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Buy Fujifilm X- E2 Mirrorless Digital Camera online at Amazon Flipkart. Fujifilm X- E2 Mirrorless Digital Camera Fujifilm X- E2 Mirrorless Digital Camera Colours: Silver
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Fujifilm X- E2 Mirrorless Digital Camera Features

  • 16MP APS-C X-Trans II CMOS sensor,
Fujifilm X- E2 Mirrorless Digital Camera Fujifilm X- E2 Mirrorless Digital Camera Colours:
  • Silver

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Fujifilm X- E2 Mirrorless Digital Camera Specifications

Battery Type Lithium-ion
Power Supply NP-W126 Li-ion battery
Audio/Video Interface Yes
Interface(USB Cable) Yes
Effective Pixels
Built-in-Flash Yes
Flash Range Manual pop-up flash (Super Intelligent Flash) Guide number: Approx 7 (ISO200 · m), Approx 5 (ISO100 · m)
Red Eye Reduction Yes
Image Format JPEG
Image Size(Pixels)
Video Format MOV
Image Sensor
Image Display Resolution
LCD Info Display
Monitor/LCD Size
Sensor Size
Sensor Type
Focal Length
Lens/Lens Type Fujinon Lens
Media Storage
In-Built Memory Yes
Memory Card Type
Other Features
Continous Shots Yes
Face Detection Yes
ISO Rating
Self Timer Advanced SR AUTO mode: 1/4 sec to 1/4000 sec, All other modes: 30 sec to 1/4000 sec, Bulb: max 60 min, Synchronized shutter speed for flash: 1/180 sec or slower
Shooting Modes
Contents Main Unit, Battery
Physical Specifications
Dimensions (WxHxD) 116.9 x 66.5 x 39 mm
Digital Zoom
Optical Zoom Below 6X

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Fujifilm X- E2 Mirrorless Digital Camera Reviews from YouTube

Fujifilm X-E2 - A Simple Photography Pleasure (2019 Review)
Fuji X-E2 Hands-On Field Test with Nathan Elson
Fuji X E2 review
Fujifilm X-E2 in 2019?
Great video! I was shopping for a used X-T30, but ended up finding a "minty" X-E2 with the 18-55 stabilized zoom for $450 on Craigslist, and couldn't pass it up. It's my first foray into Fujifilm, and it feels so good in my hands! Can't wait to see the images we'll make together.
I got one this year. 2021. for $220.
Good review Spoken line a true photographer
Not to mention that the Fuji X-Tran colors are not available anywhere else. Nothing comes close. My first Fuji ws an X-10 and it blew my mind.Great honest video. Thanks.
Just got the X-E2s this week and I am loving it
When you feel good (with your gear), you also create well. Strangely enough, it actually feel more liberating when you shoot one of these older Fujis with a 35mm F2 XF lens (in manual mode). Even though the newer cameras are way faster, have more assistive features and can pretty much shoot in the dark.
Good video. Getting an X-E2s and pretty excited about it.
Picked up a used xe2s and xt2 last year. I much prefer the feel to the xe2s. I do wish this camera was weather sealed and some of the options feel stripped down. Regardless I get great images from it.
Loved the fisher price toy comment.
Where can you get that case?
Is this recommended for wedding photography?
I have the same camera!
I’ve owned quite a few Fuji bodies and X-E2 is up at the top as most fun to shoot with. I went back to Nikon for my kids sports sold off lots of Fuji gear but kept the X-E2/27mm combo. I even sold the X-E3 disliked the touchscreen. X-E2 is a classic.
Just bought a used Fuji XE-2 with a Fujinon AF Prime Lens for only $260 yesterday. Such a great deal even in 2020.
I have the xe2s and there is something about it that I enjoy even though I have an xt2 I find myself taking this one with me most of the time and with the kit lens just make sense to me. I have a couple of primes as well and I use those when I have a straight purpose of what I want cause of the resolution they produce and when using ND filters cause they're cheaper for the primes.thanks for the video
I've had an xe-2 since the beginning of 2015, still can't make up my mind to change it for something else) btw, a nice video
The X-E1 is about as good as the X-E2 (I love the 'organic' sensor on the X-pro1) and the X-E3 has become very affordable so it's hard to make a choice now. Anyway I like that you go for what makes you feel good no matter what other people say and thanks for sharing!
Picked up a X-E2S earlier this year with the 18-55. It is a great little camera. I'm hoping to pair it with the 27mm 2.8 pancake lens for a compact kit. It is great for just taking with you everywhere. I also have the Nikon D750 with grip. It is big and a pain to take everywhere with you but to be honest if I am doing any "real" work my Nikon is coming with me. The big camera just feels better in my hands and is easier to shoot with. The layout makes it much easier to change things on the fly. As much as I love the small Fujifilm the big Nikon just has better ergonomics. But yeah, the X-E2/s is a great used camera and one will not regret picking one up.
I love this camera! I swapped one of my Nikon lenses that I never used for it, and I've just been using manual lenses on it. It's fantastic! It's my main camera for general walkabout and street photos now, as I just find it so much fun to use :)
I like your videos
Cheek to cheek lol
skintone is awful
Welp, you're not getting the warranty on that camera aproved.
For God sake, He's so hot
Hot tub time machine! Yeah, it works, I'm in 2019 guys! Guys?
see . this is the kind of stuff the new hosts could never do
The all new Fujinikonos.
you canadians are white as polar bears
What's with the gay porn music around 5:14 ?
Tonight I shot with the X-E2 without flash while we trouped around the neighborhood doing invited Christmas caroling gigs at people's homes. Got the camera recently and couldn't get the built-in flash to work. Thanks for that, because the "high-gamble" photos I took handheld with the 18-55/2.8-4.0 were wonderful. Also, I've discovered that Fuji RAW files REALLY let you dig out the shadows with Adobe Camera Raw. All in all, I sometimes wish I was an all-daylight photographer, instead of constant night gigs and indoor low-light shoots. Bleh! But wow, I've been stunned that this tiny camera does a better job in low light than my full-frame Canon 6D. For consistently great-looking photos out of the camera, it actually beats the 6D. Of course, when the 6D is working at its best the pixel-level quality of the photos is better (more croppable). But I'm ditching the 6D and associated L glass for Fuji - that's how good these little Fuji cameras are.
way to end a shoot. in a hot tub threesome. GAAAAYYYY *in Ken Jeong Community voice
best ending have ever seen
All the gay people love fuji. Looks good, especially with the pink leather futural on it (and it is not so heavy).
the endig it realy gay.
Great ending.
haha. I saw that coming. good video.
was the camera ok?!?!?! omg
Really guys? Hot tub lol
where the hell is everyone?
can you talk a bit quicker please
Not fast at all seriously
They released good firmware updates since this video and it is better camera now than these old reviews so worth getting even in 2019.
Great review
I caught up with her speech just fine and didn't find her to be shouting but to make sure shes heard fully, Plus I grew up English so I get a lot of the accent :)
Can I use an old vintage KS Sears camera lens to this Fuji camera ? Which adopters would I buy f
X-E2 or X-A2
Excellent, succinct. Don`t pay attention to the people saying you speak to fast; they need to up their comprehension.
Whoa! Possibly great camera but the high-speed review is a bit off-putting.
Just sold my X-E1 and bought a used X-E2 with 18-55 and 27mm for a mere 500 bucks!
Awful accent, too fast word flow, useless ad for a non native speaker
slow down woman, and stop shouting! We can hear you.
concise yet informative, so much better than those long verbose ones. good job!
slow down . SLOW DOWN
Informative but boring review. Talk to us about it, don't read off a script.
Would have liked to have heard more on handling (the fact that the Q button is in a better place, etc.)   A 5 minute review to cover these features in more detail, and your impressions, would have been worth the extra 1 minute+  As it is this is more like a quick commercial than a review.
Some good info, but she talks too fast, its hard to take some of the techie stuff in at that speed.  Slow down woman.
Much prefer the all Black version as shown in the video - got one and it's great and to me is the pick of the current range, size wise and value and the images are as good as the X-T1.
xe-2 or x100s? =/
What do you think about the xe2s with 35mm 1.4? Tks
This or the XT10? I'm gonna buy one on ebay before xmas. I already have the XT3 but I prefer the *filmic* quality of the old sensor.
2020 and XE2 + a 18-55mm f/2.8 still rocking :)
Sold my first XE2 a year ago to buy an XT2, now I have just bought another XE2 to go with my XT2, the XT2 is a better camera for photo and film, but I just love carrying the XE2 with me, it is a funky camera and fun to use.
What about the xe1?
I woudn't call that bulge on the right side a grip.
The problem is fuji just put the xe3 on sale for 500. you going to end filming on any camera at this point. The real problem is I only have access to a phone and I can't find any editing app that reads the files. I don't understand why it's so hard to find a app that reads these files
I found one for $200 US dollars. Is it worth it?
I have never really loved my X-E2. I have it still and upgraded it with the latest software. Now I also have the X-T30, that is so much better. The main difference is how the sky's look like in landscape scenes. Sorry to say, but that is my experiance. The X-E2 is my back up camera. And yes, I use the DR options, but that does not help a lot.
I purchased in January 2020. I got mine for a really sweet price. And it's still a good camera.
Great video Damian. Have had this camera for nearly a year and you are bang on. £160 well spent. Thank you
XE2 is a first-rate camera, I have 2
That lens is ugly
I love my X-E2! I have the Fuji 18-55 on it and it creates lovely images. I also adapt some decades old film era primes to it. I plan on getting an X-T4 in the future but will keep my X-E2.
well, it's 2020 and I'm still using x-e2 :)
Got one included in a job lot of used lenses. The sensor was filthy and has some hairline scratches, which is why it was binned I guess. But it works perfectly and I cannot see the scratches in images. Benefit of X-Trans sensor I guess. Using it with a cheapo 15-45 lens as a walkabout camera. Love it.
Hi there what is your opinion on the xe2s, is the image quality any different?
X-E2 is a Fuji gem a classic. Sold the X-E3 to go back to it. I prefer the colors from the older sensor. My kids sports are all done with NIkon DSLR now but my fun is with the X-E2.
Got mine back in 2014 with the 18-55mm kit and the Rokinon 85mm f1.4 and recently added the Rokinon 12mm f2. I keep using it for concert and theater photography shooting mostly manually and still really enjoying this little baby ! Here You have some pics taken with my Fuji stuff ( Also have the T2, but I always find myself grabbing the E2 ) Checking Your vids out and found a lot of informative and useful content, man. Keep it up ! Subscribed,
You forgot to show that the flash can be tilted to shoot upwards, and maybe some feedback on the quality of the EVF. Supposedly its better than the x-e3.

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