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Freecad 0.19 Learn By Doing Book Reviews from YouTube

FreeCAD 0.19 - Basic Course - Part 1 - Your start with FreeCAD (EN)
FreeCAD Tutorial Part-1(Hindi), Engineering Students and Professionals
FreeCAD Tutorial for Beginners
Learn FreeCAD: #1 Introduction - Tutorial
love you
Thank You kindly
Perfect, thanks
THANKYOU!! so helpful!!!
I dragged Combo View to second screen. Really handy.
Thanks a lot for this video. Coming from Gmax , I am totally newbie and lost with FreeCad concepts . For example in this video, how can you change the angle with the form created from sketch ? Why do we see only 1 constraint ? (we put 3 , 1 for the radius, and 2 other for the angle ) . I will check next video,maybe I will better understand.
I have been trying to get to grips with freecad for what seems ages.Your tutorial is a masterclass of teaching.Well done and thank you.
you mention your "Grindplate" demo file. but it does not show up in the downloads. where can i find it to follow along?
Great introduction. Thank you for sharing.
I come from Mechanical Drawings and the early Autocad eras, but I am very pleased with this tutorial. I must admit that I may have to go a couple of more times to commit to memory. Thank you from an Old Dog.
I put a hole the length of my cylinder and seem to have lost the ability to adjust the angle. Is this correct?
Not trying to be rude but your explanations are not very good. I cant figure out the what your doing. Im following step by step along side you but can't get it fully restrained it has 1 degree of freedom and it would be amazing if you would just tell us how to fix that. I cant go any farther in the video because of this. Im stuck at 24:57
Loved it! Thank you, that was a very direct class.
Greatly appreciate the tutorials, thanks!
This tutorial is impossible to improve. Because you already did it :) Well done and thank you. Step by step in god order, calm end clear voice recording, links to files. Thank you.
Thank you so much for this tutorial.
Perfect english, a great tutorial, I had my doubts about Freecad, having used and liked Ironcad. The parametrics interface and flexibility are excellent and the gui is very good. You guys deserve a medal. (and a donation once I get started)
nice to learn in hindi
सर यह सॉफ्टवेयर मिलेगा कहां पर और कितने में मिलेगा
way of explanation is excellent continue it brother
Keep it up brother
Very nice explanation
Nice explanation in Hindi. Appreciate your efforts
best tutorials to learn
Sir or video dalo na
Thanx bro
Best explanation in hindi... 😄
Very nice explained sir
Sir please try make it easy for me because I am 13 only
sir love you from bangladesh
wow sir nice video
That was superb and so easy to understand, thank you. Do you think FreeCAD would be a good application to use in order to design things I want to build with my welder? Thank you
How do I get that graph to appear. When I hit start sketch it's not there like on your screen. Great vid thanks
my task window at the left is empty and when i click on it nothign appears any ideas?
Symmetry constraint doesn't work for me??
very helpful and very concise, being able to show how to make things in 5 minutes like seriously such good job so many tutorials are like half an hour and boring, this was quick simple and to the point very well done sir
haha, O.K. I used to work with Sketchup, but now I want to work with free alternative.. What I did in Sketchup in 10 sec., I do here 2 minuts, and I am not sure, if it is right.. So, it seems, it will be very hard times, lol :D
my sketch disappeared when I entered the Part Design workspace. The sketch is still in the sidebar, but I can't see it, and I get an error saying "Linked shape object" is empty when I try to pad it.
This is great info.. however your mouse pointer is too small to follow. I was trying to replicate what you were doing and could not see always how you did things.
Thank you for this video, how do you rotate the part ib 5:17 min?
Helloo... Could you please make more of these FreeCad tutorials? Especially on how to make custom shapes?
CAD software always scared me and looked pretty complex but this small tutorial was enough to give me the confidence to start dinking around with it. The least I could do is leave a comment saying thanks
Has anyone else not been able to import a proper model into their 3d slicer?
Can i change the length of line in the body in 3D position instead to return 2D sketch ? Thanks☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️
Is free care totally free as it suggests can you find it send STL files and does it work on iPad Pro and one please
Please make more videos, like how to create a Ute Tub, or Tray, something simple,, cheers :)
After closing the sketch I did not have the same work box in the side to select pad. Not sure where to get it from. There is nothing under the tasks tab. Bummer. This video is useless to me now.
Hey buddy. Can you male a tutorial on how to make a lid F.ex. 20x10x2 where The object it self, is only 2-3 mm thick ? Like a solid vox where you Press most of it Down in The model, so only Face and sides are left ;) does it make sense what I meen? :)
very nice tutorial, easy to follow. But it did take me a while to figure out how to pan and rotate tho, please make more :)
All the love. Thank you so very much. This helped me get moving and I will watch any and all videos you have on FreeCad for sure.
And like this, my journey into the world of CAD begins. :)
I appreciate your efforts in Freecad but you need to slow down and stop cutting corners so everyone can understand what you are doing. It may be easy for your understanding but stop assuming everyone can read your mind and know what to do and where to find all the tools. In a nutshell, I'm about ready to give up and try something else because right now my opinion is that Freecad sucks.
do other people have access to what you designs?
are you making your tutorial outsite in the rain and wind
Hi sis it’s not a app for iPad or MacBook is it safe downloading from the Internet notify where it’s all
Truly this young man knows more about FreeCAD than I do but his "teaching" persona needs a lot of work. Delivery is disjointed and lacks the detail explanations that noobs want/need. Gave this a thumbs down!
I'm here because my free trial of Fusion 360 expired.
Thank you so much for this :)
Okey. You use version 0.17. I've got version 0.19.... Will the continuation of the video be useful? I'll try.
The "Start" select option is not present here. However I managed to select a work place, work space, and got its tools displayed. A great progress in this darkness.
I use version 0.19..
Being a complete newbie I'm lost somewhere in Freecad and have a completely differet screen from somewhere.. How to come back to the start page You show in the video?
Christopher I have used Solidworks in 2012 with work in the past but since then have not been involved in design. I decided to download Freecad to make parts on my CNC micro milling machine at home and didn't know where to start. Your videos are well made and I'm now hooked ! I'll definitely bookmark your site... thank you !!!
Help I closed my model tree how to reopen
This guy is sure well intended but totally disorganized.
Thank you for taking the time to put this tutorial together
Sounds like your sound is crap.
appalling audio quality makes this unwatchable.
Just seems overly complicated to do anything.

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