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Buy Fujifilm instax Wide 300 Instant Camera (Black) Online at Low ...

The Fujifilm instax WIDE 300 is our largest format instax camera · Built in flash & fill in flash mode · Film size 108 (w) x 86 (H) cm. · Improved ease of use of ...


FUJIFILM Instax wide 300 Instant Camera Price in India - Buy ...

The WIDE 300 comes fully loaded with a 95 mm lens. The focal zoom dial featured on the WIDE 300 makes it easy to switch between the two available focus zones – ...


Buy Fujifilm Instax WIDE 300 Instant Camera (Wider Frame Fit ...

Fujifilm Instax WIDE 300 Instant Camera (Wider Frame Fit, White). Product Id: 227272. 5 (2 Ratings & 2 Reviews). ₹6,799.00. (Incl. all Taxes). OR. ₹320/mo*.


Fujifilm Instax Wide Instant Film 10Sheets X Twin Pack : FUJIFILM ...

Fujifilm Instax Wide Instant Film 10Sheets X Twin Pack : FUJIFILM: Amazon.in: Electronics. ... Fujifilm Instax 300 Wide Instant Camera Bundle with 20 Shots.


Buy Fujifilm Instax 300 Wide Instant Camera Bundle with 20 Shots ...

The Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 offers more fun with photography when people get together! Compact and easy to use, this Instax Camera uses Fujifilm Instant Color ...


Fujifilm Wide 300 Instant Camera Features

Bring home the Fujifilm Instax WIDE 300 instant camera and enjoy instant gratification when you click on its capture button. It instantly captures the beauty of life and reproduces it on the WIDE 300 film that has enough space for everyone in a group picture. With two focal zones of 90 cm - 3 m (normal) and 3 m - infinity (landscape), and a specialized attachment for close-ups, you can use this camera to enjoy different types of photographies.

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    Fujifilm Wide 300 Instant Camera Specifications

    Battery Standard
    Battery Type AA
    Bluetooth No
    HDMI No
    NFC No
    PictBridge No
    USB No
    WiFi No
    Available Color Options Black
    Dimensions (WxHxD) 167.8 x 94.7 x 120.9 mm
    Rugged No
    Weight 612 Gram
    Exposure lock No
    Exposure Modes Automatic Mode, Program Mode
    Built in Flash Yes
    Flash Range 3 metres
    Hot Shoe/Flash mount No
    Brand Fujifilm
    Title Fujifilm Wide 300 Instant Photo Camera
    Type Instant Photo
    Lens Construction 2 Elements in 2 Components
    Lens cover No
    Lens Type Zoom
    Other Accessories
    Accessories Inbox With film pack confirmation window, close up lens, and tripod socket included
    Accessories Supported Film Size: 86 x 54 mm, Picture Size: 62 x 46 mm, Film Feeding Out: Automatic, Power Switch and Power Button, Dimension: 113.4 x 91.9 x 57.2 mm, Lithium-ion Battery Charge Capacity: 10 Film Packs (Based on Our Test Conditions)
    Other Features
    3D No
    Burst Mode No
    Drive Mode No
    HDR Shooting Mode No
    Image Stabilization No
    In-camera Editing Red-eye correction when previewing
    Iris Control No
    Manual focus No
    Microphone No
    Scene Modes Children, Landscape, Party Mode
    Shutter Speed 1/200-64 sec
    Touch Focus No
    Brightness Adjustment Yes levels
    Display Type LCD
    Moveable Display No
    Touchscreen No
    Viewfinder Yes Optical TTL
    Slow Motion Effect No

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    Fujifilm Wide 300 Instant Camera Reviews from YouTube

    FujiFilm Instax Wide 300 Review
    WATCH BEFORE YOU BUY - Fujifilm Instax Wide 300
    Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 || Review + Tips & Tricks
    Hey all- just a quick note to add onto this vid- the prices listed were from local camera shops and Best Buy stores in NY and CT (America). It seems like you can get better prices on Amazon for the film!! Be sure to explore your options before buying.
    Damn flash button, is there a way to turn off the flash I fkd up 3/4 photos because of that flash
    This is hilarious! the first drawback is the cost of the exposures. and that's before you'd have to purchase chemicals back in the day, which did not have a long shelf life. I remember in the early 90s when I was starting out, I was so meticulous about each shot because I knew I couldn't just spray and pray, or shoot endlessly. I love the convenience of digital, but it makes most people lazy when shooting because they know they can "fix" in post. I love film, I have been shooting since I was 14 and carry around a Kodak folding Hawkeye and an Nikon FG in my bag. The 120mm Ilford rolls only have 9 shots and there is absolutely nothing digital on it. The FG has a rudimentary light meter, but nothing else is digital, I still love to shoot film. It forces me to slow down and I love that, it is very fulfilling.I am getting this camera for my 5 year old, who already shows promise. Thanks for the review.
    What's the best way to let the film develop once it comes out of the camera? Put it in a small box?
    I have the mini 9 and I wanna get this one
    I have the camera and dig it, but like all Fuji Instax cameras, it lacks the ability to do long exposures with no flash ... also no self timer on this model )all cameras need one in mind) ... in spite of that I love the larger size!!!
    This is not a sponsored video this is not a sponsoredoooo Thats my favorite part of the video
    do you usually use the setting like flash and exposure? or just let that camera do its thing, one thing i found annoying is i put new film in and the first photo came out completely white the second came out completely black and the third came out ok,am i doing something wrong
    Where is that water fall?
    I got lucky to score the Instax Wide 300 Party Set (comes with 30 shots) today at the nearby electronic store for just 97 Euros. Not my first time to own an instant/instax camera and they do just die on me over time after a great amount of use but it will not stop me from buying them over and over again :'>
    0:00 this is not a sponsored video this is not a sponsored video
    Beah I live in San Jose Costa Rica wish we met so underrated channel love your videos
    Polaroid looks like fun thing in Life Is Strange, until i look at film price...
    I ve just bought mine!!!!!!!
    I love that you made this video information and funny. I sincerely enjoyed watching this
    Great review!! I'm getting one.
    Have you tried the Lomo Wide yet? I'm in New Zealand and it's almost impossible to get, so I'm about to give up and get a Fuji instead....
    This video is the reason I got an instax wide.
    This video was made extremely well and theres so much heart in it! I recently bought one and Im loving the size of the film.
    How dare you diss the snap touch.
    Hello! I've had this camera for about 3 years now, it is tricky to use but some results are really rewarding!I wanted to shoot a close-up of an ornament on a Christmas tree, as there are lots of lights it's tricky and it turned out basically dark. Any recommendation on how to shoot it to get a better result? Or is it simply impossible?
    What if you stick tape over the flash?
    Thank you for your honest review.
    this or the SQ6?
    I agree with all you say ... I wish it had more controls like the Neo90 or like the Lomo Instant Wide which is great for night pictures!! Also, it lacks a self timer ... I feel all cameras should have one!!!
    Please make a video of instax mini lil play and its battery backup.
    All these pictures look amazing. even though I get exactly what youre saying... thats exactly why I want an instant camera, its so beautiful having only one shot at something, in my opinion... the imperfections make it so good!
    Hi there! I almost bought this! Do you recommend the Poleroid Now Instant Camera? I didnt see a review for it but maybe I missed it.
    Would you recommend this or Instax Mini 11?
    so should we let the camera use its settings or should we use the light and dark exposure and if we use it...when is a good time to use it such as the mountain you showed in the video how would it look withought the dark exposure?
    How about the instax sq6? Does it take good picture even if it's night time?
    They need to make a new wide instant camera
    Cant wait till they have human implant instant picture technology brain chip and our pics are sent via wi fi to a printer
    So which Polaroid or instax do you recommend?
    I liked all the pics he showed lol
    looking for a camera with the same wide aesthetic, any suggestions?
    thanks bro :)
    Thank you very much!
    I agree with you. I've had mine for about two years and it's always a gamble if the photo comes out well. I was searching for modifications and another youtuber paired this camera with a seperate flash, a TT600 set up as a slave flash. It appears to make indoor photos a lot better. I hope fujifilm revisits their wide series and releases a better camera soon
    Thanks for the review. I have this camera and its just terrible, sorry Fujifilm ! you made a terrible product.
    I wish it had more controls like the Lomo Wide that uses the same film, I think it is more a shapshot camera, not that's a bad thing!!!
    F/14....ouch. Needing loads of light. Good to know, thanks man!
    The cool thing about film is that sucks, i'm buying the insta 300
    Please do the comparison !!
    I'm shooting with the Instax 100 (wide), the only thing I don't have that the 300 does is the close up lens converter. It is a shame Fuji hasn't tried to improve the image quality out of the lens on the newer models (unless it's not the lens but the film that lacks the sharpness?). Maybe I expect too much.
    lets say its a sunny day should we do like dark exposure or if its a muggy/cloudy day should we do light exposure? or just let the camera do its thing
    Love your vids man, you inspired me to make a youtube channel fr
    The shots look great with a dreamy retro feel that digital can replicate but not as perfectly as film creates
    Hi mate I just want to say that I love your vids and I meant the world to me that u liked one of my pics on insta, if you don't remember it was the pic of the light blue door lol and the insta is @reflections_________
    Yo would be cool to hang out sometime and pick eachothers brains
    Unfiltered Keaton is great.
    Great review and nice tips. I have this camera but I've neglected over the last 2 years because I think I've been using it in the less-than-ideal conditions you mentioned. I have an SX-70 too, but I think the rollers need maintenance. In any case, this makes me want to take the instax wide out again to give it another shot
    Cant turn off flash, isnt it a deal breaker? Cover it with tape? So Lomo Instant Wide then, but to me that lens is too lomo soft like.
    But how do you really feel about the instax mini
    Nice review

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