x it's cost.....😪
You should do a review on the xt3, great video!
Always the best and most honest reviews!!! Thanks much to you Tony and Chelsea!
In keeping with your request for a comment I really enjoy your videos. I like the technical information regarding specifics about the cameras as well as usability factor. Thank you!
I love Fujis rich colors and skin tones ore than any others camera. Those are the first things when I look at the photos. I love the ergonomics of this camera as the controls are very similar to the ones on my old contax G2 and Nikon FE2.
I’ll write a nice comment ! Love your videos guys !
thank you guys....
A nice comment
For studio lighting setup like in your video, what X-T2 film simulation do you use, and what, if any tweaks to the standard settings for that simulation?
Thank you for the great content! I recently purchased this camera and I am a beginner, what other components do you recommend I purchase for tutorial videos I plan on creating in the near future, mainly outdoors in a singular location. Thank you
Hi Jacques, I'm just starting to look at shooting some video but the thing I'm having the most difficulty with is focusing..what focus setting do you use when shooting video?
Wat you can suggest for me panasonic FZ2500 OR FUJI X T2
What lens would you recommend for video shooting????
Words of wisdom from a viewer like me that cares a whole shitload about audio in all your video workflows people. Thank you anton Duncan. Here is what he had to say: " "Coming from a sound background" - DACs (Digital-to-analogue converter) - you mean ADCs - have nothing to do with using an external mic - it will still use the on-board ADCs. 5:11 - You clearly point at the mic jack input and say "The Fuji X-T2 does have an external mic (nope) and you will be wanting to use that, using the external mic" - did you mean the external mic it doesn't come with or say "external mic" instead of "external mic jack"? If the ADCs are bad I think you meant to say "Don't use the external mic jack, use an external audio recorder (with better ADCs) to get decent audio." "Do not use the on-board sound, they [Fuji] put absolutely no effort into the DACs" - obviously DACs have absolutely nothing to do with recording audio or the quality of the audio in the .MOV files. The whole part about the audio is confusing/misinformation - just clarifying for other viewers"
Hi there, wanna ask if there would be any improvement using external recorder to film slow-mo on XT2. Thanks!
Hello Jacques, thank you for your video, very useful (didn't know Smallrigs do a cage for this camera). What is your opinion about the grid artefacts in the purple flare some XT-2 owners talk about ? Is it visible in 4K or FHD video modes or is it kind of lost within the downsampling and encoding into h264 ? I'm asking because I'd like to use on this camera my set of very old FD glass (non SSC coated) which flare a lot when shooting in backlight. Given your experience with XT-2 and vintage glass, does the sensor render nicely the flares and is there these grid artefacts ? Thank you again for this helpful video, I discovered your channel just know, I'll be sure to check out some of the rest.
Would you recommend it with short documentary or student films?
Thank u so much for the video. I have an xt2 that i use it for stills but would like to use it for video as well-for special family events. If i get the small rig (1888), which is to be used with the battery grip, is there a way to add an external mic AND a flash on top of the small rig? I am asking this question bc i would like to use my xt2 as a hybrid camera-to do photo and video (not at the same time, but one after the other). For example i’d like to take stills for 10-15 minutes, and then record video for 5 minutes. And if i have an external mic on top of the small rig i can do both easily, by only changing the settings on the xt2-since i wouldnt want to carry 2 separate cameras (one for stills and one for video). Your assistance is greatly aporeciated.
Which lens do you recommend for video?
Really useful video - thanks for making it! You obviously know what you are talking about. I know Noam Kroll recently bought an X-T2 to use for some of his personal, informal projects, and loves the colour and the film simulations, so that's two knowledgeable video people who like the x-T2 (which is good, as I recently bought one!).
Thanks for making the video but I have to disagree on at least 2 levels. I don't usually comment negatively on videos but I fear that if someone sees this, they might disregard the xt2 and buy a 80d... 1. The video quality of the xt2 is better than the 80d. Period. If we were talking about Sony, you could debate that the color science is better on Canon but this is Fujifilm; on par or better than Canon IMO. 2. The DAC in the xt2 or actually good. Again,  MUCH better than anything Canon is using. Maybe it's your settings, maybe the external hardware you are using... I have used Sennheiser Wireless lavs for interviews and the sound was very good and got good results even after mastering. Again, this is my own opinion but it is based on 24 years experience as a recording engineer. I own and use professionally a Sony a7rII, A7rIII and A7sII and still opt to use my xt2(I have 2) for certain jobs and don't ever feel that I'm making a quality trade-off.
Fuji still has a lot of work to do on the video side, but they keep innovating and upping their game. So the next two years is huge for them.
Great video! I agree that Fuji's glass is pretty remarkable, especially for the price point vs build and optical quality. Their MK line of lenses look great. Have you had a chance to look at those? I am looking forward to seeing how they perform on Fuji X mount.
Good Review like the samples and details (the color in that grass footage is nice!).
I used XT2 for a pro video work as a A-cam, mostly on the glide cam, without any problems. Having said that, I used it exclusively with Fuji's prime lenses...
I appreciate this! I invested in Fuji last year so i'm here for the ride. Getting the X-H1 next.
That's what I love about you Jacques, you have such an optimistic view. Fuji generally not lauded for video but I bet the great colors it has will make some wonderful video brother.
Thanks JG. Which SmallRig model are you using? 1584?   VicInDallas